the Most readable: the interesting and useful facts about social networks

the interesting and useful facts about social networks

The provided information can be useful not only to those who advance in social networks goods or services, but also to the ordinary users wishing to make the accounts more popular.

Twitter. The main accent of Twitter - the publication of the announcements drawing attention with references to pages where it is possible to obtain more information. For example, it can be announcements of novelties of the range, events, new posts in the blog, etc. Also on Twitter the format of the short practical recommendations anyway connected with your product or the company well works.

Facebook. An optimum format for Facebook - informative posts in the microblog, 300-1000 symbols in size. At the same time it is desirable that the post in itself bore useful information, but was not just "bait" - that is way to attract visitors on other resource.

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Is updated: the average salary in Bryansk and area in 2018

the average salary in Bryansk and area in 2018

Since January 1, 2019 the minimum wage in Bryansk for not state employees increased to 10 thousand rubles that balanced it with a living wage.

Table 17. The salaries of sellers in the Bryansk region

Cleaners and police officers are most demanded. Best of all pay welders and operators to servicemen.

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At requests of readers: Kaas Patricia

kaas Patricia

Kaas was born in the small small town of Forbak in Lorraine. It the seventh child in the French-German family of the miner Joseph and housewife Irmgard. Future star of the world stage & #8212; the youngest child in family: it has five more brothers and one sister.

In Paris Kaas got acquainted with the famous actor and the producer Gerard Depardieu who sponsored her first album "Jalouse".

At 13-year age Kaas peed the contract for a series of performances in Rumpelkammer club in the city of Saarbruecken. This city became for her the city of destiny where it was noticed by the architect Bernard Schwartz who in a consequence became her producer. He invited the girl to appear on the Parisian stage. And Patricia, without thinking, agreed. So rise of the French star of a chanson began.

The star continues to go on tour also today, but admits that it began to be tired from in total of the cities, hotels, of itself.

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New heading: prophesy to the 4-year-old daughter Pugacheva great Plisetskaya's glory

can be looked at this miracle eternally: prophesy to the 4-year-old daughter Pugacheva great Plisetskaya's glory

The other day in network there was video which proves once again that star kids "are doomed" to success on the big stage!

of P.S. And you liked a speech of the little actress?

"What charm, princess! Lizonka - just super! It seems that in it there lives Maya Plisetskaya's soul!", "perfectly dances beautiful figuristy well just one lovely sight", "Impresses!!! Exceptional child! Well done! Keep in there!", "It will be necessary to give to choreography, or perhaps to figure skating. It is necessary!", "It is possible to look at this miracle eternally)", (the spelling and a punctuation of authors are kept - an editor's note) - delighted subscribers of Galkin write.

Alla Pugacheva's children do not cease to surprise with the talent Internet users. 4-year-old twins Lisa and Harry already have the whole army of admirers and even the fan page on social networks. The other day in network there was video which proves once again that star kids "are doomed" to success on the big stage!

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Tourism in Belarus - the young industry, to us is where to grow, popular

the tailor mikhait: tourism in Belarus - the young industry, to us is where to grow

179 thousand foreign citizens used a visa-free regime in Belarus. 1 million dollars is allocated for advance of tourist opportunities of the country. The gained income from tourism - 190 million dollars (for October of the current year), the expected income following the results of all 2018 - 208 million dollars.

4. Great Britain

On visa-free entry into the country of a position of leaders were distributed so:

7. Netherlands

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Interesting events of yesterday, the most readable

interesting events of yesterday

People are evacuated from the shelter after alarm of a tsunami in the city of Antofagasta, to the north from Santiago, on the southern coast of the Pacific Ocean. On Tuesday the strong earthquake measuring 8,2 points caused formation of a tsunami in a northern part of the country in coast of Chile. The United States Geological Survey stated that the earthquake occurred at a depth of 20 km below a seabed and was formed in 100 km from the northwest of the mining port of Iquique near the Peruvian border.

the 120-meter yacht "Sunborn London" which was transformed to luxury hotel arrives in London. From Holland the vessel was towed off to the port of Tilbury, and then it will anchor in the mooring of "Royal Victoria".

Divers in the harbor of Vigo check a nasal part of the 164-meter ship carrier "Baltic Breeze" damaged as a result of collision with the 34-meter Mar-de-Marin fishing vessel. Three fishermen died and two were missing after the huge bulk carrier crashed into their trawler near northern coast of Spain.

