How to keep skin young and shining, a selection

facial massage: how to keep skin young and shining

Skin & #8212; the natural barrier of an organism assuming negative impact of the environment. The condition of skin accurately reflects health of all body. Therefore it is important to care for himself and to adhere to healthy nutrition that skin could receive necessary useful elements and radiated health.

If you feel dryness in eyes, several times screw up and open them.

According to reflexology of the person, the nose is reflection of a backbone. In the beginning massage a palm a tip of a nose & #8212; he is responsible for the basis of a spine column. Then circular motions rise from a nose tip to a nose bridge.

For a chin the same type of massage, as well as will be suitable for a forehead. Smooth skin from the "center" to cheeks on a chin and under it.

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Comments on Alexander Evstegneev, new heading

comments on Alexander Evstegneev

I spread the next Reviews of books by Alexander Evstegneev:

I will send it references Tomorrow. Many thanks to you!!! Lydia


Question: As, probably and at many Russians, a financial problem of my family are the credits (on the car, the credit card) which eat an essential share of the family budget. And it is natural, it would be desirable to close them as soon as possible.

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New on the website: Staritsa holiday poem

Staritsa holiday poem

We for the summer rented the house, lodged in the house that, fell in love with the Volga River and bathed in it long. With us there lived three puppies. Hearing us from far away, directed to us the run Tobik, the Saffron milk cap and Kazbek. Outside the window flowers and currants bushes, both onions, and a chesnochok, and a pea pod grew.

And we lived at the small river. By us as if lambs, a train lasted дни… (Thirty degrees in a shadow!) From such heat escaping, we lived, all days bathing.

Suddenly looked: how so? The daughter is red as cancer! Mother screamed: "Holy Christ! So from the daughter skin will get down! Well, the child, lay down. It will be sick - you keep!" The daughter laid down on edge of a sofa. Mother whispers: "Where sour cream?" To the refrigerator goes, takes a jar in hand, returns to a sofa, having on the run opened sour cream, and, having inclined over a back, smears with a thick-thick layer, speaking thus, joking: "You are sour cream cake, not the child!." & #8230; Hour flew - and Alina ran to eat raspberry. And neighbors through a fence with astonishment get on a look: "It what for sandwich ran on a kitchen garden?" And it only, know, laughs: "Let will answer that - the sun!."

The summer that year was hotter, than a fire in hell therefore everyone was glad to run away into a shady garden. There - we had a tent, in it was fallen down to us very with pleasure, and, having taken a nap minutes five, we rushed to the small river of an opyatya, with might and main frolicing in water, forgot about еде…

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Trading, cryptocurrencies and futures, updating

trading, cryptocurrencies and futures

When (or at his close) something very strongly hurts the person, he is ready to give the last (even to borrow money) and to buy the most expensive medicine.

6) Info-DVD (as well as many other publishing houses) releases training courses and books on trading because this direction is in large quantities demanded.

On the aspiration to quickly earn money the whole fortunes are made (but not those who want to earn quickly, and those who give them for this purpose opportunities).

But who hears their cautions?

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Popular : how to achieve amazing results and not to fuse

the correct approach to work: how to achieve amazing results and not to fuse

Practice! During the day alternate cycles of loading and rest. Every 50-90 minutes hard work take a break 7-20 minutes. At this time it is possible to take a walk in the fresh air, to listen to music, to meditate, take a shower or to communicate to friends. Than you were engaged, weekly take at least one day off. Appoint compensatory leaves, week-end or holidays so that they followed the periods of strong tension at once.

Practice! Look for ways to lighten themselves the mood before get to work, and try to avoid people, places and things which can spoil it. That as well as with whom you spend time especially before important issues, really matters.

Put to yourself difficult, but feasible tasks. Source

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of 10 natural means to remove callosities and natoptysh, popular

10 natural means to remove callosities and natoptysh

Legs & #8212; it is, undoubtedly, one of most & #171; используемых» parts of our body. All our weight and force of blows are the share of them, in them the biggest tension accumulates.


