of 20 abrupt ideas for a decor from usual bottles, a novelty

20 abrupt ideas for a decor from usual bottles

Each of us houses for certain will have a collection of empty glass and plastic bottles. As a rule, we get rid of them, including them unnecessary stuff sooner or later, but whether so it actually? We chose for you 20 ideas which prove that this material perfectly is suitable for creativity.

Such support is convenient to

for those who prefer that jewelry was always near at hand.


Such containers can be used both for storage of various trifles, and as a gift box.

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By the world day of the anesthesiologist, or those who send us to travel, popular

by the world day of the anesthesiologist, or those who send us to travel

Annually on October 16 in many countries the World day of anesthesia is celebrated, intensivists and all experts of this field of medicine consider this day the holiday. Often connect phrases with anesthesiologists it seems & #171; the person in an anesthesia & #8212; it is the respiratory device with моторчиком» & #171; the anesthesiologist is not chosen, but with him просыпаются» & #187; not each anesthesiologist falls asleep together with больным».


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Anesthesia is a loss of sensitivity of nerves. Artificial anesthesia is applied to anesthesia at surgeries, dental care, injuries and also in other directions of medicine. The history of this area of medicine originates since October 16, 1846 when the American dentist Thomas Morton performed operation under a radio anesthesia. So successful use of anesthesia was for the first time publicly shown. As anesthetic it was used inhalation of ethyl oxide. Therefore on October 16 also began to consider the World day of anesthesia. Though, of course, means of anesthesia existed in the world for a long time.

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Fox rock Tofa fairy tale, interesting

fox rock Tofa fairy tale

In Alygdzher, at once beyond Uda, there is high, almost steep mountain. Call it & #171; Fox скалой». Why it became Fox, tell at us so.

& #8230; There Was it very long time ago. In the Wide valley, in the forest, the bear and a fox met. The bear notices: the fox costs quietly, smiles. & #171; You, however, смелая» & #8212; the bear thinks about himself and asks what she is afraid most of all of.

& #8212; What to ask, unless you do not see that I am wounded. Hunters shot at me. Help better, treat, practise shamanism, perhaps.

At this time seven wolves rose down the river. Having seen a fox, they very much were surprised:

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Amusing : curvature of a nasal partition and its main symptoms treatment methods

curvature of a nasal partition and its main symptoms treatment methods

The nasal partition represents a thin plate which divides a nose cavity into two halves, identical by the size. In front it consists of a cartilage, a back part from a thin bone. From above on both sides it is covered by mucous.

With a problem of the broken and modified plate should address the expert - the otorhinolaryngologist and the plastic surgeon. Treatment of a curvature of a nasal partition without carrying out operation gives temporary relief, but does not remove the cause of its emergence. It is possible to use the drops narrowing vessels, to take a pill, to do special respiratory gymnastics, but all these means are temporary and not always help.

Often at deformation of a plate there is a giperplaziya of one or both sinks arising on the party which is opposite to a curvature. Here difficult breath through a nose is noted. In this case the resection and a konkhotomiya is carried out. If there is a hypertrophy of soft fabrics, excision by means of scissors or destruction by a galvanokauter becomes. If the asymmetry of a trellised bone is observed, then removal of a part of a labyrinth is made, the average sink is put in lateral position.

To see that a nose form another it became possible on development at it of scoliosis, the tip is displaced aside. Generally changes of a plate it is visible when carrying out a rinoskopiya.

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Display of kibovskaya pablosky furor on a podium, new

display of kibovskaya pablosky furor on a podium

Children of stars created a furor on a podium. Display of Kibovskaya& Pablosky

New collections of a brand are always available to

to your shootings.

Shoe novelties from Pablosky struck, first of all, with the variety. It both black "classics", and creative footwear of bright colors, and already, which a season the snake prints which are not getting out of fashion. The monochrome palette where there are various shades from smoky to gold, gives to footwear magic charm. All products were created manually only from natural materials with application of technological innovations which gave to footwear unique and unique characteristics. In such ultrafashionable footwear the child can freely dance, and is cheerful play with friends. At the same time the collection covers all children's age ranges: it and nice footwear for the smallest, and glamourous boots under skin of reptiles, and comfortable boots with a color sole and a contrast lacing, and beautiful shoes with Swarovski crystals, and fashionable flats for exacting teenagers who always want to be "in a trend".

Partner of display & #8211; the Carlo Monetti brand prepared stars for the following issue, having handed author's a tie butterflies with a bright print and stylish design. The flower partner of display - office "About Ecuador in Moscow" added festive mood and spring aroma, having presented to designers and stars bouquets from juicy Ecuadorian roses which only emphasized luxury of the shown dresses. Ecuadorian roses are famous for large buds and firmness, so not one more week they will store an impression of grandiose show display. Not casually every second rose presented in Russia is grown up in Ecuador. Display is organized by production "center" of Art& Fashion headed by the President Tatyana Praskova, on which account a number of key projects with Vyacheslav Zaytsev and Igor Chapurin and also the best, among nurseries, displays on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

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At requests of readers: 11 hairstyles for women for forty

11 hairstyles for women for forty

Women after 40 need a little more efforts to look on all hundred. It is necessary to think over the correct make-up which will be suitable you and your age, the correct hairstyle for your shape of a face and clothes style.

If you choose by

a hairstyle with uniform long locks, curls will look elastic and beautiful. The short flight of stairs on long Aniston's volosydzhennifer over the years only looks younger also in it a big merit of her stylist.

This hairstyle is suitable practically for all shapes of a face and for any texture of hair. Only pay attention that if you have a round shape of the person, it is worth choosing longer version of a hairstyle. Asymmetric de Rossi's bobportiya the example shows that short hairstyles ideally look on ladies for 40. Such asymmetric bean really helps to look young, fresh and modern.

