the Most interesting: ivy garden

garden ivy

Recently my sister made for a week a business trip. In the day off she decided to walk on the city and accidentally got on an ecofestival. On such actions Irina not the frequent guest, but having visited there was very pleased. Besides, the sister got acquainted with one woman who told about this wonderful trick.

Also for washing of strongly polluted clothes can be added

to the washing machine of a little baking soda or cottage cheese soap.

Near our house there is a small shed all twined an ivy. The sister dug leaves from this plant and put them in the washing machine before washing.

Irrespective of, where do you live, the ivy is an ideal alternative and an environmentally friendly basis of means for cleaning of linen.

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Learn how it is easy to depilate in armpits by means of house means, at requests of readers

learn how it is easy to depilate in armpits by means of house means

The answer to a question whether it is worth depilating armpits depends on time and the place, where do you live and the fashion imposed by society. Many leave these hair quietly grow and have no problems. Thus, need to depilate in armpits can be an insignificant trifle or a serious problem which has to be solved.

House recipes of disposal of undesirable hair on some parts of a body were used by

since ancient times.

Nevertheless, even in case of widespread ingredients which can be found in any kitchen it is desirable before application of house means for depilation to make the small test.

One of possible methods for removal of hair in this area, is the sugaring (from English shugar & #8212; sugar) & #8212; natural alternative of traditional depilation by wax.

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Secrets: about me

about me

of Recently, I’ve started selling goods from Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries on eBay. Mostly I sell exotic leather products such as crocodile leather handbags, wallets, belts, cell-phone cases, and other accessories made from crocodile, stingray, ostrich, shark and snakeskin leather. I also accept wholesale orders of Thai health and beauty products, which are very popular in Eastern Europe. In addition, I also started investing in Asian stock markets.

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From our users: planimetric, surgical indications, contraindications to plasticity

plasticity of lips: planimetric, surgical indications, contraindications to plasticity

Lips - one of the woman's "oruzhiya" thanks to which it strikes representatives of an opposite sex attracts attention from people around. Even lips with a beautiful form can lose the appeal eventually, forcing the owner to look for ways of giving of former magnificence to them. Often usual cosmetics are not enough therefore the plasticity of lips comes to the rescue.

In certain cases it becomes in connection with the defects acquired owing to traumatism or congenital. Ways of correction allow to give to lips a new look or to return beauty lost by them. There are several types of plasticity which choice depends on the initial state and the purposes which are put before the procedure.

More radical method, than planimetric, the surgical plasticity of lips allowing not only to change a shape of lips, but also to get rid of hems, accretions in corners of a mouth, papillomas, an otvisaniye, cysts is. With application of this procedure it is possible to reduce lips if they seem to you too chubby. By means of surgical plasticity it is possible to transplant own fabrics if on that is indications.

Plasticity of lips, whatever of ways, you chose, surely consult with the doctor before the procedure.

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Advantage or harm, properties, new heading

a celery at pregnancy: advantage or harm, properties

Dietitians recognize that the advantage of this plant is invaluable to an organism. The celery is perfectly acquired and effectively removes toxins and slags. Also juice of a plant promotes weight loss as at low calorie content in a product, the organism spends twice more energy for its processing. It is possible to list useful properties of a celery infinitely, but in the use of a plant there are also contraindications - pregnancy.

as ointment sorcerers of the whole world use plant leaves. Preparation of ointment requires natural butter. It should be pounded together with celery leaves. Ointment is used at treatment of arthritis, polyarthritis, allergic urticaria. In order that it is better to know usefulness of a celery, it is worth studying once again attentively structure of its leaves and roots.

Besides the main contraindication the celery introduces also side effects, for example, a meteorizm (gas generation).

During the research of structure of a plant, scientists came to conclusions that the main making substance can harmful affect development of a fruit in mother's womb: to strengthen the probability of abortions and spontaneous childbirth. There is a number of reasonable proofs which answer the question "whether it is possible to eat a celery at pregnancy" unambiguously: it is impossible.

