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Published: 15.1.2019
kaas Patricia

Kaas was born in the small small town of Forbak in Lorraine. It the seventh child in the French-German family of the miner Joseph and housewife Irmgard. Future star of the world stage & #8212; the youngest child in family: it has five more brothers and one sister.

In Paris Kaas got acquainted with the famous actor and the producer Gerard Depardieu who sponsored her first album "Jalouse".

At 13-year age Kaas peed the contract for a series of performances in Rumpelkammer club in the city of Saarbruecken. This city became for her the city of destiny where it was noticed by the architect Bernard Schwartz who in a consequence became her producer. He invited the girl to appear on the Parisian stage. And Patricia, without thinking, agreed. So rise of the French star of a chanson began.

The star continues to go on tour also today, but admits that it began to be tired from in total of the cities, hotels, of itself.

And in 1993 she sang the song dedication to the parents of "Entrer dans la lumiиre" ("To go on light"). And this song not only about what it to step on the stage, in a limelight. For Kaas expression "to go on light", means "to go on the sky". Patricia is sure that parents look at her from there and protect. And, Kaas claims that she not the believer as God would not allow parents to leave it so early.

After it invited to perform at a beer festival. And several years in a row Patricia sang on similar actions. She even had to make songs in night cabarets as the family needed money. With the consent of mother Patricia ceased to attend school and moved in model to learn to walk correctly on stage.

And therefore when saw the announcement that in Forbaka a competition of young talents is held, without thinking, sent the daughter there. And ten-year-old Patricia won this competition.

The business card of the singer to this day is the Mademoiselle chante le blues song ("Mademoiselle sings blues") which appeared in 1987. And the next year there was already the second album of the singer with the same name.

Except the Mademoiselle Chante le Blues and Entrer dans la lumiиre songs mentioned earlier in an arsenal of the singer there are still such world famous compositions as: "Mon Mec a Moi", "D’ Allemagne", "Il Me Dit Que Je Suis Belle", "Kabaret", "If You Go Away", "Et s’il fallait le fair" and others.

All family members spoke German, and Patricia up to six years words did not speak French. However the girl adored singing the French songs, and mother in every possible way encouraged the daughter.

"Men disappointed me just as God. I despise myself for the fact that I was an idiot in love, getting rid of not born children and allowed to deceive myself".

Patricia always made the choice for work and left beloveds.

But just when Patricia was at the peak of popularity in 1989, her beloved mother very strongly got sick and died: it had an oncology. And then and the father literally burned down in the eyes.

The whole world for the first time heard it, but did not see when she was twenty years old (its songs got to rotation on radio). All decided that this actress is not less than 50 years old, judging by a voice "with hoarseness" and to the smoked timbre took it for adult madam with addictions and a heavy share. In 20 years Kass already sang as if everything in her life already was and passed.

To marry and become madam at Kaas it did not turn out. However, at anybody it did not turn out to tame this eternal mademoiselle. But in her life there were many novels: both with the composer Philipp Bergman, and with the actor and the model Claude Jean, and with the chef Yannick Alleno. Attributed it the affair with Alain Delon, but there were only romantic courtings.


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