Relation to money popular

relation to money

Everything began with the fact that the book by Robert Kiosaki "The rich father, the poor father" fell of me into hands, farther it is more, at present I pay much attention to your works and I plan to change radically for the next year the life and to go step by step to financial freedom.

He absolutely agrees with everything that you reflected in it, about "Forex" in particular. Accept gratitude for that benefit which you create. For last two weeks a lot of things exchanged in we wash the relation to money and life in general.

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of 100 pleasures of day, selection

100 pleasures of day

Whether you thought of as far as people are inclined to negative perception of life?

you are able to play that a musical instrument, perfectly know the higher mathematics, chemistry, physics, it is fine and without mistakes write texts, manage to read much, are much wrung out and perfectly get on with people? To demand from the child only good results on all directions at the same time and always.

It is possible to imagine a situation: the daughter brings you the diary.

And if the Driver (Brain) was more focused on a positive?

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Leasing of the construction and road equipment, discussion

leasing of the construction and road equipment

The most convenient way of acquisition of the construction and road equipment - the Equipment in leasing which will significantly save your means. Leasing of the car - rent of a car with the right of its further repayment. Leasing of trucks as well as automobile it is very favorable to motorists who often change the cars, but do not want or simply, have no opportunity to pay its overall cost. Leasing allows clients will sweep for money and if it is pleasant, then already to get, however, for this opportunity it is necessary to overpay a car for its overall cost a little. The car is provided to the client after the first contribution and further assumes monthly payments, a car insurance on a case road accident or any other causing damage. After signing of the contract, the company remains the owner of a car, i.e. the document of purchase and sale is not formed and the client will use car on the basis of the arrangement. The leasing company itself is responsible for registration of a car, checkup passing, i.e. provides also the whole list of the additional services facilitating life to the client. Some the company, even, pay car repairs. The main difference between leasing of the equipment and the credit is granting an opportunity to return goods if it was not pleasant or just requirements changed. When leasing the payment pays off without the residual cost of the car, that cost which the client will have to pay at the end of term to become the full owner of the car. Residual cost depends on monthly payments, respectively, the they it is more, the rest is less. It, as a rule, is established within 40-60% and if you do not plan to redeem a car, then it is more favorable to you to increase residual cost to 60%, that having reduced monthly payment. Advantages of leasing are also that the companies the financial condition of the client, than banks issuing the credit to a lesser extent concerns. Minus of leasing is that the car cannot use as the. Some companies forbid installation of the additional equipment, coloring the car in other color or other its modifications. A car it is necessary to repair only on HUNDRED which cooperates with the leasing company, however, all these conditions register in the contract and at the conclusion of the credit in bank.

But kind of that all this could not be considered, how from one interesting types of receiving additional or main income.

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with What threatens opening of the account in foreign bank, discussion

<"what threatens img src="" title= opening of the account in foreign bank" width="500" height="390" alt="with what opening of the account in foreign bank threatens">

If earlier our citizens sought to open for the Russian Federation the account in foreign bank, then time "to pay" for convenience of possession of the account abroad came now.

generally to live becomes more cheerful or, to the point - it is necessary to live by strict rules which it is a new experience for Russians.

And it is already very essential! There are also owners of foreign accounts, the real estate and the companies the difficult choice - from what to get rid - of a country house in Spain or of citizenship of the Russian Federation and the right of visit of the Homeland?

The matter is that banks prepare for automatic exchange of tax information worldwide (including on opened abroad accounts of natural persons) and beforehand "twist gayechka".

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of the Indication to application and the list of popular brands, amusing

shampoo with zinc: indications to application and the list of popular brands

Health and beauty of hair, it not only natural data, but also result of systematic and correct leaving. Join in it: healthy nutrition, truly picked up protection and treatment.

knows to All that hair demand permanent and high-quality care. Not to bring to extremes, they need regularly to be enriched with vitamins and to do prevention of different illnesses. However happens that the head of hear demands urgent effective treatment, in this situation it is possible to pay attention to Fridem shampoo with zinc of the Portuguese firm. It is possible to find it only in drugstores as this medicine.

Generally, means is used as everything, but nevertheless there are several features:

All this once again proves that by means of good means it is possible to solve many problems with hair. The main thing to find that which will suit personally you. Good luck!

