Popular : what was looked for in google and Yandex in 2018

what was looked for in google and Yandex in 2018

The subjects which attracted the greatest interest of users of RuNet.

In February of the 2018th the Space X company founded by Elon Musk started the carrier rocket Falcon Heavy. After that users of RuNet began to spread in Network of the picture with doubtful inventions and the signature "As to you it, Elon Musk?", kind of throwing down a challenge to the American billionaire.

In 2017 the user of YouTube Gregzilla published the review on the game Sonic Lost World where Knuckles was represented with an unusual face and a round body. The modified character appeared on video for only several seconds, but was very much remembered to users.

As always, to noise also Apple did. In the 2018th the company presented smartphones with support of two sim cards and completely frameless design. Three new models - iPhone XS, XS Max and XR - complicated to users the choice. People looked for what of them after all is better and what fresh gadgets differ from iPhone X in.

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From our users: how to organize the finance

how to organize the finance

Here also holidays flew by. And it seemed a week ago that the New Year's fairy tale will never end.

No related posts.

Together with you we will sort what to expect from our economy in 2016 what it is necessary to be afraid of, "where to spread straws" as in this difficult situation it is competent to organize the finance and investments.

You need good Strategy which will introduce in this process focus, confidence and ability not to notice inevitable obstacles.

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Popular : what is frustration in psychology and the mechanism of its emergence

what is frustration in psychology and the mechanism of its emergence

In certain cases people, in a condition of frustration, too strongly plunge into themselves. They failed and get to the world of imaginations where everything is good. The personality changes and not in the best side. Some become aggressive, others cannot cope with sharp falling of a self-assessment.

Frustration can be caused in pupils by weak progress. Because of an estimated system they can feel sillier, in comparison with other pupils. The self-assessment falls, the depression wave rolls. There is a wish to be closed in the bathroom and for anything not to return to school. "I am silly. At me all the same nothing will turn out".

In modern life it is very important to cultivate in itself such quality as ability to lose. Understanding that it is impossible to achieve success in everything, protects the person from frustration.

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Look for silence, a selection

one habit a week: look for silence

It is possible to be fenced off from noise, it is necessary only to want to hear silence. - Source

Try to minimize use of noisy household devices: hair dryers, food processors and vacuum cleaners. Use during the work with them defensors for ears.

So, task for week: to look for silence.

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of Microsoft began testing of management of Windows 10 by means of a look, life hack

Microsoft began testing of management of Windows 10 by means of a look

Emergence in the operating system of management, most popular in the world, by means of a look for certain will please many people. First of all, it considerably will facilitate life of the disabled people who lost extremities, and the paralyzed people. However, the similar interface can please also ordinary people. Sometimes so the laziness to try to keep step with a mouse to put favourite series on a pause. Oh these modern people spoiled by technologies! The Microsoft corporation started testing of management of the operating system by means of a look. This functionality was included in fresh test assembly of Windows 10.

So far in testing can use only the Eye Tracker 4C sensor of production of the Tobii company about which I it is obligatory for you I will in detail tell in the nearest future as at present I am engaged in studying of the device and writing of its review. Management is realized in such a way that one and all functions of a computer mouse and the keyboard are available to the user. You can fully use the operating system, without making any excess movements at all. The only inconvenience is that a small part of the screen at the same time will be taken away under placement of the special translucent menu with the main functions of management.

The new method of typing Shape Writing will also become one of interesting functions of management of a look. Something he reminds a way of set, popular on smartphones, when the user just slides a finger from a letter to a letter, and the algorithm tries to guess what word he wants to write. In this case it will be possible to slide from a letter to a letter by means of a look. Sometimes will be to look enough only at the first and last letter that the algorithm displayed required words. In spite of the fact that at present only the equipment of the Tobii company is supported, in the near future in Windows 10 support of sensors PCEyePlus, EyeMobile Plus and devices of other producers will be also introduced.

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New heading: Finno-Ugric & 171; holiday детства&187; proved that desires are granted

Finno-Ugric & 171; holiday детства&187; proved that desires are granted

International festival of arts and folk art & #171; Finno-Ugric transit: holiday детства» crowned a gala concert in Petrozavodsk. The children's ethnocultural holiday took place on October 3 on the stage of Musical theater of the Republic of Karelia.

On-stage performance groups skillfully sang songs in the native languages, played traditional instruments, danced, showed national ceremonies and showed richly decorated suits. And the award for the performance - the diploma of the participant and mementoes - to actors was handed by their new friend - the Karelian boy.

