Fashion week in Paris - fall-winter 2017, is curious

fashion week in Paris - fall-winter 2017

The well-known fashion house presented during a Fashion week in Paris to a variation on a velvet and skin: the distinguished black dresses on thin shoulder straps decorated with massive bows and also various combinations of leather and fur. Among outerwear designers of YSL suggest to choose short jackets oversayz from fabric, leather or velveteen, with massive fur collars. Fashion week in Paris from Paule ka: warm simplicity

Designers of this fashion at home suggest ladies not to leave about the health and to be warmed. The collection abounds with massive and short accurate coats and also various suits two of mainly gray shades. YPROJECT: bright independence

This fashionable the house presented, perhaps, the most motley fashion line, and also placed emphasis on a velvet: suggests to create womanly images dresses in a floor with a skirt fringe which will emphasize the owner's figure. Well, and if such image seems to you painfully boring, pay attention to bright overalls with scarfs which couturiers complemented with not less bright print in style of illustrations on playing cards. Elie Saab: Gothic tenderness

the Dark romanticism soared in air in the form of the decorated dresses from velveteen, tapes, lace and feathers, eclipsing dark splinters of beams of blue light. Massive materials on display of pret-a-porter reminded almost mystical 19th century, namely the ballet Giselle in which the woman started dancing the victim to death. But were on display and notes are softer also than mdash; organza and chiffon, the fluttering translucent dresses with high gate transferred all auditorium straight to magnificent Victorian and Edvardiansky era.Mugler: unforgettable 80th

David Bowie any more not with us, but his influence on fashion revived with a new force. Dresses from the designer David Cфme not just reminded us of the 80th, but also showed the corporate androgenic style of popular musicians. Brilliant saturated-blue jackets with wide shoulders-oversayz set the tone for all show. The exaggerated silhouettes diluted asymmetric pass also ridge tops, well, and finished an image in style of the Glam rock tails bunches. Also Bowie reminded of himself an ornament in the form of a zigzag on sheath dresses. And all nothing, if not bright yellow stars in Startreka style which were a little not in a collection subject in general. Vivienne Westwood and her punk

Shaw of this designer always very excentric, and this display by an exception did not become. Only at Westwood on a podium the Statue of Liberty can defile! Also display is devoted to the future 75-year anniversary of Vivienne. In all 69 dresses multiple layers and bright patterns stood out. Besides, each dress had the unique style, transferring a special way of life. Multi-colored knitted dresses were ideally combined with hairstyles of models, braids and cones, and modern boots with a bright yellow lacing. Also Fashion week in Paris was impregnated with spirit of royal England of the beginning of the 19th century in the form of a gold dress with collected sleeves, as well as it was necessary in those days. And, of course, a model exit in an image of the Statue of Liberty became the most high point. The girl walked in a massive crown and a dress with flag symbolics in slightly changed tones. Fashion week in Paris puzzled women of fashion who should run on shops in search of absolutely new images now. Also read: fashionable food & mdash; 2017: coco and pondza, and color trends of spring-2017: yarrow and cabbage.

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the Most interesting: how to arrive also features of training in 2019

colleges of the USA: how to arrive also features of training in 2019

Upon termination of school all parents and pupils puzzle over where to go to study further. It is an important stage in life of each teenager who will define a further way of development and success of the person in society. Therefore many consider colleges of the USA as one of the best options.

Should noting

that the lack of communication with native speakers can just will affect passing an examination. Even those who were sure of the forces can not gather additionally points. Results are made out in the certificate of TOEFL who confirms the level of knowledge of language.

Entrance in the college will be considered at submission of the following documents:

All colleges are divided into types of training:

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Cultivation and cultivation of worms as business in house conditions, the most interesting

cultivation and cultivation of worms as business in house conditions

Worms live in special boxes which it is quite possible to make with own hands, it is simple. Ready wooden boxes are fitted by a tin tape at the edges to avoid hit in rodents, from above they are covered which can be made of the same boards or a piece of plywood. The main thing to leave several holes for free air circulation.