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New heading: thoughts of the true female beauty

thoughts of the true female beauty

The concept is not connected by the truth of beauty with external characteristics at all. There are women who even with physical defect cause admiration and awe in men. These women have special aura which is invisible to a usual eye, but it can be felt. Statements about the true female beauty with which it is impossible поспорить…

"True beauty of the woman - in health, in ability to be vigorous". Jane Fonda

"The woman is beautiful as a flower. And each flower has to be a little dismissed". Eva Longoria

"Does nothing the woman of more beautiful, than belief that it is beautiful". Sophia Loren

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From our readers: answers to questions about Nha Trang Vietnam

answers to questions about Nha Trang Vietnam

We will consider answers to questions whether it is worth going to Nha Trang in June, July or August when the rainy season in Vietnam in Nha Trang begins, whether the clean sea in Nha Trang what temperature in Nha Trang in June, July and August.

of Pagodas in Nha Trang more than 15!

If you are interested in weather in Nha Trang in the summer, then will be solar. Perhaps, for 10 days of a holiday 1-2 cloudy days or even a rain within half an hour will drop out. It will hardly sadden your rest. So it is worth going to Nha Trang in July, June or August.

It depends on a current. Can be clean, muddy in the morning during the lunchtime. In the summer the sea in Nha Trang, most often, clean.

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New : Minsk will construct the covered ski arena

in Minsk will construct the covered ski arena

The covered all-weather ski arena for driving on cross-country skis will be constructed between the new building of the Supreme Court and Svislochyyu. The act of the choice on this land plot in the presentable place near the Palace of independence is already approved.

Victoria Mennanova confirmed to

of the Press attache of NOC the fact of future construction. According to her, there is a development of the project of a complex now.

The complex will be created not at the expense of the budget and as social load of one of investors. A customer of construction is the National Olympic Committee.

We will note that the next to Minsk covered skiing run is in the Lithuanian Druskininkai. And all in Europe the covered ski complexes slightly more than thirty.

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At requests of readers: why kolbyag call the most mysterious tribe of ancient Russia

<"why kolbyag call img src="" title= the most mysterious tribe of ancient Russia of" width="500" height="304" alt="why kolbyag call the most mysterious tribe of ancient Russia">

In Ancient Russia there were many people which disappeared over time, having dissolved in other ethnoses: slightly, merya, chukhon, all, etc. The mysterious tribe of kolbyag stands alone in this row as some researchers consider that it is even not the people, but the certain social group existing in the northwest of our country in the 11-12th centuries. And still them it is mentioned in several monuments to ancient writing, and a number of archeologists believe that kolbyag created priladozhsky kurganny culture.

the Origin of the kolbyag living in the north of Russia causes heated arguments. Some scientists consider that these people resulted from mixture and assimilation of various Finno-Ugric and Scandinavian tribes, others rank kolbyag as slav brothers. There are also original versions about their Turkic or Lithuanian origin.

Archeologists think that the city of Alaborg about which it is told in the Scandinavian sagas about Hrolva Peshekhoda and Halvdana Eysteynsson was the central settlement of kolbyag. He settled down, according to scientists, on the river bank Syas near the village the Ancient settlement. Existence of Alaborga is dated for 750-920 years. Possibly, then kolbyag moved to the area of inflows of Vikhmesi and Syaznegi.

The famous Russian historian Vasily Tatishchev (1686-1750) who considered them residents of Kolobrzeg - one of the Pomor cities was one of the most prominent supporters of Slavic origin of kolbyag. Some experts recognize kolbyag which Scandinavians called people with cudgels and stakes, social group of Slavs of the Russian North. They could be such representatives of local outlaws, similar to Cossacks. The free people who were not recognizing the power of neither official Novgorod, nor capital Kiev and living on the coast of Ladoga together with Finno-Ugric tribes. They quite could make attacks on neighbors therefore in the saga about Egile Skallagrimsson kolbyag act as enemies, prostrate as the valorous Viking. And to register in army of Byzantium as mercenaries to receive money for military skill - than not earnings for free people of the Russian North?

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Is updated: how many it is necessary money for happiness

<"how many is necessary to img src="" title= money for happiness of" width="500" height="246" alt="how many it is necessary money for happiness">

Yesterday watched the film shot by Timur Bekmambetov "Is especially dangerous" with Angelina Jolie in one of leading roles.

1) What you want to learn in the course of the game CASH FLOW?

Answers to these questions are necessary, first of all, to you.

Really, my dear reader, tell "How many it is necessary money for happiness? Personally to you?

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