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Published: 1.3.2019
anima and animus

I think, the fact that we perceive the world dualno & mdash is not news; through the opposite poles making, nevertheless, a whole. One of such dualities & mdash; conscious/unconscious. Another & mdash; men's/women's. And, as the man consciously defines himself as the man, it follows from this that in its unconscious there is a feminine, it is kind of paradoxical did not look. To the contrary, the woman in unconscious has a machismo. This idea is not new and belongs not to me. Into practice of psychology by the first it was entered by Carl Gustav Jung, having called these parties of human mentality & laquo; Анима» and & laquo; Анимус». & laquo; Анима» in Latin means also laquo; душа» and word & laquo; Анимус» & mdash; men's form of this word. Anima & mdash; this feminine in the man, and Animus & mdash; a machismo in the woman.

What simple thought & mdash; everything that is in your imaginations & mdash; it also is you. Otherwise from where it would undertake there? Most of people prefer to deny it, associating themselves only with that part of imaginations which is pleasant to their Ego. But, actually, these dreams and imaginations, and especially them & laquo; неприемлимая» component & mdash; key. A key to at last to see and recognize what is in ourselves. A key that at last to realize opposite poles of all our emotions and desires and to see them entirely and without illusion of duality.

But if you dare to make it... Remember the most strong and most pure feeling of love which you felt when you for the first time fell in love. That pressing, enthusiastic, boundless feeling. Also present that at the same time there is no jealousy, any desire to possess, any fear of loss, any fear of refusal, both any fear at all and mdash; because you at the same time feel the same and in the same degree from a love object which also is you (yours Anima/Animus). And it has no relation to self-admiration or narcissism, no. And to a split personality & mdash; too not. Consciousness at the same time is complete, actually, for the first time really completely as the person ceases to deny a part of, and it is not about selfish love of the Ego to the Ego, and about pure, true love between men's and a feminine of itself. And this feeling remains with you forever & mdash; because you cannot stop loving yourself any more. It is possible to live, without loving itself & mdash; all of us, unfortunately, managed it after we in the childhood were disaccustomed to accept and love itself (all of us were able to do it unconsciously). But having passed this way to integrity it is conscious, you any more never stop loving yourself.

For example if you want to punish others, it means that you want to punish yourself. But desire to punish itself cannot exist in itself & mdash; it has the second pole & mdash; Anima's desire to be punished (if we speak about the man). And this pole is not opposition to the first, on the contrary, together they make whole as two poles of a magnet make a uniform magnet. For this reason it is possible to go for years to psychologists, to do these or those practicians, and to tell one thousand times to itself: & laquo; I do not need that myself наказывать» & mdash; but it will be useless until Anima at the same time does not tell in unison: & laquo; I do not need being наказанной». But how she can make it if the man does not recognize not only the fact that his Anima wants to be punished, but even its existence?

Other practical example: if you want that others pleased you (and it often is behind a phrase & laquo; I want that was по-моему»), to these you deny the right of others to you to refuse. But thereby you deny also the own right to refuse. And under pressure of your desire that you were pleased, the opposite pole in the form of your depressed Anima's desire to please others is formed (and even to derive from it painful pleasure, if you force it to be such). Already you guess how it can be shown?

Taking into account that Anima and Animus & mdash; these are unconscious parts us, double denial and suppression because, actually, almost all of us are afraid unconscious often turns out first of all in unconscious we forced out those parties, sides and parts of which we in ourselves do not accept. But they from it did not disappear anywhere, and just ceased to be realized by us. And we observe only their opposite realized poles, calling some of them the & laquo; positive качествами» and others & mdash; & laquo; отрицательными» also we spend a heap of forces and energy for that with them to make something (without results, of course), actually, without understanding what occurs as to cope with it. What to tell about that case, so far as concerns & laquo; неприемлимом» quality & laquo; неприемлимой» parties us?

