From our users: emotional, from mother, at the adult man

dependence of children on parents: emotional, from mother, at the adult man

All adults separate from the parents and try to lead independent life, to start the families. But often just it seems. At the subconscious level more than a half of adults depend on opinion of mother and the father even then when it is not visible. The dependence of children on parents is usually shown in the form of a teenage habit to do everything in defiance. Such communication is not noticeable to people around, but already adult child understands motives of the act. Doing something forbidden, the person thinks of the family, is afraid not to justify their confidence. And it is called emotional dependence on parents.

In addition, each patient with a similar problem is obliged to learn to love himself first of all. Self-confidence and the forces helps to move away or, at least, to start this difficult process.

For a start it is necessary to become financially independent person that you could leave a native home. It will be the first step on the way to achievement of the purpose. Financial support is a key problem which prevents to move away from parents within admissible norm. You are obliged to find a side job or to reduce the costs in order that was enough for independent life.

If the dependent daughter from mother at any serious decision has problems and mother's silhouette - it means that it is time to deal with this problem will be always on the mind. Constant sense of guilt will not allow to take a step forward for achievement of the purposes.

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To what dreams a grass, new on the website

an agrestal dream dreams: to what the grass dreams

If you dream a fresh, juicy, green grass - it is mystical, and somewhat, a philosophical omen. Perhaps, you are surprised, but to avoid "a new rake", you should eat on a blade in day. Of course, it is for this purpose optional to mow a grass on a meadow, and it is enough to manage banal food greens.

the Grass dreamed - secret, and somewhat, the magic sign.

Ordinarier interpreters convince that this dream - a harbinger of all of the best: material prosperity, career "victories", tranquility and the world in family, a fruitful strip in a labor field.

If you the beginning actor, the poet or the artist - it promises you good reputation and wide popularity at all.

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Life hack: 5 best recipes

natural hair conditioner: 5 best recipes

Natural hair conditioner will moisten your hair, will return them force, gloss and health, will make beautiful and soft, will facilitate combing. Replace artificial store hair preparations natural and you will notice a difference!

Mix 1 glass of yogurt, 2 teaspoons of honey and 1 egg yolk in small capacity. Well mix before formation of homogeneous mass then apply it on hair. Leave for several minutes and then wash away warm water.

In our article we will tell how to prepare 5 effective conditioners from natural ingredients in house conditions.

You remember also that all natural means demand by all means regular use, only in this case it is possible to achieve desirable effect.

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what the former prostitute received a royal award, popular for

for what the former prostitute received a royal award

On Monday, June 4, the former prostitute Catherine Healy was recommended for the state decoration of New Zealand - the award "For Merits".

"I was discouraged by

and could not believe in it. Today we differently treat prostitution. I can sit at a table with police as equal, and to discuss how to secure sex workers and to help them with messages about sexual violence" - Healy shared.

The award for merits of New Zealand was founded in 1996 by the queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II for encouragement for special merits before the nation and progress in professional activity.

In the 1980th years Catherine was arrested by police during raid on brothels. Subsequently the woman and her colleagues on sex business fought against stigmatization of their work and for recognition of the rights. In 1986 Healy helped to found the organization of prostitutes of New Zealand (New Zealand Prostitutes Collective) which supports the rights of sex workers. Initially the organization was formed for prevention of spread of HIV among prostitutes.

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New heading: retro make-up

retro make-up

The make-up exists already long ago and is an integral part in an image of women. Naturally, for many years of the existence of makeup underwent a set of changes, but all the same some details and remained to keep & #8220; on fashionable плаву”. It is clear to each girl that such retro a make-up is make-up of last years. You will find articles about a make-up which existed still in the ancient time in this heading, our articles and more approximate times to us - and so on concerned 20th, 30th, 40th. Meyk-ap of the revolting Chicago and dandies will also not be forgotten by us. Will allow you to repeat descriptions with detailed technicians of performance vizazh those eras in the smallest details.

Bright acid subjects of a meykap of 80th and 90th will also be in detail described by us in our posts. The most interesting thematic photos with expressive examples of a vizazh will be attached to each our article, and in some also detailed photos master classes will be placed. We did not forget and about video the instruction for creation of a retro of a meykap. You learn to create a make-up of last years with the most minimum set of cosmetics. Having got acquainted with all trends of a retro of a meykap of various temporary eras, you will understand what variations of a vizazh should on be forgotten absolutely not to be tasteless and what on the contrary, to adopt.

