Novelty: 10 new sets for those who like to give books

10 new sets for those who like to give books

In a set:

Are included in the package:

In a set:

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What to do if the wife fooled around, popular

what to do if the wife fooled around

And just observations of life of ordinary people say many researches of modern psychologists that today unfaithfulness is very widespread phenomenon though in some cultures such behavior still is considered serious crime.

In a question of why in family life of the woman suddenly there is possible a treason to the husband, can hardly hold some certain universal opinion.

If to address world religions, then there are no double morals in them. So, for example, treason of the husband in Islam is condemned also strictly, as well as betrayal of the wife. Of course, modern people resolve similar issues in family, but earlier the immoral behavior was punished publicly.

What to advise the man in such difficult situation when the first fit of anger passed and there was only a bitterness and the deepest disappointment?

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of the Counter of day, discussion

counters of day

& mdash; And you from where know?

& mdash; To Kuma, you the normal person, almost do not drink why you began a fight in bar?

What to esteem today still? The British restored Banksy's graffiti

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Life hack: the reasons and how to help a mylysh

why the child cries: the reasons and how to help a mylysh

To help to take off the collected fatigue and mental strain it is possible a motion sickness, lullabies and just tender words. The main thing that the kid ceased to cry - then, feeling safe near mother, he will be able to sleep peacefully.

The similar problem appears almost at each child who went to a garden. New people, a situation, building relations in group - all this can become a serious stress for the little person. On its background he can even wake up in a wet bed. During adaptation to a garden be ready to wake up at night and to come to the rescue of the crying kid, having caressed and having calmed him.

It is possible to help the kid at gripes in the different ways.

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the Truth about the Korean cosmetics which you should recognize, by requests of readers

the truth about the Korean cosmetics which you should learn

& #171; I grew among the Korean byyuti-products therefore I consider general hobby of Americans for such cosmetics комичным» Euni Hong, the blogger of the New York Times writes.

& #171; I Will go to apply slime of a snail on the лицо» & #8212; the blogger summarizes.

Whether there is in general such phenomenon as & #171; Korean secrets красоты»? Of course, is. Also they sound so: enclose a lot of time, money and energy in the skin and you - it is possible - you will see results (the main thing, do not export much to China).

I lived in Seoul from 12 to 18 years. In 1985 South Korea was developing country. When I grew, the Korean creams were equally pink as color of toilet paper, and smelled as air fresheners. Any Korean respecting herself used the French, American and Japanese cosmetics. Nobody heard about the mode of 12 steps. Everything changed in the 90th. South Korea became rich. In 1998, after Asian financial crisis, Korea was reformatted and stopped being the country of electronics. It became & #171; крутой» country.

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Having been tired of loneliness, this pit bull terrier itself asked rescuers about the help to tears, at requests of readers

having been tired of loneliness, this pit bull terrier itself asked rescuers about the help to tears

We always have to be responsible for those who were tamed. This correct attitude towards animals who live at our place. In response to care and heat which we give to the pets they will give boundless love and devotion. But, unfortunately, many people do not understand it, and treat dogs as to a toy! They consider what with the pet can be played and thrown out on the street. It is one of the main reasons for which on streets there are a lot of stray dogs, even thoroughbred.

To this pit bull terrier such situation happened. His owners decided that it is not necessary to them any more and exposed for порог… As it is cruel! The pit bull terrier had to become angry to mankind and lose in it faith after such act, but he was so kind that could not. He saw people who are ready about is mute to take care and itself approached them. Too it seems to you that in the opinion of a dog is read & #171; Save меня»? Now this dog is happy in the new family and gives them all the love!

Look at this touching story and share with friends!

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Original ideas of planning, life hack

children's rest on vacation: original ideas of planning

An autumn and spring break not such long as summer, but also their children look forward. Also be able to make parents them by saturated new impressions. Here again the children's leisure "center"s will come to the rescue, but also being at home it is possible to have a rest too not bad.

Summer - the best season for rest not only because of warm weather, but also the longest school break. Psychologists say that children begin to wait for them since winter. The last quarter demands from them the enormous intellectual tension as it is necessary "to be tightened" and receive good annual marks. This quarter is difficult also what school students literally feel the coming summer: it is promoted by both the bright sun, and warm days. It is difficult to them not to think of rest at this time.

You should not forget also about reading books, viewing of movies and their joint discussion. And, of course - there is more time in the fresh air!

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we Take the book in a travel, from our readers

the book in a travel of" width="500" height="331" alt="we take the book in a travel">

A photo from a post cover: pixabay

If you the adherent of paper books, feed love to a smell of paper and browsing of pages, then a couple of books will not take in baggage the place more, than a pair of shoes. Having read the book, you can leave it somewhere on the way, in hotel or in hostel, and someone will be able to enjoy it on other end of the earth. Give preference to books in a soft cover and do not take with yourself more than two.

Travelers seldom think of use of library during the travel. If you are on vacation within the country, then in it there are no problems. But also it is possible to find libraries which provide books to tourists at minimum price in trips abroad. Anyway, it is possible to use Internet access and to esteem in the quiet and atmospheric place. Library - the great place to meet locals, and to learn about the country a lot of interesting from the first person.

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the Most interesting: how to move away them by means of natural means

shadows under the eyes: how to move away them by means of natural means

Bruises under глазами… it is unlikely though someone from us does not know what is it.

Fortunately, the decision is! Today we will tell you about several effective house remedies which will help to remove shadows under the eyes.

As well as in a case with other fruit, a good alternative to this recipe apple puree is. For this purpose both green, and red apples will approach.

Remove apple in the refrigerator. When it becomes cold, cut it circles. The peel does not need to be cut off, just remove a core. Apply apple circles by the closed centuries and when they heat up, replace them with others, cool.

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Is curious: a step-by-step master class of drawing by a watercolor from gin Haynes

we draw carnations food wrap: a step-by-step master class of drawing by a watercolor from gin Haynes

And finally one more council from the author: If you doubt where to put the following dab, at first carry out by a clean damp brush without paint in the alleged place. If the place is chosen successfully - add color.

My carnations seemed to me too faded and to add a little brightness, I dipped a film piece in paint and several times not densely pressed it to the central petals, and then in the same equipment added a little "greens".

Freely mix colors, you are not afraid of water, cover in color all surface of a leaf.

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