Thus, it is possible to draw a conclusion that cultivation of earthworms in house conditions is a perspective idea of earnings.

After the business plan is made, start directly its realization, according to points.

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of 5 councils from personnel officers, at requests of readers

how to have an interview on skype: 5 councils from personnel officers

You should not avoid an interview on Skype only because its format to you is unusual. Moreover, try independently to suggest the employer to talk on Skype. It not only will allocate you against the background of other candidates, but also will allow to have the bigger number of interviews with identical time expenditure, thereby having expanded a zone of job search of your dream.

As it is banal sounds, but the most part of unsuccessful interviews on Skype failed because of malfunctions with Internet connection or malfunctions of the computer equipment. Surely check reliability of communication and if there is a modem for the mobile Internet, then leave it near at hand that if necessary it you secured. Pay not smaller attention to a sound. Check the microphone and loudspeakers, adjust their loudness. In setting up the program there is such function as a control call to Skype. With its help you will be able to estimate sound quality which will be heard by your interlocutor. And can happen and so that the employer will have problems with the equipment, and to you it it will be badly heard. In that case you should not hesitate to tell about it, otherwise because of excessive modesty you risk to spoil about yourself an impression inattentively the told answer to badly caught question.

You should not hide personal charm because of an unusual format of an interview. The camera already eats a considerable part of emotions therefore you do not stint a smile and behave as much as possible naturally. It is important to arrange correctly the camera. It should not stand too close so that on all screen there was only your person. Adjust such distance that your neck and shoulders also got to a lens. At the same time establish it slightly obliquely that the interlocutor did not feel strained at your direct stare. Do not forget also about importance of visual contact. For this purpose it is necessary to look not at the image of the employer, and in a webcam lens.

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, updating

<"you do not write
to img src="" title= about seo yet then we go to you: you do not write" width="500" height="332" alt="about seo yet then we go to you :">

You do not write about SEO yet? Then we already go to you! :)

So, my blog about well-drilling in the Moscow region was born on May 22, 2012

. I remembered it. Sooner childbirth even in process as the domain is not confirmed yet and I parasitize on a trial version of a hosting :) But here the fact is important. How many did I to it go? About a year. The thought of creation of the blog arose for a long time, but all ended with an institution and overindulgence from Zhzhshkaya. The hosting was farther from Google.

As all of you managed to notice, the Internet furiously takes root into our world. In ours - east - not so furiously, of course, as in western, but nevertheless. At once the phrase from the well-known and favourite movie comes to mind: "There will be neither cinema, nor theater soon, there will be one continuous television!" And in our case there will be one continuous Internet. Books, movies, music - all this can quietly be dug in network in the necessary quantity and volume now. The love, friendship, the relations - all this concerns too. But a post not about it :)

Before I wrote about useful tips for weak, but not less magnificent floor. Then wrote about cats. For "kotoblog" we with the girlfriend even created design, pretty cool :) Then there was a blog about technicians of a molding from polymer clay. As a rule, on more than I was never enough for steam of posts. Such I am a person: I am fond of something before consciousness loss, but it is short. Therefore if I in few weeks will throw also this blog, then in it there will be nothing surprising. Though for creation of this blog very many efforts were spent.

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Selection: darling, not pains from what can save the man good sanatorium

darling, not pains from what can save the man good sanatorium

It is good that today there is an opportunity to carry out "servicing" of a male body it is most effective also in one place. How to make it, the head of MPI Sanatorium of S.M. Kirov in Zheleznovodsk told us Kazbek Akhtemirovich Borayev, the doctor-urologist of the top skills.

- How many days last the medical program in your health resort?

- Yes, treatment of men has the features. First of all, I want to tell that a half of diseases at men has psychogenic character. It is the first moment. The second: many patients come to us or not examined at all, or with hyper diagnostics that is when at them found diseases which are absent actually. Therefore we very carefully examine each man coming to us. I personally with everyone am ready to have a talk, ask frankly on those problems about which he would not begin to speak to the district doctor, was ashamed. But we need it for statement of the right diagnosis.

- Treatment in sanatorium essentially differs from ordinary "sick-list" or not?