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the New technology allows to find lung cancer at the earliest stage, discussion

the new technology allows to find lung cancer at the earliest stage

One of the most dangerous forms of cancer is non-small cell lung cancer which often leads to death because means for diagnosis of a disease at an early stage are often a little effective. However, as journalists for the EurekAlert edition report, the group of researchers from the USA managed to develop a method of identification of this form of cancer by means of the new method based on the analysis ekzosy, allocated from blood and saliva.

"The revolutionary EFIRM technology is direct development of a noninvasive liquid biopsy. Potential at it is simply huge. It will be possible to save tens of thousands of lives worldwide, revealing lung cancer at early stages. The EFIRM technology can be also used for monitoring of treatment and identification of a recurrence at patients with already diagnosed lung cancer."

Diagnostics is made thanks to EFIRM technology (electric field-induced release and measurement) & #8212; it is the way based on extraction ekzosy (the microscopic extracellular bubbles supporting various structures) from biological liquids and the analysis of their RNA and proteins. Such approach is highly sensitive and extremely effective for detection of mutations of receptors of the factors of growth connected with development of non-small cell lung cancer. According to the doctor of medical sciences and one of authors of work Charles Strom working in UCLA (University of California in Los Angeles)

"We are satisfied with work of the EFIRM platform and the fact that it can reveal cancer at patients whose tumors were still rather small to render them the qualified surgical help. Now we conduct work on increase in quantity of the analyzed mutations and automation of process for increase in sensitivity and simplification of screening."

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At requests of readers: spacex for the first time successfully put the falcon 9 rocket on the coast of California

spacex for the first time successfully put the falcon 9 rocket on the coast of California

Last night SpaceX launched the reusable Falcon missile 9 of California that then to carry out one of the most sign landings in the history of rockets of the company. This time SpaceX planned to put the carrier on the concrete platform directly near the place of start, but not on the floating barge in the ocean. In case of success it would be the first successful landing on the western coast of America. Everything passed smoothly. Till a present situation all land landings of SpaceX happened on Cape Canaveral in Florida where there is also a bigger number of starts of the company.

on October 7 at 10:40 in the evening local time SpaceX successfully launched

and put the Falcon 9 missile, having marked the 62nd flight of the vehicle. It was also the 12th successful land landing for the company and the first on the coast of California.

As this landing on the Vandenberg platform was the first, the next inhabitants heard a threefold sound boom. On Cape Canaveral this everyday occurrence. The base of the Air Force Vandenberg distributed a warning to locals before today's flight.

We will clap? Tell in our chat in Telegram.

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of 50 ways to tell I love you without the aid of words, it is curious

50 ways to tell I love you without the aid of words

Pay attention that these councils are good also for young couples, and for those, who have behind shoulders years and decades of marriage. Try to apply at least by one council a day, and you will see how your relations will change to the best.

The strongest and fine relations of two loving people all the same remain similar to a delicate flower which needs regular "watering" and feed.

As you can see, the majority of these small life hacks will not demand from you either money, or big time expenditure. Everything that to you is required, - more sincere to make desire pleasant to darling and also is a little courage and imagination.

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Visit of restaurant in Sydney towers, is updated

visit of restaurant in Sydney towers

The Sydney tower, or Centrepoint Tower, the second highest building in Australia. It is the city "center" of entertainment and rest with the observation deck and the sliding platform. In a tower numerous shops and restaurants are located.

This offer combines an opportunity to examine Sydney from height as though you visited the observation deck of a tower or swept on the Big wheel, and pleasant pastime with a great lunch or a dinner at one of the best restaurants of the city. The restaurant in the Sydney tower is located on the rotating platform at the height about 250 meters which makes a whole revolution in 70 minutes. Thus, you will admire a panorama of Sydney in the pleasant atmosphere under maintenance of refined dishes.

article: S8

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New on the website: description and program of an excursion, photo

an excursion in dzhvar and Mtskheta excursions in Georgia: description and program of an excursion, photo

Dzhvari - the ancient monastery which stands on the mountain of the same name since the 7th century of our era. Mtskheta - one of the oldest cities of Georgia near which there is Jvari Church. About these places M.Yu. Lermontov wrote in the poem "Novice". It is worth visiting the ancient capital to understand up to the end its history, the person and national spirit.

of Advantage of individual trips:

Its shortcomings:

As a rule, are not included in the price:

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