From our readers: real estate prices in northern Cyprus in 2018

of real estate price in northern Cyprus in 2018

Creation of certain favorable conditions for foreigners serves as an incentive in order that more people got the real estate in Northern Cyprus. It will become not only favorable investment of capital, but also an opportunity to live in the most picturesque corner of the world. And considering high education level and legislations, softness of climate, low expenses on payment of utilities, food, and rest, there are no doubts in correctness of the choice of the place for residence.

the English and Turkish legislative system created certain conditions. Therefore it is necessary to ask for the help those lawyers who work at the real estate market of specifically Northern Cyprus.

Hello, Alexander. Very good article! If only the nobility of builders and lawyers whom it is not terrible to address.

The contract is formed in two options - on Turkish or English and Russian. The document has data on an object, terms of transaction, the property size, payment, guarantee conditions, an opportunity to bring communication and penalties. The payment option - cash, by means of the credit or a mortgage is surely specified.

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New : post-traumatic syndrome

post-traumatic syndrome

Certainly, at the same time everything that occurs in life as concentration on an object of pain is too big depreciates. Incommensurably for forces of the person. Therefore independently it is impossible to cope with a syndrome. And even the loving close people will not help. Work with the expert is important.

If article was useful to you or to you is what to add - I ask to share it in social nets. The more people are informed, the it is more at them than chances something to correct.

Hello, dear readers! Passion in psychology this steady feeling, inhuman thirst for something. Gluttony, greed, envy, arrogance - all this passions. Today we will talk to you about them and быть…

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How to disinfect the bedroom by means of natural means, a selection

how to disinfect the bedroom by means of natural means

Natural disinfection of the room in which we sleep is important very much. Healthy environment provides us good night rest. Most of people considers that it will be quite enough usual cleaning, but it not absolutely so. Sometimes it is necessary to disinfect the bedroom.

It is not so difficult

, huh? Try our councils how to disinfect the bedroom, in operation and be convinced that they really work! Take the step to health!

Believe even if at first sight everything is clean, in many dust. It collects day after day. And together with it both dust pincers, and allergenic molecules which can cause in you feeling of discomfort and negatively affect sleep quality. So do not neglect it and accustom to find yourself some time for disinfection of the bedroom.

It is interesting: How to wash windows quickly and qualitatively: 6 useful tricks

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New on the website: where to go to Moscow area, to take a walk with children and without season of 2019

where to go to Moscow area, to take a walk with children and without season of 2019

Various technical museums always interest not only boys. To touch history of aviation, automotive industry, to touch the first domestic cars, to twist handles of some ancient unit … Whether it is worth looking for more interesting pastime for technicians?

Ozerasenezhmedvezhya ozerashatursky lakes - Meshchora National Park (lake-land) Moscow region of Biserovo ozerokossinsky lakes

Popular countries

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the Most interesting: sights of new Athos

Abkhazia: sights of new Athos

In New Athos exists many walking routes conducting to key sights of the city. Practically at each sight the cafe or restaurants that tourists could be supported after the long road are equipped.

It is possible to learn more about the saturated history of once great city, having visited the Museum of the Abkhazian kingdom - small storage where the set of the archeological and paleontologic finds belonging to locals is presented.

In those days Anakopiya turned into the capital of the Abkhazian kingdom. It managed to keep this high status for several years. The tsar Leon II was not mistaken when he relied on this city. Thanks to skillful policy, it managed to turn it into the economic, cultural and religious "center" which allowed to unite the Abkhazian nationalities. Such situation remained till the 19th century until the imperial residence was transferred to Kutaisi during different wars.

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the Sight of Thailand, is updated

sight of Thailand

Important information for those who are going to Thailand

A big travel across Japan - Part No. 2

Rest on Philippines

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Is updated: envy and self-deception - a way to failures that disturbs on the way to itself

envy and self-deception-a way to failures that disturbs on the way to itself

Continuing article about work value (How to estimate the work and others work. Stages), we spoke about mistakes which prevent to achieve success and to reach the level when you and your services or goods are in demand. At the same time you remain the joyful normal person independent of something and someone, realizing himself and the principles.


Most likely - when to us just like that gets something, we do not appreciate it. When we lose, only then we realize a contribution of other parties. We pass a lesson and on next time we accept each council, belief, the hint with gratitude and affairs become far better and more positive.

We will return to mistakes on the way of growth which force down from a way of success and can cast away live life and the drive from life for many months and years.

Articles of the psychologist Oksana Tumadin

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How to make home-made ketchup, at the request of chitaty

how to make home-made ketchup

In our family without ketchup any snack is not served. That the husband that children adore tomato sauce. Here only we never buy it in shop. I cook ketchup itself from home-made tomatoes which we grow up at the dacha. All it is excited, sauce turns out is much more tasty than purchased.


But it is not obligatory to wait for winter to regale on the most tasty tomatoes dish, it is always possible to make hot appetizers. Good luck to you in culinary experiments!

The recipe was pleasant? Share with friends!

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the Most readable: work and available vacancies in Shanghai for Russians in 2019

work and available vacancies in Shanghai for Russians in 2019

I offer translation service | the guide in Shanghai. Free possession Russian, Chinese and English languages.

How to look for work of the English teacher in China, it is told in this video:

Good afternoon, Darya. Your offer is still relevant?

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the List of professions of type of people, is curious

list of professions of type of people

Professions like "people & #8212; the person" are considered as quite popular in spite of the fact that the amount of the technologies coming to everyday life increases. It should be noted that such direction is connected with features of the direction of the work, namely the person.

It is impossible to present any industry without the relevant organization and management. In that case always the need for administrative professions remains: manager, administrator, etc.

The person - a social being, and therefore it is impossible to present his life outside this framework. Speaking about human history, it should be noted that the available system of values was formed from generation to generation. All these achievements were possible only thanks to joint activity of descendants.

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