After an official part video history of the little Karelian boy who made a wish to meet friends - representatives of the related Finno-Ugric and Samoyed people was presented to the audience. The cherished dream came true - to a gala concert to Petrozavodsk there arrived talented children: folklore collective & #171; Вуюись» and choreographic ensemble & #171; Веснушки» from the Udmurt Republic, ensemble & #171; Дзоридзок» from Komi-Permyak Okrug of Perm Krai, the soloist Valeria Vokuyeva from the Ust-Vymsky Region of Komi Republic, choreographic collective & #171; Хорошки» from the Republic of Mari El, children's folklore ensemble & #171; Kastkuine» from the Babayevo district of the Vologda region, model studio of a modern and oriental dance & #171; Антарес» from the Republic of Mordovia, the Khanty folklore and ethnographic ensemble & #171; Пимочка» from Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, the Komi folklore collective & #171; Marya моль» and Khanty vocal group & #171; Sorni тутые» from the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area. The combined orchestra of kantelist of Karelia, folklore ensemble & #171 spoke on behalf of the Republic of Karelia at a gala concert; Veslдюed» Petrozavodsk children's school of arts of M.A. Balakirev, youth studio of National ensemble of a song and dance of Karelia & #171; Кантеле» and folklore and choreographic ensemble & #171; Kulkuset». For the first time for all history of a festival bodices - actors of children's collective & #171 participated in it; Pi р ki Kвndla» (& #171; Small гусли») from Latvia.

Further Elizabeth Kharitonova, the deputy minister of the Republic of Karelia concerning national policy, to connections with public, religious associations and mass media, read a message of greeting of the chairman of Association of the Finno-Ugric people of the Russian Federation Pyotr Tultayev. & #171; Meetings of representatives of different nationalities in regions of Russia, certainly, promote strengthening of friendly relations between Finno-Ugric and all people of our country therefore the Association of the Finno-Ugric people of Russia will always support organizers of a festival which mission is directed to preservation of languages, culture and traditions and also creation of harmony and the world in international отношениях» - it is said in a greeting. From Association of the Finno-Ugric people of the Russian Federation of Mary Rusanova the certificate of honor for a big contribution to development of folk art and preservation of cultural heritage of the people of Russia, and to Tatyana Barakhova - the certificate of honor for a big contribution to preservation and development of cultures of the Finno-Ugric and Samoyed people of Russia is handed.

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New on the website: what new the science can tell us about data

of data science in business: what new the science can tell us about data

The petabyte of information available now to the analysis, makes the boundless game field of the possible truth.

As it is often told, the dilemma is that the correlation does not mean relationship of cause and effect. Opening of the predicting relations between And yes In does not mean that one brings to another, even indirectly. By no means, how.

Employees who take more active part in work, are more attentive and concentrated.


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Novelty: the relations after the birth of the child deteriorated how to adjust

the relations after the birth of the child deteriorated how to adjust

If the kid bustling, loud, and there is no help at all & #8212 at this time; so happens when the relations in family on the verge & #8212; just you breathe. Leave the shouting child for three minutes and you will look out in the opened window, put out the head, having morally disconnected and consciously having completely devoted these three minutes itself.

If independently there are enough neither forces nor energy to cope with a situation, ask for the help.

And forces will appear, and gloss in eyes will appear, and more and more in life will be happy minutes which then will unite in happy hours and further on - accruing. And you suddenly will notice that suddenly began to filter into the relations with the husband which as it seemed to you, it is already impossible to develop in clemency, at first a shy ray, and then more and more deep stream, love light.

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Councils of the professional coach, is updated

how to pump up wings: councils of the professional coach

The most popular exercises on wings are pullings up, stanovy draft, thirst of a dumbbell for a belt.

You can supplement a training of wings with push-ups, in them the back is in a static stress.

Strengthening of these muscular groups will prevent many injuries of the musculoskeletal device and will allow to carry out many physical exercises more successfully.

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the Most interesting: eggs in moderate quantities bring only benefit

<"eggs in moderate quantities bring to img src="http://avon-on-line24.ru/pics/8027em14die00yhr.jpg" title= only benefit of" width="500" height="318" alt="eggs in moderate quantities bring only benefit">

In at one time was considered that eggs which contain a lot of cholesterol promote increase in level of cholesterol in an organism that leads to development of cardiovascular diseases.

Holesterin represents zhiropodobny connection which is constantly developed in an organism.

80% of cholesterol are produced in a liver and only 20% of cholesterol come to an organism as a part of animal products. Therefore the main danger is constituted not by(with) consumption of cholesterol as a part of food, and existence in a food allowance of a large amount of saturated fats which stimulate development in a liver of bigger amount of cholesterol.

Many people consume also bigger amount of eggs without prejudice to health, but to define maximum admissible level of consumption of eggs further researches are necessary.

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