At requests of readers: soap manufacture - not only a hobby

soap manufacture-not only a hobby

the Procedure of soap manufacture very interesting and tightening thing. Beginning to work in this direction & #8212; study the market, analyse expenses and profit, see all possible master classes, read books on this subject.

For fans to do something by the hands and persons interested to earn on it money, this manual will approach as it is impossible by the way. If you hesitate & #8212; in what business to be engaged and you rush about between knitting or production of cards to order, try to create handmade soap.

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At requests of readers: life as surprising project

life as surprising project

On a training "My Life as the Surprising Project", you receive tools for self-improvement, self-realization, the independent solution of the arriving questions, tasks, desires.


and being able to solve independently arriving problems, to use and work with information, the person always evolves, transforming all events with it to the Resource of the Personality. A training "My Life as the Surprising Project" helps to develop the natural scale in which potential will be realized and will be realized. Without excess theory. Only what works, and only what you could apply at once. All practical course solves one specific objective - "to make life the fascinating project". Not training is a direct implementation of skill in life. On a training you will be able: - To realize itself. To realize sides of interactions, to see and understand borders of processes, situations and phenomena. - To see the source of problems starting all lump of failure in other spheres of life. - To use tools of design thinking in any situation. - To analyze situations upon manifestation. - To transform mistakes to a resource for the movement further. - To work with the information flow - to be able correctly to form basic data of any desire for its manifestation in reality. Result - balance, stability, confidence, cheerfulness, expansion of opportunities, the fast solution of objectives through inflow to life of the necessary elements for their decisions, a pacification and at the same time activity and speed. Methods: & #8212; Conscious work with информацией— Playing real ситуаций— The Solution of objectives in группе— Visual aid. Demonstration of the main method. Independent primeneniye2 full day & #8212; 16 hours

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of Ces, from our users


The Impossible Foods company about which we told a few years ago brought on the technological CES exhibition a novelty from the world of the food industry, to be exact from the field of biochemistry. Children treat visitors of the exhibition stand "Impossible Burger 2.0" & #8212; new generation of vegansky hamburgers in which artificial meat is almost indistinguishable from the present, at least according to those people who tried it.

you would like to try

A? Tell in our Telegram chat.

The 2.0 version presented at the CES-2019 exhibition caused the true furor among visitors, journalists of the Engadget portal note. In the new version one of the main components of synthetic meat, gluten of wheat, was replaced with soy protein. Thanks to it it was possible significantly the structure of "meat" after heat treatment changed. Now it more rigid and it it is necessary to chew really. Besides, cutlet of "impossible burger" contains 14 grams of fat, in it as much iron and proteins how many and in beef cutlet of the similar size. There is it, by the way, about the same, the buyer will receive 240 calories on each 100 grams of a product for the money. The changed consistence allows to use forcemeat for cooking of the most different dishes. For example, it is possible to do quenelles, pelmeni of it, or to extinguish pieces.

In the first version as "meat" the substance "gem" was used. It imitated taste and color of animal protein which was added in "forcemeat" from flour and spices. At heat treatment, at least visually, it was very difficult to be distinguished from the real meat. The novelty caused the real delight in vegans, however to fans of the real meat similar hamburgers did not attract at all - the taste all the same seemed very "artificial". Besides, synthetic meat was inconvenient to be used for imitation of different meat dishes. In difference from the real meat at which there is not only an animal protein, but also fats in artificial all this clear business was not therefore the artificial option was a little dryish.

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Life hack: hostility


Hello, dear readers! It is very strange when the person claiming comes to my office that at it fear to ache with an incurable disease, but at the same time he smokes one for another. All of you наверняка…

Sometimes we happen to face explosive aggression (anger), and sometimes the hidden hostility. How to understand what you is the victim of aggression and how to fight against it? We will also talk about it today.

