the Most readable: bacteria which can destroy nuclear waste are found

bacteria which can destroy nuclear waste are found

One of the main problems of use of radioactive fuel is burial of the production wastes which fulfilled the. And the danger to the environment is brought not so much by material, how many migration of radionuclides to the soil and air. But recently the group of the Russian scientists in places of burial of radioactive waste found bacteria which can help with utilization of radioactive material, dangerous to ecology.

the First obtained data say

that it is quite simple to create conditions for "work" of bacteria. Besides, microorganisms can be used as in storages of waste as means for protection against distribution of radiation, and on production and even in places of technogenic catastrophes. Now researchers plan to study in more detail behavior of bacteria and to develop ways of their introduction in processes of burial of radioactive materials. As authors of a research in an interview to the Radioaktivnye Otkhody magazine told,

Discovery was made during the research of underground waters of point of deep burial & #171; Северский» on which there is a burial of liquid radioactive waste of the Siberian Chemical Plant (SCP) belonging to state corporation & #171; Rosatom". By means of methods of molecular genetics scientists from Institute of physical chemistry and electrochemistry of Frumkin and the Federal research "center" of biotechnology of RAS found in tests of underground waters near storage of a bacterium which can transfer ions of the most different radionuclides (including uranium with plutonium) to inactive forms.

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New on the website: libraries of Moscow - to youth

of library of Moscow - youth

Dear colleagues, are glad to share news: the methodical collection "Libraries of Moscow - to youth was issued: Practice of work, projects, information; issue 41".

of Passion across Biblionochi. E.P. Tarasova, TORMENTS of TsBS of Arzamas of the Nizhny Novgorod Region

Who - where, and we - in Night's Watch! O.G. Fafenrot, Moskalensky regional library, Omsk region

Fresh number of the collection and also archive is available to downloading on the website Svetlovki.

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Where is better to stop to the tourist, popular

to stop the districts of Tbilisi: where it is better for tourist to stop

Tbilisi is the capital and the largest city of Georgia to which there are about one and a half thousand years. Exactly from here most of tourists begins the research of the country. The large number of the museums, sights telling about culture and the history of the state, a myriad of cafe and restaurants - only a small part of what annually attracts hundreds of thousands of travelers here. The districts of Tbilisi differ in the uniqueness: each of them possesses own izyuminy and gives the unique atmosphere. The developed transport network of the capital and abundance of options of accommodation allow tourists to organize comfortable rest here and to wholly enjoy the Georgian color.


besides in this area concentrated the amazing Armenian churches, the mosque and three synagogues reflecting bright religious contrast of the capital. If you doubt in what district of Tbilisi it is better for tourist to stop, we suggest you to analyse advantages and shortcomings of the Old city.


To find housing in any district of the city of Tbilisi

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Interesting : what products to use

a liquid delay in an organism: what products to use

If you are often disturbed by hypostases, weight in legs and obesity & #8212; it is the first symptom of the fact that in an organism the excessive amount of liquid accumulates. And today we will tell what products will help you to get rid of this problem!

If you have a liquid delay, surely see behind consultation a doctor. The lack of in due time taken measures can negatively affect health of a liver, heart and kidneys. Do not forget: only the expert will be able to appoint to you an adequate course of treatment!

You can eat watermelon in pure form or prepare smuz from watermelon pulp, having decorated it with a ringlet of a lemon and a leaflet of mint. One more secret: do not pull out sunflower seeds because they are also very useful from watermelon. They contain vitamin E, and it is useful at prostate diseases.

Nevertheless, information on what products help to bring surplus of liquid out of an organism, will never be superfluous. Try, these products will become fine addition to drug treatment!

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at the request of chitaty: how to reserve waiting list for crossing of border

border with Estonia: how to reserve waiting list for crossing of border

If you want to go to Estonia on the car, it is necessary to know how to avoid standing in an hours-long traffic jam when passing border control from the Estonian side. To overcome border with Estonia quicker, it is necessary to make to himself a reservation in turn, then time spent at the check point will be reduced to a minimum.