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Is curious: Khabarovsk Krai will remove barriers to fishing by indigenous people

Khabarovsk Krai will remove barriers to fishing by indigenous people

To forbid industrial fishing of a Siberian salmon in the summer, and autumn the governor Sergey Furgal suggested to reduce to the sizes necessary for full completion of population of salmon. The head of the region held a meeting with representatives of indigenous ethnic groups of Khabarovsk Krai at which he discussed solutions of a problem of traditional fishing.

Sergey Furgal charged to regional committee of fishery to podgovit full information on commercial production of fish. As for fishing of chastikovy breeds, the governor let know at once - volumes will redistribute in favor of people. On salmon the situation more difficult also demands the deep analysis. The authorities need time to separate the real producers of fish products from those firms that conduct production for the sake of a fast profit, at the same time violating the law. - Fish, as well as wood, as well as minerals & #8212; property of our region - These riches, belong to all residents of Khabarovsk Krai, but not the separate companies. And at us now people cannot catch on a table, but field men receive excess profits. Let's change such situation and we will begin with our dear indigenous people. We will try to make so that you caught so much how many it is necessary for a traditional diet, & #8212; Sergey Furgal summed up.

This question not the first year causes social tension. The indigenous people living along the spawning rivers cannot catch quantity of fish necessary for them, so she there simply does not reach. According to locals, tens of the companies on all edge conducting commercial production contrary to all rules partition off mouths, limiting spawning.

"If to distribute this quantity between all indigenous people, then it will turn out that contacts one person from 300 grams to 1 kg of fish, & #8212; Lyudmila Struchkova, the chairman of tribal community & #171 told; Орон» from Tuguro-Chumikansky district. - What to do to us with such volumes nobody knows. In our culture and a diet chastikovy fish is also important, as well as salmon.

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Selection: policy of management of cookies files

policy of management of cookies files

Our portal uses both own, and third-party cookies-files for simplification of work with the website, at the same time for increase in its informational content, contents can be adapted. Thus, we act within the available legal standards for cookies files (Law 34/2002 of July 11, 2002, service of information society and electronic commerce which is also reflected in the Spanish legislation, Directive 2009/136/SE of the European Union called also "The directive of cookies files").

If you had any doubts or questions, then can study the section "Privacy policy" or write the electronic message of our administration by means of filling of the form given here.

2. If you use other browser and you need to remove cookies files, then follow the links located in the section "Privacy policy" of the above-stated table.

Cookies files are small text files which are saved in the browser at visit of any website. Their practical benefits are in collecting data on each visit of this or that page of the website. Cookies files, as a rule, save technical information, settings of the website, the personalized content, statistics of use, the reference to social networks, access to accounts of users, etc.

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Secrets: when you turn into the enemy

a low self-assessment: when you turn into the enemy

Our emotional balance in very considerable degree depends on our self-assessment.

It is desirable for

that you shared what you endure with members of the family or the closest friends.

If we sometimes are in a depression, it is normal, but for a long time it is not recommended to remain in such state, to put it mildly. Learn to believe in yourself, and you will never turn into the enemy.

Therefore it is better to separate a little from a situation and from others opinions on himself.

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Selection: how to untwist the Internet resource

how to untwist the Internet resource

I spread as the answer to numerous questions of my subscribers, related to that why the website is necessary how to attract on it a large number of the interested visitors and how to untwist the Internet resource - the short video report from the recent Traffic-2012 conference

A you watch that useful I received at this conference in my video response

Very much it was pleasant about 50 those for the blog, and that really you sit and you think that it to write how to be told, it seems you know everything, but you cannot tell. So after viewing of video of minutes for 7 wrote subjects 70 a minimum moreover really you understand that you can paint still some subjects still with that on 10-20. Very much Azamat's recall about the fact that his parents in the childhood switched advertizing amused, in my childhood advertizing on television was not!!!!

As I am a beginner in a saytostroyeniye and Internet business, council about the concrete plan of writing of the blog was pleasant. and that is a lot of thoughts and as where to write & #8212; not always you know! Thanks!

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