At requests of readers: serious minuses of life in the village Part 1

serious minuses of life in the village Part 1

Part second

Hello Tatyana, here here what business, people it такой… as hedgehogs as will be gathered in a heap, so begin to prick each other needles. And if in & #171; these yours городах» the most part of time, carry out with other people at any there works where is where both to row and to show nasty temper, living in solitude relatively people around get all this good. Often when moving & #171; on землю» so many internal problems get out that & #171; come the godmother любоваться». And life in the closed communities, especially the people who arrived from the city, it in general something. Same, slightly to a lesser extent, concerns also neighbors in the village or the private sector. The best decision, on my taste, to live on some reasonable distance from the village, detached, without neighbors, but in availability from electricity and the road. Such option, perhaps, is fraught with some additional difficulties, well the choice for us here. Well and with rural it is necessary to be on friendly terms. Fact. And not to be imposed with the ideas:) We have a tea, not India & #8212 here; everyone to both kshatriya, and to a shudr, and brahman:) Well and main thing & #8212; to trust in the best.

Part third

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Interesting : men's psychology

what is sexuality: men's psychology

The sexuality is a congenital requirement, one of the functions of an organism put till the birth which is expressed in a combination of biological, mental, physiological and emotional reactions.

what it is expressed by


Unfortunately, not all people are capable to realize the potential that is often connected with influence of society, education or problems in life. Sometimes the ambitious behavior, shyness, fear of sex prevent to show the sexuality, at the same time the inclination does not pass, and is suppressed with the person. It is fraught that he will not get in full happiness which the person from proximity with darling has to feel, from motherhood, in a word - will not find happiness in private life.

To have success with an opposite sex, it is necessary to love himself, to love the body. If you are able to reach it, then during proximity you will not be disturbed by shortcomings of your body, you will be concentrated on achievement of pleasure.

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Popular : how to prepare and clarify fish broth recipes on the basis of broth

how to prepare and clarify fish broth recipes on the basis of broth

Nutritionists consider that fish soups have to be obligatory in a diet of the person. They can be eaten separately or to use as a basis for other dishes, for example, for soup, aspic, sauces, etc. The most tasty soups turn out if for cooking to use a catfish, a grouper, a pike perch and a crucian.

But before let's stop on an important question: "How many fish broth needs to be cooked?" If to prepare on the minimum fire, then on cooking about half an hour will leave. After time it is necessary to take out fish, vegetables and greens.

To cook soup, it is necessary to crush onions and to fry it on oil with addition of puree; Bring Broth to boiling and put to it rice, onions and you cook to readiness; After that send pieces of fish, the crushed garlic, salt and pepper there; It is necessary to Cook to readiness. Give with greens. Observing all above recommendations, preparation of soup will not cause in you any difficulties. Having made fish broth, it is possible not only to make first course, but also aspic, sauce and many another.

This dish turns out more nourishing, but at the same time very tasty. To prepare it also simply and quickly.

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Scientists created the liquid capable to store solar energy of nearly 20 years, life hack

scientists created the liquid capable to store solar energy of nearly 20 years

Despite all potential of solar power, it has shortcomings too. For example, one of them is the high cost and low efficiency of long storage of energy. The industry is engaged in search of the solution of this question for a long time, and, apparently, on the horizon one very interesting idea appeared. The Swedish scientists developed the special liquid which is called heliothermal fuel. Its feature consists in ability to store collected solar energy within nearly two decades.

When need to use this energy arises, liquid is banished via the special catalyst which returns to molecules their initial form that leads to heating of liquid to 63 degrees Celsius.

It is possible to discuss news in our Telegram chat.

During tests researchers passed liquid through 125 cycles, at first heating it, and then cooling up to the usual temperature. No significant damages, for the molecules which are contained in it were noted.

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the Most readable: where we lost happiness, meditation of the dustman and escape from habits

<"where we lost img src="" title= happiness, meditation of the dustman and escape from habits of" width="500" height="312" alt="where we lost happiness, meditation of the dustman and escape from habits">

Who? Can you imagine life of these people? How did this subject get to the park?

Collect anything: branches, cones, petals, the rustling packages. Everything what heart will respond to. Collect five objects in a box.

Try meditation of the dustman. No, you did not mishear. It will be necessary for you: a box from under footwear (or something similar), paper clips, having a snack (if walk drags on). All.

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Interesting : sex in marriage

sex in marriage

Sex in marriage can be better, than ever. It not rocket production, so, any can be good in it, and all of us can continue to improve the skills. Actually, it is a part of work of the married person because good sex is a part of a basis of good marriage. Here 10 ways to recover your sex life - from basic to more advanced.