As soon as you will see the number on a board, pass to a customs post, there it is necessary to receive a talonchik. With the received talonchik you stand in line of the same registered and move ahead with it to a barrier. There it will be necessary to show a talonchik and to undergo passport control. On it the procedure of passing of border is finished.

After you decided on time, it will be necessary to enter data on the car and the driver. They are not subject to change.

Traveling on own car, do not forget to reserve crossing of border from Estonia to Russia, then the trip will not turn in hours of burdensome expectation.

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Life hack: a model of filling of the questionnaire for obtaining the Schengen visa to the Czech Republic in 2019

model of filling of the questionnaire for obtaining the Schengen visa to the Czech Republic in 2019

The form contains the same information, as well as in all Schengen questionnaires. But despite it will be useful to analyse a form sample point by point:

In English to download the sponsor's letter.

To download the exit visa of the child without parents.

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New on the website: the sheep-dog protects the best friend of a lobster the history of amazing friendship

the sheep-dog protects the best friend of a lobster the history of amazing friendship

Many do not believe in friendship between absolutely different beings, but this big delusions. The true friendship will be able always to connect even the most different beings. The most striking example is friendship of a cat and dog about whom many are skeptical. But this example is even brighter! The big sheep-dog made friends with a lobster. Heavy to believe in it, but it is real! Only look as strong the dog presses to herself a lobster and does not let anywhere.

Watch a kind commercial and share it with friends!

That from great love the lobster did not wound a dog, it rolled up claws. But it does not prevent it to feel quite comfortably in the company of the fluffy friend. As soon as the second dog tries to approach a lobster, the dog grins at once, protecting the friend! Yes уж… To Owners of this sheep-dog will precisely have to forget about delicacies from a lobster. As it is lovely. This video the excellent proof to the fact that the true friendship will overcome all barriers. This roller will lighten you the mood and will force to smile.

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What is deposit capitalization and percent, a selection

what is deposit capitalization and percent

Bank deposits & #8212; the most popular type of investment. You give the savings to bank under certain conditions and under a certain percent. Daily, monthly, quarterly, once a year or on expiration of a deposit charges of percent are carried out. However whether it is worth taking away the got profit on hands? Today practically all banks offer the programs meaning capitalization of percent. Capitalization of percent - what is it?

Should note

that deposit capitalization & #8212; it is process at which that income which you gained from invested funds is not handed out, and it is summarized to the main deposit. Thus, money on the account is multiplied, and the following percent is calculated already from the new sum.

However there are in deposits with capitalization "reefs" and a number of nuances which should be considered.

Deposits with capitalization have a number of advantages:

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of the Discount for useful books for parents, secrets

of a discount for useful books for parents

Besides that electronic books stand 199 , and paper - is 20% cheaper, we prepared something else. In each parcel to our readers there "will arrive" the gift - the remarkable children's book "Is crazy about monkeys". It is incredibly beautiful. And informative. Children from it delighted.

You watch detailed conditions of an action on this page.

On May 15 - the international day of family, and our event is timed to this event. We chose 55 abrupt books: they can help to grow up the person of whom you will begin to be proud. Clever, bright, talented. Will tell how to support and inspire the child. How to arrive in a difficult situation. To cheerfully spend time. To develop creativity since small years. Yes a lot of things still.

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the Madonna success lessons from the Madonna, a new heading

the Madonna success lessons from the Madonna

We recommend to be loaded with commitment and motivation from the famous pop star Madonna! Its remarkable lessons of success are painted here! Be based!

Madonna since the childhood liked to be allocated to


As always there was not enough money, and Madonna without shame begins to earn additionally the cloakroom attendant and also earns from photoshoots in nu style.

The father married the second time and Madonna had stepbrothers and sisters.

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