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Amusing : an exercise complex for improvement of sight

exercises for eyes: an exercise complex for improvement of sight

The physical culture includes:

In the beginning it is possible to see indistinct bright figures and outlines. It is necessary to wait until they completely disappear and will be replaced by utter darkness. At this time it is desirable to think of something pleasant to reach the maximum relaxation. Eyes will test at the same time the pleasant heat proceeding from palms.

It is important to understand that for sight it is useful to do exercises in several approaches as too big intensity and repeated repetitions for once will render boomerang effect.

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Differences of mood, new

differences of mood

Female nature is very difficult for understanding. Women cannot sometimes give the account why they behave anyway. But it is the fact that during critical days even the quietest and adequate woman can go into hysterics or feel despair. And it is not a way of manipulation or auto-suggestion, and physiological changes in an organism about which all should know at all.

& #169; Depositphotosizmeneniye of a pamyatid, critical days affect even memory. In the first half of a cycle in an organism the level of hormone of estrogen which promotes increase in gray substance increases. Women during this period begin to remember information better. And that the most important - for a long time. So do not salt to the lady at this time, otherwise will remember well.

A photo on the preview of depositphotos.

Tell us in comments whether your mood often changes. And also share article with the girlfriends in social networks!

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Novelty: the project of the bigdog robot by request of darpa is officially closed

the project of the bigdog robot by request of DARPA is officially closed

The LS3 robot better known to us under the name of BigDog, "retires". Despite the laid hopes and dreams that once BigDog will become a peculiar mechanical mule for carrying of various equipment of the American soldiers in the battlefield this robot is recognized as outdated. And still too loud in work.

Most likely, the heritage of BigDog and Spot will proceed, and we will be able to see more perfect and modern samples of robotics. New technologies in this sphere lately develop with great strides therefore it is not necessary to doubt new versions. However It should be noted that if developments and continue, then they will be sent, most likely, already to the civil course. Let's remind that the owner of Boston Dynamics is now "the company Google is kind".

"Those conditions in which this robot could be used would be for him too difficult", & #8212; Kyle Olson, the representative of the American military laboratory Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL) notes.

"We like to work with strange and unusual things. We learned much thanks to this work and definitely we will learn bigger", & #8212; Olson speaks.

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Art of creation of effective design new

registration by tulle of windows of the living room: art of creation of effective design

The living room - the place where in holidays the family at a table where meet friends gathers and is discussed by current affairs. Therefore the design of the living room has to be not just stylish, but also the coziest. And the important part is assigned to registration of windows by curtains.

the Large and saturated drawing will tire with

eyes, and small will be lost in the spacious room and will make an impression of careless curtains. The small drawing will be suitable for registration by window tulle in the bedroom more.

At bright curtains or with the drawing it is better to give preference to light and monophonic tulle; Opaque material will perfectly fit into a strict interior, and glossy organza will be suitable for vanguard or an empire style more; Openwork tulle - the ideal decision in style of rococo. The flower drawing will perfectly add a country, and the metal shade is more preferable to hi-tech; Indoors with the windows coming to the North the shortage of light is constantly felt. In this case it is recommended to decorate windows only tyulyyu, avoiding dense heavy portieres; The Room saturated with light is made out light tulle and the Roman curtains; When the window in the living room is combined with a balcony door, it is possible to execute a decor asymmetric curtains with the lacy drawing; As a rule, long curtains mask the electric heater. If the battery is hidden behind the panel, it is possible to experiment with short curtains; In the spacious living room 2 windows divided by a small pier are often placed. In this case registration of windows can be executed, using a uniform set; The Pier is closed length a curtain, and by windows - short curtains from organza of white color. It gives the chance to add a decor with graceful cachepots with the flowers located on a window sill. By the way, in registration of the close kitchen room it is also recommended to use short curtains and pots with flowers; One window occupying practically all wall is decorated the translucent tulle, a lambrequin and portieres which are tied up by original knots; Bay windows decorate with fabric, choosing the rounded smooth lines, and standard rectangular apertures - a scope for the original idea with geometrical forms; In the small shaded living rooms or, for example, in the bedroom it is possible to do also without tulle, using only easy light portieres; It is possible to execute registration by tulle curtains of a kitchen window or the living room seasonally. So, it is recommended to give in the winter and in the fall preference to light monophonic fabrics, and in the spring and in the summer - to rather dense tulle with the large drawing and a bright color palette. Registration by curtains - true art which requires sense of style and moderation. If the owner has these qualities and is allocated with imagination, you should not buy ready sets of curtains, it is better to try to turn own ideas into reality.

It is extraordinary gentle and magnificent material of which like to form effective folds. That folds looked really smartly, it is recommended not to stint and buy fabrics 2-3 times bigger, than length of window eaves demands.

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