While some people have to plan sex to be convinced that it occurs, there is something concerning about sex with your partner unexpectedly. If your husband is in the bathroom, preparing for work, and you rub him, push him to a wall and kiss him, and it leads to sex directly then there, both of you will begin day with a smile. Some couples even to enjoy sex in public places. But it can become risky because if to catch you, it is illegal. Your sofa or a kitchen table in the middle of the day & #8211; the best alternatives.

At the same time it it is easier to tell achievement of an orgasm, than to make. But if the woman can receive an orgasm (it usually more difficult for her), and she gives to the husband fair prevention that it will occur, it can be able to reach an orgasm with her. It strengthens the moment and really the feeling as one has two of you (without telling already feeling as a star porn). Eventually, you will probably fail in each other hands from exhaustion - and to have the best dream ever.

Sex has to be something to what you look forward. A prelude is what excites and anticipates the main event. It should not be limited for 15 minutes before you want to have sex. You can begin day with sexual text messages (I think, MMS with the candid photo or by e-mail, expressing as your hot husband looked as both of you left for work).

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the Most readable: also you are interested in such services

high-quality apartment renovation in Moscow: also you are interested in such services

Nearly each average person dreams of the ideal and filled with special sense atmosphere in own apartment. It is quite clear. Houses all of us spend a set of the time therefore all of us aspire to comfort and convenience there. At all this repair at the vast majority of people is associated with not too positive emotions and impressions. Eventually, approaches carrying out repair work of different level of complexity it is necessary most professionally and responsibly.

you Want to be convinced by

of appropriate professionalism of the company? You hurry to use its services directly.

Therefore, actually, and the services connected with professional apartment renovation, today in demand. Among the general list of the companies specializing in such repair it is necessary to choose true professionals of the business. On such approach of the company to the work also our level of satisfaction depends on cooperation with it. Besides, considering the corresponding demand on these services and its continuous growth, the companies and services, similar in the area of work, appear more and more.

In general, on the eve of the embodiment of concrete plans in life, we advise you to consult on various important nuances of cooperation with managers of the company. They have many theoretical and practical skills and also experience in this sphere. According to it, their councils can precisely be trusted. Eventually, on this subject you with ease will be able to obtain a lot of information on the website stated above. It, except everything, both simple and pleasant to use. Therefore, you will be able to spend the time on its base with desirable advantage, comfort and pleasure.

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Amusing : the average salary in Gazprom in the North and other regions in 2019

the average salary in Gazprom in the North and other regions in 2019

Other salaries in Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk:

The main and fixed salary at employees of Gazprom & #8212; it is not final income. The staff of this company receives various extra charges, bonus payments and bonuses for good work.

Also huge role is played also by the region where workers work. In more developed and large cities the salary is higher, than in small subsidiaries of joint-stock company.

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Popular : travel to the Czech Republic

travel to the Czech Republic

============================================ Many tourists are attracted by travel to the European countries. It is a fine opportunity to combine rest on the sea coast and to learn more about culture and the history of the countries of Europe which, undoubtedly, is interesting by the versatility. The travel to the Czech Republic became not an exception for similar rest also.

Education abroad can become the launch pad for any student for further career development in leading companies of the world. Therefore such education is very attractive.

It should be noted that tours to the Czech Republic enjoy among tourists popularity for all year. It is a fine opportunity to have a rest from a daily routine and to get acquainted closer with the culture of other country. You derive a lot of pleasure, walking on small streets of Prague or, sitting in cozy cafe at a cup of coffee. & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212; & #8212;

In general the architecture of the Czech Republic is capable to bewitch any judge fine. You will find a set of churches and cathedrals and also museums and other historical monuments in its cities. It should be noted that this European country is included into the Schengen area that does its visit convenient and comfortable for the majority of categories of tourists. In most cases the travel agency is ready in the shortest possible time and without special difficulties to make processing of visa to the Czech Republic. And presence at you of the open Schengen visa will allow free visit of the Czech Republic in any the moment, convenient for you.

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of 20 hilarious photos of animals after which you for a long time will forget about autumn melancholy, from our readers

20 hilarious photos of animals after which you for a long time will forget about autumn melancholy

"Last night I went to a concert when something ran in front of my car. Whether it is necessary to say that I missed a concert, but now I have a dog"

How, morning?!

And again cats, hugs and dream. Ideal picture

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