The oxygenated blood can help to remove dead cells of skin, stimulating formation of new cages which & #171; выталкивали» them on a surface.

Eventually and in the absence of due leaving, callosities standing can be formed and appear blisters and natoptysh. It causes strong discomfort and even pain.

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As the Pacific Ocean constrains global warming, discussion

<"as the Pacific Ocean constrains img src="" title= global warming of" width="500" height="312" alt="as the Pacific Ocean constrains global warming">

Not the first day it is known of such phenomenon as global warming. However considering how long, according to scientists, this process goes, we had to feel its presence obviously. As the editorial office of the Science magazine reports, for "maintenance of balance" waters of the Pacific Ocean can quite be responsible. The matter is that in spite of the fact that its superficial layers keep temperature at about one level, ocean depths in same it is a high time are cooled that in general levels global climate change.

"The climate changes eventually. It is natural process." & #8212; one of authors of work Peter Gyuybers, professor of planetology and sciences speaks about the earth from Harvard University. "The water which is now at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean was on a surface prior to the beginning of Small Ice Age, in the 9-12th centuries. When temperature began to decrease, it became colder and more dense, having fallen by a bottom. Our purpose was to develop model of how internal characteristics of oceans respond to climate changes on a surface".

Scientists created computer simulation of these processes and it confirmed their guesses. But it appeared insufficiently and they used the meteorological data and data of measurements of temperature of deep sheets of water of the Pacific Ocean taken the 80th years of last century. After comparison of these indicators with modern it turned out that cold layers are located at a depth of two kilometers and more deeply. And they continue to be cooled.

And what you think of global warming? Write about it in our chat to Telegram.

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New on the website: as the yoga changed my life to bikra of the yogi Part 2

as the yoga changed my life to bikra of the yogi Part 2

I welcome you, friends!

the Truth is said that everything comes in due time. If you want something with all the heart, will surely come true. Soon one more studio Bikram of yoga directly on Savelovskaya opened. I successfully sold the subscription in fitness club and bought the subscription three months hotter than yoga.

The second revelation happened when I went outside. For fatigue there is no trace left also, and the extraordinary feeling of ease, happiness and self-confidence appeared. It seemed to me that if I sustained this lesson, for me there is nothing impossible in this life any more. Thoughts were so clear, and a body a lung. At this moment I understood that I will return to this studio still more than once.

Read continuation in the following article.

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From our users: how to hand over, return and change the e-ticket aboard the plane in 2019

how to hand over, return and change the e-ticket aboard the plane in 2019

If the travel document was ordered on the Internet, similar information will contain in the electronic version of the plane ticket which is sent to the client on e-mail after successful acquisition.

After the client submits the application for return, it loses the right to apply for the post corresponding to the ticket - they are redeemed by other persons.

If the user issued the standard ticket, then in need of it to return, in most cases problems do not arise. Conditions on which return of money is carried out can significantly vary, depending on the chosen airline. At all companies the procedure of return will be much simpler if to make out return as soon as possible.

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Popular : emergence reasons, first aid and treatment

of naggers standing: emergence reasons, first aid and treatment

Such unpleasant phenomenon as a skin itch between toes and on legs is rather widespread "syndrome" giving the mass of an inconvenience. The discomfort caused by an itch constantly concentrates attention on an affected area and deprives of the person of an opportunity to live normally. Besides an itch on skin reddening and irritation appears.


as seldom as possible to meet this unpleasant symptom, it is necessary to watch over the health, to treat in due time chronic diseases and to periodically undergo preventive inspection.

Sometimes the reason is in vascular problems and violation of exchange processes. What to do at the nagger against the background of varicosity of legs? In this case it is necessary to ask for the help the narrow expert as well as in case of detection of the serious diseases which caused the naggers, for example, such as diabetes, liver diseases, mental violations and so forth. Without therapy of the main disease fight against an itch is doomed to become unsuccessful.

If legs only in the area a foot itch and the severe itch between fingers of legs is observed, then, most likely, it is about fungal defeat. At appearance standing of obviously expressed pimples it is possible to suspect that you were just bitten by insects.

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