Meditation, new


And what if we instead of punishment of children there was a meditation? Sounds strange? From generation to generation we adhere to the same mode & #171; коррекционной» works on behavior of our children that they could study on the mistakes.

This brilliant offer appeared at the American school, the "center" of early development of Robert Coleman. The project was carried out with assistance of Holistic Life Foundation non-profit organization.

Society progresses, people change, education becomes more and more chelovekooriyentirovanny and teaching methods keep up to date too.

The principal noted that the behavior of pupils at school considerably improved, they became less irritable, and, above all, they could reflex over the bad acts.

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Selection: Anastasia Stotskaya showed to people to whom her son is similar

the anastasiya stotsky showed to people to whom her son is similar

It is known that the son of the famous actress Anastasia Stotskaya already was 5 years old, but she still does not hurry to announce to public a name of the father of the child. Silence from Anastasia provokes people to draw independent conclusions and to compare little Sasha's appearance to show business celebrities. Thus, society came to a conclusion that a father of the child A. Stotska is the star of a domestic platform - Philip Kirkorov.

it is valid, the similarity definitely is available. But Anastasia disproved this assumption, having posted the photo proving to whom her little Sasha is similar. Recently A. Stotskaya published on social network Instagram of the photo of the parents who distinctly let know: the child is very similar to the grandfather, Anastasia's father. This fact disproved Philip Kirkorov's participle to Anastasia's child and forced bloggers to apologize the actress.

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was Thrown by the husband what to do, is updated

what to do

With a question & #171; What reasons and what to do if the husband left family? & #187; and similar to it questions those women who remained in private with own loneliness, after leaving of the husband quite often address me. And whatever circumstances were in each situation in particular - it is always the tragedy.

However, are several moments, from a position of already new conscious outlooks on life which need to be known by all means if suddenly in your life the unpleasant episode connected with withdrawal from family of the husband nevertheless occurred, or just in the heat. It is important not to forget that we the thoughts, beliefs, beliefs and emotions create our reality, and everything that in it is, is reflection of the fact that ourselves and about this world think of ourselves.

Sometimes the spouse, for example, the behavior broadcasts, shows to the wife her true attitude to a situation and to himself. That is, it is kind of wild for an unprepared ear sounded, subconsciously you wanted that your husband left you. And here the reasons for which it occurred are the second question.

Dobra and clemencies to all of you.

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the Statement of the doctor, from our users

in 2018 measles continues to rage in Ukraine: statement of the doctor

We will answer your questions: "By what for measles are dangerous?" and "As to treat it?". So, measles - a "flying" viral infection. Present, the virus begins to be allocated with for several days (usually in 2-4 days) to the first symptoms of a disease. It means that externally healthy child can infect.

it is far safer to p to Vaccinate the child, than to treat measles and its complications. In Ukraine there is a live weakened combined vaccine under the name "PDA". 2 inoculations at the age of 1 year and 6 years will prevent measles at the kid and the main thing, will reduce risk of infection of adults.

We will notice that rash develops not at once. At first at the child body temperature up to 39-40 °C increases, then cold, cough and a slezotocheniye develops. It becomes sore to kid to look at light. It is possible to see red spots, characteristic of measles, only for 3-5 days of a disease behind ears, a hairy part of the head and on a face, and in three-four days rash "falls" down.

Call the doctor on the house if the child got sick. The pediatrician recommends to lay the kid, to close curtains and to give plentiful drink. You do not go to policlinic. And the more so, do not conduct the sick child in a garden. The kid will infect other children.

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at the request of chitaty: the councils only checked

only checked how quickly to fall asleep if there is no wish: the councils only checked

To distract the brain from continuous disputes and thoughts, try to use one of following receptions & #8212; they will help you to fall asleep quickly in 5 minutes.

Try to remember

before going to bed last day. Try to scroll all events in the head, having remembered as much as possible details. Your memoirs should not have any emotional coloring: feelings have to be such, as if you just watch from outside the events.

