Amusing : the average salary in Gazprom in the North and other regions in 2019

Published: 5.5.2018
the average salary in Gazprom in the North and other regions in 2019

Other salaries in Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk:

The main and fixed salary at employees of Gazprom & #8212; it is not final income. The staff of this company receives various extra charges, bonus payments and bonuses for good work.

Also huge role is played also by the region where workers work. In more developed and large cities the salary is higher, than in small subsidiaries of joint-stock company.

The salary of the secretary fluctuates from 100 000 to 120 000 rub depending on branch of the company, and the salary of general workers in Gazprom begins from 80 000 rub. The maximum salary of the general worker is equal to 160 000 rub. Work as a shift method in Gazprom is paid for the double tariff.

But to you it is not necessary to think that employees receive such fabulous salaries, the working state consists not only from the TOP & #8212; managers and heads, but also from secretaries, cleaners, drillers of wells and general workers who work in the remote regions of the North.

Salaries in Gazprom dobycha Yamburg:

Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk is also PJSC Gazprom subsidiary. This company is engaged in transportation of oil and gas. In the company the average salaries. So for example, the mechanic receives 23 600 rub, and the engineer from 62 000 rub. The average monthly salary of the master in production is equal to 74 800 rub, and the electrician of the 4th category receives 16 800 rub. Compensation of the service technician begins from 22 000 rub, and the linear pipeliner receives not less than 24 000 rub

To settle in & #171; Газпром» not simply, but it is possible. How? The answer in the following video.

Many confuse Gazprom with Gazpromneft. Actually it is one corporation, but Gazpromneft is subsidiary of Gazprom. If to speak about fields of activity, then it is possible to note that Gazprom is engaged in both oil and gas, and Gazpromneft is characterized only by oil production (black gold). This company was created for 6 years after Gazprom. Both companies have one leadership team.

If you worked more than 10 years.

But even despite such impressive sums, you should not think that each of general workers can receive such salaries. Usually similar salaries are paid to those workers who work in very difficult working conditions or their work is coherent with direct risk for life.

Work in the company & #171; Газпром» & #8212; it is stability and confidence in tomorrow. We recommend to look.

In corporation over 400 000 employees who receive absolutely different salaries depending on a post work. But according to statistical data, in 2015 the average monthly salary of the employee of this oil giant made 110 000 rub. This sum is much more exceeded not only a living wage across Russia, but also the average salary through the whole country. It is also worth noting that salary in Gazprom is raised every year. So, for example, in 2010 the average salary of workers equaled 44 000 rub, and in 2014 this indicator equaled to a mark of 95 000 rub

So, for working structure additional payments are provided of 50% of the fixed monthly salary, and the leadership team receives 75% of the salary as bonus payments.

The chairman of the board signed earlier the order according to which indexation of the salaries is carried out proceeding from the annual level of an inflyuation in the country therefore employees even when falling cost of ruble can count on monetary compensation in the form of an increase to a salary.

As it was specified already earlier, salary level constantly grows in corporation. In recent years the annual profit of joint-stock company considerably decreased, but it in no way did not affect the number of the employed workers and their salaries.

Severe conditions do not frighten workers & #171; Газпрома». You watch the following video topic.

The chairman of the board of joint-stock company Alexey Miller works officially not only in Gazprom, but also in its subsidiaries therefore its annual income is equal to about 144 million rubles

And why & #171; пожалеешь»?

The middle manager in corporation receives from 300 000 rub, and the supervising foreman monthly earns from 200 000 rub. Drillers of wells also not bad earn, their monthly salary begins from 200 000 rub

According to official data on payment of salaries to all members of council of board 181 million rubles monthly leave. Council of board in 2019 includes 17 people therefore each of members of council of board on average monthly receives 10 600 000 rub

The salaries in Gazprom mezhregiongaz:

Refuelers receive from 25 000 rub

Gazprom has a set of subsidiaries, one of which is Gazprom mezhregiongaz & #8212; holding which manages regional gas branches.

Table: the salaries in Gazprom

The rating of salaries in the company:

Gazprom & #8212; it is one of the largest Russian multinational corporations which is engaged in production and sale of oil and gas. This company is very popular in Russia for several reasons: a possibility of excellent career development and very considerable as for the Russian Federation the salaries.

The company also provided quarter bonus payments of the average monthly salary and payment by holidays (the sum of an award varies from 80 to 130% of an average monthly salary depending on a holiday). Also all employees of joint-stock company receive so-called 13th salary. The thirteenth salary depends on many factors, but first of all the length of service and length of service of the employee in Gazprom is considered. On average the 13th salary fluctuates from 150 to 300% of the average monthly salary of the person.

The salaries in "Gazprom svyaz Novy Urengoy"

The salaries in Gazprombank:

Many enterprises generally gather personnel which agree to a shift method of work. So for example, work as the security guard in Gazprom is paid for watch with from 36 000 to 50 000 rub in in a month.

The ordinary personnel have a salary not space, but in & #171; Газпроме» there is an excellent insurance, in particular VHI. According to the policy it is possible to restore health, including teeth not bad. If you have problem teeth, that is an opportunity to treat them, having got a job officially in national corporation for a year for white salary. You will not earn a money, and the health will improve.

A lot of useful learned for himself in this article! The friend calls long ago to work in & #171; ГАЗПРОМ» but I all did not decide. Thanks to this article learned that my specialty well is paid, and very good extra charges are still charged. Also learned that salaries grow every year, and it is very pleasant. Therefore, thanks to this information I will precisely agree to the proposal of the friend now.

The general wage level in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan. You follow the links to study this information.

Gazprombank & #8212; this closed joint stock company (CJSC), the largest bank of the Russian Federation.

Teeth, unfortunately, already as years seven cannot be treated according to the policy of VHI.

And in vain, you will regret.

Salaries in Gazprom dobycha Urengoy:


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