Fashion week in Paris - fall-winter 2017, is curious

Published: 9.10.2017
fashion week in Paris - fall-winter 2017

The well-known fashion house presented during a Fashion week in Paris to a variation on a velvet and skin: the distinguished black dresses on thin shoulder straps decorated with massive bows and also various combinations of leather and fur. Among outerwear designers of YSL suggest to choose short jackets oversayz from fabric, leather or velveteen, with massive fur collars. Fashion week in Paris from Paule ka: warm simplicity

Designers of this fashion at home suggest ladies not to leave about the health and to be warmed. The collection abounds with massive and short accurate coats and also various suits two of mainly gray shades. YPROJECT: bright independence

This fashionable the house presented, perhaps, the most motley fashion line, and also placed emphasis on a velvet: suggests to create womanly images dresses in a floor with a skirt fringe which will emphasize the owner's figure. Well, and if such image seems to you painfully boring, pay attention to bright overalls with scarfs which couturiers complemented with not less bright print in style of illustrations on playing cards. Elie Saab: Gothic tenderness

the Dark romanticism soared in air in the form of the decorated dresses from velveteen, tapes, lace and feathers, eclipsing dark splinters of beams of blue light. Massive materials on display of pret-a-porter reminded almost mystical 19th century, namely the ballet Giselle in which the woman started dancing the victim to death. But were on display and notes are softer also than mdash; organza and chiffon, the fluttering translucent dresses with high gate transferred all auditorium straight to magnificent Victorian and Edvardiansky era.Mugler: unforgettable 80th

David Bowie any more not with us, but his influence on fashion revived with a new force. Dresses from the designer David Cфme not just reminded us of the 80th, but also showed the corporate androgenic style of popular musicians. Brilliant saturated-blue jackets with wide shoulders-oversayz set the tone for all show. The exaggerated silhouettes diluted asymmetric pass also ridge tops, well, and finished an image in style of the Glam rock tails bunches. Also Bowie reminded of himself an ornament in the form of a zigzag on sheath dresses. And all nothing, if not bright yellow stars in Startreka style which were a little not in a collection subject in general. Vivienne Westwood and her punk

Shaw of this designer always very excentric, and this display by an exception did not become. Only at Westwood on a podium the Statue of Liberty can defile! Also display is devoted to the future 75-year anniversary of Vivienne. In all 69 dresses multiple layers and bright patterns stood out. Besides, each dress had the unique style, transferring a special way of life. Multi-colored knitted dresses were ideally combined with hairstyles of models, braids and cones, and modern boots with a bright yellow lacing. Also Fashion week in Paris was impregnated with spirit of royal England of the beginning of the 19th century in the form of a gold dress with collected sleeves, as well as it was necessary in those days. And, of course, a model exit in an image of the Statue of Liberty became the most high point. The girl walked in a massive crown and a dress with flag symbolics in slightly changed tones. Fashion week in Paris puzzled women of fashion who should run on shops in search of absolutely new images now. Also read: fashionable food & mdash; 2017: coco and pondza, and color trends of spring-2017: yarrow and cabbage.

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