Jung considered that if the man does not find contact with Animoi  up to 35 years, then it loses any vitality and at it the fact that he called also laquo comes; loss  души». I would tell a little differently: without contact with Anima and, therefore, with unconscious, the man does not know the soul and has no chance to learn about it. Similarly for women and Animus. In other words, we have no opportunity to find the true integrity until we realize, we will not stop suppressing and we will not accept these parts us.

And, actually, we are perfectly familiar with these parts. I will quote:

If you are unfamiliar with these concepts of yungiansky psychology, and were already going to look on the Internet that it, you can read Tatyana Rebeko's article & laquo; Anim's Archetypes and Animus». Article is ambiguous, and personally I see a lot of things not as in it it is described, but as theoretical digression to analytical psychology of Jung it can be useful. I will pass to practice.

And with practice at the majority everything is very bad. For the man who is brought up in our patriarchal society to realize and accept in itself the woman & mdash; it is impossible, absurdly, unacceptably, for some it is even offensive, the thought of it causes either confusion, or indignation, but anyway & mdash; denial and rejection (I will not consider people with frustration of a gender & mdash now; they have other extreme). Male qualities in the woman in our society are not so blamed as women's in the man, but the matter is that here it is not about some concrete male or female qualities or social roles, and about the beginnings, or, in Jung's terminology, archetypes. And, becoming mannish, women do not find in themselves a machismo as the second pole, and just suppress the femininity, having replaced it with pseudo-courage. Thus, both floors completely refuse to themselves knowledge of the internal opposite principles and suppress them.

And to accept to Anim (man) or Animusa (woman) & mdash; it does not mean to tell itself: & laquo; Well ok, in me is women's/men's начало». To accept Anima & mdash; means to feel it, to feel it in itself, to experience her emotions and feelings. To accept Animus & mdash; means to understand to his logician and to feel his opinion. In both cases it means to see and feel also the world as their way cardinally other than habitual. It means literally to become them. And it means us which is usually called by the Ego and which we associate us with a conscious part for that part to refuse itself. And quite so it can be felt when you dare to meet requirements of the soulmate who always was in you. You can feel literally not as yourself, to feel as someone absolutely unusual, someone an opposite sex. It is not necessary to be frightened also mdash; it is normal. Yes you and will understand everything if you do not allow fear to stop you on a threshold.

Suppressed parts us always seek to reach our consciousness. In this case most effectively at them it manages to be done through dreams and sexual fantasies, especially from what it is a shame to ourselves, about what we will never tell anybody, what ourselves are afraid to remember after us & laquo; отпускает». These are those dreams and imaginations which contain all that we consider vicious, disgusting, unacceptable, but some part voluptuously wishes us more and more even if you to yourself never admit it.

Thus we learn also laquo; светлую» the Anima or Animus's party. But there is more to come.

Besides, acceptance of the second beginning kind of closes those two poles between which the infinite stream of love begins to flow, and also laquo joins inside; реактор» which gives such improbable amount of energy that all previous states & laquo; энергонасыщенности» are perceived approximately as bulb light in comparison with the sun.

And still, Anima of the man or Animus of the woman & mdash; it is their conductor in unconscious. Until this contact in itself also mdash is not come; the way is closed there. Sometimes this door is slightly opened also by mdash; because even extramental Anim or Animus all the same unconditionally and infinitely love us, and always try to help us. When they are realized and accepted also by mdash; it becomes strong support and the help in any life situations, and, finally, a key to personal force & mdash; to the real force proceeding from the true integrity. Key to own immortal soul.

But whether you will be able, having recognized Animy/Animus's existence, to recognize also her / him & laquo; тёмную» party? All that negative that you thought or you think of an opposite sex, is even not necessarily conscious (to be exact, especially if it is not conscious) & mdash; it also is also laquo; dark сторона» your Anima. Women & mdash; weak, or men & mdash; rough? It is your weakness or your roughness. All women & mdash; whores, or all men & mdash; lewd goats? Get acquainted with the internal whore or with a lewd goat. Also you remember also mdash; it you made her / him such/such, having driven this part of into the most dark corner of the mentality, kicking with years, humiliating, despising and denying it.


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