By the way, earlier Natalya Michkovskaya is a nutritionist, and in combination the wife of the popular showman Dyadi Zhora, opened secrets of the daily diet which helps it to remain in shape under any circumstances. You can look in more detail here.

Lay down on a back, stretch, relax. Then try to roll up eyes under the closed centuries, be only not overzealous - eyes have to remain weakened. Such position of eyes is considered natural therefore the fast dream is inevitable.

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That happens to an organism when you leave off smoking, is updated by

what happens to an organism when you leave off smoking

If to refuse smoking, it will be restored mucous digestive bodies. In certain cases at this stage the tone of muscles can decrease. Besides, there is a risk of emergence of locks. These symptoms disappear after intestinal receptors are restored.

Now you know that occurs when you leave off smoking. After refusal of this harmful dependence work of all internals significantly improves, and the risk of development of dangerous diseases decreases. If you want to accelerate restoration process, it is necessary to play sports, to walk more often and to eat properly.

If to leave off smoking, approximately in a year the risk of a stroke or heart attack decreases twice. Women have the same opportunity to give birth to the healthy child, as others, never taking in a mouth of cigarettes. After the person gets rid of dependence, the threat of development of malignancies decreases three times.

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Head, novelty


Bashka-Voda (Croatia) - one of the known resorts of Adriatic Sea. It attracts tourists with the picturesque nature, good weather and hospitable locals. If you are admired long ago by photos the Head water, that time to turn the dream into reality and to make (let so far and virtual) a travel in this colourful place.

Location: "center" of the town.

In the settlement of Bashka-Voda of sights not so there is a lot of, but they are rather interesting.

Location: embankment.

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How to grow up a harvest of vegetables and fruit from the remains from your table, a selection

how to grow up a harvest of vegetables and fruit from the remains from your table

In the course of growth of a tree it is necessary to try to obtain uniform formation of krone. For this purpose it is necessary to turn periodically a plant that it was evenly lit with the sun and also to prishchipyvat the long escapes and branches sprouting deep into kroner.

At first on a bottom of a pot or wide and not really deep plastic capacity with drain holes the layer of small expanded clay 2 centimeters high keeps within. Over it in advance prepared soil is filled.

Jumping of pepper to the soil happens in two stages. First the sprouted seeds give all the best in small grooves or poles and are slightly powdered with the earth. You keep capacity in the warm place, periodically spraying the earth with water. When at plants two full-fledged leaflets are created, it is possible to start the second stage - a sword-play.

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the Belarusian startup started service of virtual fitting of sneakers, new

the Belarusian startup started service of virtual fitting of sneakers

The Belarusian startup of Wannaby started service of virtual fitting of sneakers, reports

the Application allows the user "to put on" in real time the chosen sneaker legs and to see how it looks.

The company released for devices on iOS the Wanna Kicks application working at fundamentals of technology of augmented reality. The application version for Android will appear next year.

Now only 10 pairs of shoes, including New Balance 574 Tech Raffia, Adidas Deerupt Pride, Vans Classic Slip-On are presented in the application. The company promises that in the future the range will be expanded.

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Amusing : sights of the beautiful Greek island

Rhodes: sights of the beautiful Greek island

The main decoration of a modern part of the city - Mandraki port. Exactly from here the excursion ships and yachts go to other interesting places of the island and Greece.

New Rhodes is the luxurious area within which life constantly boils. The architecture of this part of the city is eclectic: in the image of modern buildings it is possible to distinguish Gothic, Venetian, Arab motives.

At what it is possible to look here? Not bad designs which were in the lower part of the settlement remained. Among them - a plate of the main altar and a step of a teatron. Once before the main square of the city of Kamiros there was a semicircular niche separating the agora from the sacred site with altars. Sanctuaries intended to nine gods whose names are cut on stones. Now here it is possible to see the biggest altar restored by Italians during occupation. It was built in honor of Helios - god of the sun. Nearby archeologists dug out statues of young men, the tank for water. Coniferous forests and olive groves grow in Kamiros's suburb, there is a giving the dictator Benito Mussolini.

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