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At requests of readers: the New Year's minibus in Novorossiysk

the New Year's minibus in Novorossiysk

You look also: Festival of alcohol Strong world 2016

In Novorossiysk the second year in a row the "New Year's" minibus appears. The minibus goes along 21 routes and in it the fir-tree and a holiday table is established. Also the inside of the minibus is decorated, the driver is dressed in Father Frost's suit, and near it the assistant in the Snow Maiden's suit sits. For passengers in salon New Year's music plays, and on a table there are fruit, citruses and children's champagne.

The name of the driver of the minibus is unknown, however this idea is pleasant to all his passengers who say that it is the most "smart minibus in the city". Besides they note that in salon it is always clean, and "the driver is polite and tidy".

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Inspiring conversation with Adam Kurtts, popular

capture me: inspiring conversation with Adam Kurtts

The first book by Kurz "1 page a day" was based on his own experience and became "some kind of experience of difficult year". "But life became simpler, just because I learned something new. I did not realize in a magic way all the creative potential. I understood that knowledge of answers to the questions and reading councils from experts - there is more to come. We need really to follow own advice and to work. So the notebook "Was born capture me".

I got used to be engaged in the projects from beginning to end, from development of the concept before transfer of the book in the press therefore I always in the movement. This two years' throwing of a ball with large publishing house, the period of meetings, coordination of a cover and discussions with team apropos заголовка… it is a long way. Work on the book "Capture Me" began in February, 2015, but actually much earlier when at me in the head eventually were created the concept.

""Capture me" is literally the book of the self-help in which you write and you draw that it is useful to you in the future. I made such notebook which I with pleasure would use, with councils and a dose of inspiration for the people similar to me (too clever that precisely; exhausted; it is a little lazy; optimistic, but also realistic)" - Adam says.

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New on the website: the standard of living, the prices, taxes and pensions in Armenia in 2018

the standard of living, the prices, taxes and pensions in Armenia in 2018

Armenia is known to much as the country of majestic mountains. This state in Transcaucasia has incredibly beautiful nature, unique traditions, amazing color and the hospitable population. But, despite all these advantages, it is difficult to call Armenia one of the most developed countries. This republic only gains steam in the development. Not so long ago Armenian Republic entered into the Customs Union. This introduction very favorably affected the prices in Armenia, the standard of living of its population and also customs rules of entrance and departure from the country.

Owners of such residence permit. That is, all persons who owing to the developed circumstances are forced to live some time in the territory of the Armenian Republic. Period of validity of such residence permit usually does not exceed one year. It is subject to extension for the same term.

In recent years it was adopted several bills aimed at the development of an economic system. Thanks to these reforms in 2010 the economy of Armenia began to be restored slowly what tells its GDP present level about. In the country the industry actively develops. Armenia became the exporter of the machine equipment to many countries of the world. The visa to visit of Armenia is not necessary to tourists.

In 2018 in Armenia the sum in 38 000 dramas was considered as average pension. In 2019 increase in this sum is planned for 3 000 dramas. The retirement age of women is equal in Armenia to 59 years. Men come for deserved rest in 63 years. But to retire it is necessary to remember that the obligatory seniority has to be not less than twenty five years.

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of Advantage of professional cosmetics, the most interesting

advantages of professional cosmetics

definition "professional cosmetics" means

that it is used in specialized salons, clinics, the esthetic "center"s. Therefore, it is simple to buy it in usual shop it is impossible. Calling thus plain cosmetics, marketing specialists apply a syllogism to enticement of buyers.

The main feature of saloon cosmetics is the increased contents in it active components. Its main appointment & #8212; elimination of problems with skin or hair. Example: professional cosmetics for hair of production of Israel from a brand & #171; Аллигория».

Saloon cosmetics is divided into types in places of its application:

Mass means can contain the same components, but in small concentration so the effect of their application will be not such expressed, and the term spent for achievement of a certain result - longer.

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Updating: problem reasons, care of skin

enlarged pores on a face: problem reasons, care of skin

Such broths are useful as a basis for a nutritious mask. Select 2 big spoons of liquid, pour a starch spoon there. Stir and apply on the cleaned epidermis. Wash away in 15 minutes.

The structure of integuments is fat, combined, dry and normal. For everyone individual approach and the looking after procedures is necessary. A wide time is more often noticeable at owners of fat epidermis. It is easy to distinguish it. It is thick, shines with fat which is produced much by sebaceous glands.

This recipe removes grease gloss and does a time not such noticeable. Small grate small carrots. Separately beat egg white, pour in it in 1 tablespoon of curdled milk and as much warm honey. Connect ingredients and include in them 50 g of oat bran. Impose with structure skin for 20 minutes. Wash away warm water, and then broth of herbs in the beginning.

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