Amusing : curvature of a nasal partition and its main symptoms treatment methods

Published: 23.12.2017
curvature of a nasal partition and its main symptoms treatment methods

The nasal partition represents a thin plate which divides a nose cavity into two halves, identical by the size. In front it consists of a cartilage, a back part from a thin bone. From above on both sides it is covered by mucous.

With a problem of the broken and modified plate should address the expert - the otorhinolaryngologist and the plastic surgeon. Treatment of a curvature of a nasal partition without carrying out operation gives temporary relief, but does not remove the cause of its emergence. It is possible to use the drops narrowing vessels, to take a pill, to do special respiratory gymnastics, but all these means are temporary and not always help.

Often at deformation of a plate there is a giperplaziya of one or both sinks arising on the party which is opposite to a curvature. Here difficult breath through a nose is noted. In this case the resection and a konkhotomiya is carried out. If there is a hypertrophy of soft fabrics, excision by means of scissors or destruction by a galvanokauter becomes. If the asymmetry of a trellised bone is observed, then removal of a part of a labyrinth is made, the average sink is put in lateral position.

To see that a nose form another it became possible on development at it of scoliosis, the tip is displaced aside. Generally changes of a plate it is visible when carrying out a rinoskopiya.

The bent partition can cause discomfort, complicate breath and provoke development of various diseases, and can not have an effect until the person faces a problem of difficult breath as a result of development of antritis, rhinitis and other diseases. At strong violation of breath and the expressed deformation doctors recommend surgery. If symptoms are not so brightly expressed and the partition obviously does not prevent to live, resort to conservative treatment.

In house conditions treatment of the bent nasal partition is performed by means of drops and tablets which are appointed by the doctor. They narrow vessels, remove hypostasis and allow nostrils to breathe normally. Also the respiratory gymnastics becomes.

If symptoms of a curvature are strongly expressed, prevent to breathe normally, disturb, bring notable discomfort, then in this case resort to surgery. For correction of the bent nasal partition operation which is called septoplastiky becomes.

Cavities are asymmetric, one half is wider another, on it sinks are noticeable, and on another is not present.

Also it is possible to carry to consequences:

The x-ray allows to find out in what state there are cavity bosoms.

Deformation of a partition of a nose arises at its traumatizing, with the wrong growth of bones of a facial skull in the childhood because of what it is bent. Often she has an effect from 13 years.

The curvature of a nasal partition represents formation of thorns, crests on a plate, its shift aside. Because of it the person has a violation of breath through a nose, happens that it stops at all. Due to such defect often there are inflammatory processes, the diseases of bodies of a respiratory system having allergic character develop, there are neurosises, head pains, work of an urinogenital system, heart and vessels worsens.

Changes of a plate in a cavity can be different in character and localization. Changes can act as bends, crests, thorns, ledges. A form of bends - With, S-shaped. At a trauma bends with acute angles are formed, the first line of a cartilage is displaced, formed dislocation.

Development of a hypertrophy of the sink on the one hand located in the lower part of a cavity is other reason. As a result the passability of nostrils becomes unequal. During breath the difference in the air flow pressure upon a plate turns out, she caves in in the narrow party where pressure is a little weaker, it becomes more difficult to breathe a nose.

Symptoms of a curvature of a nasal partition are visible it is available, it is easy to notice them, consist in the following:

In a curvature different injuries which fall on area of our nose have major importance. Especially often they occur in men, than in the female half of the population. Happens that changes in a plate arise owing to incorrectly developed rudiment of a yakobsonov of body.

Cuts on a face at the same time are not made, the external form does not change. Dlitelnostkhirurgichesky intervention makes half an hour, sometimes hour, it can be carried out under a local or general anesthesia.

In house conditions it is possible to try some means which can facilitate breath.

If it is difficult to breathe as a result of appearance of jet hypostasis mucous, then operation is not done. In this case treatment by means of which hypostases and tendency mucous to their emergence are eliminated is desirable. In a cavity enter drugs and carry out therapy by the laser. Sessions become every other day, the course makes 6-8 procedures. For restoration and prevention acupuncture can conduct a course.

For carrying out operation there are indications. So, it is recommended if there are expressed breath violations, the partial or full obturation of a half of a nose, is strongly deformed a plate. It is better to carry out it at young age, functional frustration are not observed yet.

Today often resort to a method of a resection submucous. Sometimes do through excision of layers submucous. Violations in the form of curvatures remove the diode laser, to thermoplastic carry out if the cartilage and a bone curves, septoplastiky is eliminated the broken part of a plate.

In a cavity establish plates from silicone (splinta and gauze tampons), they clean up next day. In a hospital of the patient lies all day, after the doctor allows to go home him. Within a week it is necessary to do bandagings that healing happened quicker, and solderings did not appear.

To resolve an issue, to do operation or not, it is necessary to examine in details a cavity, to define the nature of changes and arrangement of all bends, ledges, to grease its 5% with cocaine solution in combination with adrenaline.

Consequences at a partition curvature in a nasal cavity are different too. When breath process is broken, natural processes at once change, blood circulation, work of vascular and sexual systems worsens. The mucous membrane is dried up, and it leads to constant colds, development of antritis, pharyngitis. The immunity decreases and the organism becomes to more subject overcoolings and development of colds, impact on it of harmful factors of the environment.

Anyway at detection of deformation of a plate in a nasal cavity it is necessary to begin treatment in time to avoid serious consequences.

At deformation only one nostril normally functions, and it is heavy to organism to adapt to it. Therefore at detection of such changes, you should not postpone treatment for long time.


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