This hairstyle it is easy to make houses. You need to dry up hair, tightening up them a round brush under a bottom. Such laying will help to hide a wide forehead, mimic wrinkles at eyes and will be ideal for a fine hair. Asimmetriyagebriel Union chose asymmetry, average length and direct tips which allow it to look much younger.

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of 7 councils how to become the millionaire, from our readers

7 councils how to become the millionaire

The millionaire to become simpler, than ever. Many people consider that it is an impracticable task. They say: & #8220; This pure luck. You have to be born in rich family. You have to win in a lotto. Your parents have to help вам… & #8221;

you have to see a picture in general. When most of people see only trees, you have to see all wood. Thus, you will be able to plan an own course and to get there where you want. Having a dream and the purposes for achievement of this dream, your opportunities are boundless.

Most of people in an environment that is called & #8220; friends on умолчанию”. These are acquaintances that we see in grocery store, the gym, school, at work and other places. We, naturally, are on friendly terms with these people. However, in most cases, these people not миллионеры…

There are 7 councils to become the millionaire:

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From our readers: the next creative from the Thai immigration service did not please expats

the next creative from the Thai immigration service did not please expats

Those foreigners who are constantly living in Thailand who should visit in the near future local immigration office for receiving the next extension of the visa will be surprised with a new type of the paper form which is subject to filling. The form increased in sizes. Now it is three sheets which need to be filled out. The most interesting that now it is offered to specify to the foreign tourist or the expat who is constantly living in the country in a new part of a form bank account numbers (in the Thai banks), registration numbers of the cars and motorcycles used in the country, all used social networks and even often visited places (restaurants, bars, night clubs, shops, medical institutions). The need for such sensitive personal information is explained by the Thai immigration officials fight against the international terrorism and measures for safety of tourists. Though the Thai officials hurried to read a reassuring statement that some new fields (often visited places and transfer of the used social nets) are not obligatory for filling, but many expats already seriously strained. Many watching process of gradual crackdown for foreigners in the Country of Smiles had long ago a resistant opinion that on it & #171; креативе» the immigration authorities will definitely not stop. And everything began with cancellation the visa-ranov after a military coup and coming to power of military junta in the 2014th year. Yes, nobody prevents to arrive to Thailand and to have a rest here within a month of visa-free stay. But those who chose the Kingdom of Smiles for longer stay, got the real estate from the sea in one of resorts of the country, should feel the last two years the systematic headache connected with need of legalization of visa questions. Meanwhile, rules of the game constantly change, and the price of simple maintenance of the legal status for comfortable life continues to grow in the country. The Thai military junta which is gradually transforming the country in the direction of real military dictatorship strains not only foreigners. So, the trend on emigration from Thailand of civic activists and an educated part Thai societies was outlined. In general, emigration of citizens from Thailand & #8212; this unusual phenomenon as, unlike Filipinos light on the feet and Hindus, Thais are very tied to the Homeland, sincerely believing that it is the best country in the world. Very good article about an outcome of educated Thais from the country in English was recently published in the Bangkok Post newspaper. It is called: Exodus chapter two: Fresh wave prepares to call it quits (Outcome, Part second: the fresh wave prepares on an exit). The economy of Thailand at junta does not promise on the active growth (GDP of the country grew for the 2015th year only by 2,8%), the authorities press the opposition Red Shirts, followers of Thaksin Shinawatra and his sister, dissidents the Thai activists are condemned on cover-ups for insult of the monarchy (lese majeste) for long terms, the university professorate and political scientists are called for preventive conversations with security officers. Plans for creation of a control system of the Thai segment of the Internet for the DPI technology similar to Great Chinese Fayervol in the People's Republic of China are discussed. Even plastic bowls of the red color which is traditionally associated with opposition from which Songkran (the Thai New year) citizens had a shower bath water in present, caused hysterical reaction of generals. The educated Thai youth rather got a bit tired from all this. People find options of employment and moving to Singapore, Europe or North America and leave the country. Wrongly something in the Thai state.

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of 9 products from China which you never have to buy is updated

9 products from China which you never have to buy

Paragraph 8 me absolutely struck! 

Counterfeit Chinese rice looks as real.

Some producers use iron sulfate, and even human kcal for fermentation process acceleration.

Nearly 91% of the table salt arriving from China contain traces of heavy metals which increase risk of heart attack, stroke, hypertension and high blood pressure.

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At requests of readers: found immunity to editing a genome in people

in people found immunity to editing a genome

Many of you for certain heard about the editor of a genome of CRISPR thanks to whom already many discoveries were made. However, according to scientists from Stanford University, some people can have congenital immunity to "intervention" in our DNA that calls into question expediency of use of this technology.

"Our own immunity will prevent safe and effective application of CRISPR and can even even lead to serious toxic defeats of an organism. The type of protein of Cas9 most widespread for today is received from golden staphylococcus and a piogenny streptococcus. It can also explain that fact from where our organism has immunity to such young technology. Both of these bacteria attack the person for hundreds of years. However emergence of new CRISPR technologies can solve this problem, potential at editing a genome is simply huge".

During a series of experiments experts from Stanford investigated blood samples of 22 newborns and 12 adults for the purpose of detection of antibodies to Cas9. Let's remind that Cas9 is used for cutting of a spiral of DNA by means of what there is actually an editing. Experts found out that 65% of participants of an experiment have in T-cage blood (a cage of the immune system) which can protect DNA from influence of Cas9. Thus it is possible to draw a conclusion that "panacea" from genetic diseases can be inefficient at more than half of people. As one of authors of work Mathew Portyyus said in an interview to the bioRxiv edition,

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