Most often the embodiment of determination of hostility and aggression, occurs to us at work among colleagues. For this reason will cope with it most difficult, if our family tries to take us under control, they do it not of malicious intent, with them it is possible to talk, reach compromise. As for acquaintances and people whom we consider as friends, here, if the problem is not solved, it is possible just to tear off any communications. And here when the speech about fellow workers, a question becomes sharply. Do you hold the place, but feel that you on it do not favor? To find the solution, article in which I bring up the subject about oppression will help.

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of 5 typical mistakes of the Russian businessmen, novelty

5 typical mistakes of the Russian businessmen

The third mistake - excessive trust to opinion of a sales channel. As it is simpler to communicate with a sales channel (dealers, distributors), and sometimes more pleasantly, businessmen are inclined to take on trust everything that those tell. They, of course, obtain very valuable information, however it yet not knowledge of the market. Especially as dealers can use communication for the sake of own interests and give only that information which is favorable of

Here not the complete list of questions giving, however, an idea of what benefit the competent marketing specialist can bring to business. Carefully processed information can save from wrong and ruinous moves on creation of products which will not be demanded by the consumer. And, on the contrary, it can help with development of a product which will be will not only be bought, but also to recommend to others.

It is easier to study opinion of a sales channel, and this seductive ease relaxes businessmen.

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Is curious: the menu for weight loss and extension of muscles

a sports diet for men: the menu for weight loss and extension of muscles

Before radically changing the habits, it is necessary to remember that the diet is not the list of the restrictions bringing an organism to exhaustion by starvation. More likely, it is the set of recommendations about the choice of products for the daily menu, to a technique of their processing and an optimal variant of combination. The diet for men for weight loss, as well as any other, should not bring discomfort and be followed by unpleasant feelings. If process of disposal of excess weight causes only negative emotions, the advantage of it will not be. Instead of desirable figures on scales and press cubes gastritis against the background of a nervous breakdown will become a result.

Probably, there is no need to mention various semi-finished products and ready-made products created by addition of preservatives, dyes and stabilizers. Their presence at the daily menu is not just harmful, and it is dangerous to any organism.

If you have not enough time for weight loss, then you can suit a similar express diet, but it is better to move after all in other direction - namely, to reconstruct the food, having removed from it harmful high-calorific dishes and having added some fresh healthy food to the maximum. It will allow gradually, but forever to normalize weight and in general to revitalize an organism.

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Secrets: & 171; there were such people

&171 were; there were such people

I remember, researches of Leontyev who here, in the Bay Gavriila, but on other party channels found the Kerek furnace. The furnace consisted of vertically put stones which formed the "center". The "center" heated up, then ashes and coals were extracted from it, meat or a game inside was located, then the state party of the "center" was closed by a stone and food pined to readiness. Such way of preparation on Chukotka is unique and existed only at Kereks. In this way food was cooked by the Itelmens inhabiting the South of Kamchatka and the people of Oceania.

& #8212; Everything, for today archeology enough. Time to prepare a goose and to heat a bath & #8212 came; aloud I speak to a dog and joyful we return to base. Life won against consciousness.

7. Settlement & #171; Орианда-4» V - The 15th century AD

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New on the website: how to find good work

how to find good work

"You not a tree - depart"! This phrase is told those who are not happy with the life situation.

Often the small amount of salary is caused only by 2 factors:

On writing of this article me the received comment on article pushed:

5) All aforesaid assumes need to consider himself not simply employed, and the expert who is independently selling the knowledge, skills and the available experience (you learn to find independently for yourself the customer employer).

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at the request of chitaty: the second great depression

the second great depression

At the beginning of this week was on a round table which was carried out by Anatoly Aleksandrovich Wasserman. This is the cleverest person, the economist, the analyst, the expert on club "That? Where? When?".

No related posts.

That crises were not, it is necessary to enter the Gold Standard. Otherwise the world will never get rid of the distortions in economy causing crises.

According to Anatoly, in the near future the world and Russian economy will remain in crisis state - he called this state "the Second Great Depression".

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