She lost patience in a fitting room with mother, did not see her hand, life hack yet

yet she lost patience in a fitting room with mother, yet did not see her hand

These hands - the most expensive!

At last, at our last stop, my mother tried on a fine blue dress. On a dress there was a bow and when I stood in a locker room near it, observed how she hardly tried to tie it. Her hand were so strongly crippled from arthritis that it could not make it. At once my impatience was replaced by an overwhelming wave of compassion to it. I turned away to try to hide tears which involuntarily gushed over me. Having got it together, I turned again to help it. The dress was beautiful, and she bought it. Our trip on shops ended, but the event left an indelible mark in my memory.

We visited almost all shops in which there were ladies' dresses, and my mother tried to choose dresses, rejecting one behind another. When we bypassed already all shops, I was tired, and my mother was upset.

Until the end of day my mind continued to be restored by this moment in a locker room and to hands of my mother when they tried to tie this bow. These loving hands which fed me bathed, dressed, caressed and consoled, and, first of all, prayed for me, now touched me in the most remarkable way.

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of the Counter of day, from our readers

counters of day

And you, Brutus & mdash; the traitor who became classics

& mdash; I look, you fatten! Caviar on a table!

Rescue eating too much & mdash; healthy nutrition on holidays

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of the Cat are useful to health, the most readable

good news: cats are useful to health

Who does not love cats, there are such? If yes, that is very strange people. The whole world loves cats! Cats subdued the Internet and I will not be surprised if once they subdue all Universe.

If at you is few friends, or not the loved one, or is, but you are forced to live at distance, your cat can facilitate feeling of loneliness. If you come to the empty house at the end of the day, communication with your cat can lighten you the mood.

Of course, people of science love cats too, and therefore study them and how communication with cats influences our life. As a result of researches scientists came to a conclusion that friendship with a cat positively affects human health. And even "the black cat" can be for you useful!

Communication with cats can lead to improvement of social support and decrease in a depression. Cats cause joy and laughter, especially when you play with them - all this will help your immune system to work better.

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Care of the newborn means the correct feeding, walks, bathing and td, from our users

care of the newborn means the correct feeding, walks, bathing and td

Many parents at appearance of the firstborn in family have many questions of how to look after the child. What is necessary for the baby first of all how many she has to eat? How often with her it is necessary to walk? How to look after a navel? Whether it is necessary to swaddle the kid? How many times he has to crap, etc.

the Normal chair at the kid on breastfeeding has to have a yellowish or greenish shade, on artificial - brown or black. If the newborn has a watery chair, then, most likely, it has a diarrhea. In this case it is worth addressing the pediatrician and that at the kid there did not come dehydration, to give it a little water after feedings.

On this question there are several answers: it is a lot of and much. If to dress the baby in clothes at once, then diapers it to be necessary less, they can be put on a pelenalny table, to use as a sheet. If to follow the example of mothers, then diapers for the first month it is necessary for 30.

Before going to walk to the street, the child should be fed that he was full and could fall asleep. Naturally, it is recommended to walk in parks, squares where air the cleanest.

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Popular : gentle chocolate and rice baked pudding

gentle chocolate and rice baked pudding

I suggest to make gentle chocolate and rice baked pudding. Such baked pudding can be, both a breakfast, and a dessert. And still it can be prepared from the rice porridge which remained after a breakfast.

we Grease a form with butter, we strew with semolina.

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Milk (3,5%) - 700 ml.

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New on the website: coral travel offers tours to Bahrain from Minsk on wings of Etihad Airways

coral travel offers tours to Bahrain from Minsk on wings of Etihad Airways

This fall was fruitful for various novelties of a season with which operators decided to please the Belarusian market. The CORAL TRAVEL company offers the Belarusian tourists, perhaps, one of the most picturesque directions in the Middle East - Bahrain.

Bahrain - the smallest Arab state, however, the coastline of the country rather extended - 161 km. Sandy beaches of the Persian Gulf are perfect, high-quality service and a wide choice of entertainments will also please tourists. The state occupies more than 30 islands in the gulf, each island is extraordinary beautiful, there are here hot deserts, sandy dunes and unique flora and fauna which you will not meet any more anywhere in the world. Feature of Bahrain - a picturesque combination of the true, "burning" Arab exotic and present. Centuries-old traditions perfectly get on with the last achievements of a civilization so in Bahrain you will be able to feel east exotic, without being afraid of strict laws of the Arab world. Let's add that safety level in the country is very high. Tours to Bahrain - a unique opportunity to open for itself absolutely new country - hospitable and friendly.

Tourist's package cost to Bahrain for 10 nights with HB food for two begins with a mark of 81 000 rubles. If to compare the same tour, but only on a regular season, then will be approximately on 40 thousand more expensive.

Cost of the visa: 66 US dollars.

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From our users: features of a medical diet, restriction

food at gastritis: features of a medical diet, restriction

The listed rules will be useful not only to the people suffering from gastritis, but also to all to whom their own health is important. Transition to a new way of life has to happen gradually. Over time the organism will get used to changes, and you will feel much better.

Exists several kinds of gastritis and also a variety of reasons which lead to its development: consumption of low-quality or improper food, Helicobacter Pylori bacterium. One of the most important conditions of effective medical process is the healthy nutrition at stomach gastritis. It is very important to diagnose a disease in time, to see a doctor and to go urgently on a diet.

It is impossible to eat sour, immature fruits. Dried fruits are allowed to be eaten only in the ground form. Chocolate - the forbidden sweet.

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At requests of readers: bank logins can replace with mobile numbers

bank logins can replace with mobile numbers


Communicate with us in social networks:

Representatives of banks and mobile operators thought of simplification of an entrance to private offices of Internet banks. Including, it is offered to replace logins of Internet clients with mobile phone numbers.

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Is curious: adaptation and sensitization

adaptation and sensitization

The sensitivity of the analyzer changes under the influence of sense organ adaptation to the operating irritant. This phenomenon is called adaptation. Adaptation can happen as in the direction of increase in sensitivity (when transition from strong irritants to weak is carried out), and in the direction of decrease it (when from weak irritants pass to strong irritants).

in the field of sense of smell process of adaptation proceeds differently to different smells. So, the smell of camphor ceases to be felt in 1 - 2 minutes that indicates strong falling of sensitivity. However to the smells including painful irritation (mustard, liquid ammonia), adaptation happens slowly, and with the sufficient force of an irritant does not happen at all, and the irritant causes intolerantly unpleasant feeling. Adaptation to smells, as well as adaptation to sounds, has selective character: at decrease in sensitivity to one smell the sensitivity to other smells can not decrease though adaptation and extends to group of similar smells.

Adaptation to painful irritations is expressed poorly. Very severe pains do not give adaptation at all. It is explained by a biological role of pain as signal of violation of the normal state of an organism.

The similar facts were observed in researches Kravkova, Kekcheeva, Schwartz and others. It is revealed, for example, that easy muscular work, rubdown of the person as cold water, weak sound collateral irritants increase sensitivity of sight (strong collateral irritants, on the contrary, owing to negative induction reduce it).

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Is updated: vacancies for Russians and Ukrainians in 2019

how to find work in Europe: vacancies for Russians and Ukrainians in 2019

Work in Europe gives an opportunity to many people to realize itself when in the country they are unclaimed. The unstable situation in the country leaves the mark on work of the Russian companies. Many enterprises suffer crash and somehow to stay afloat, reduce staff. The young and taken place experts are forced to look for work in the European states. How to find work in Europe? whether

? When choosing the country it is necessary to consider an economic situation. In the states where high unemployment rate, namely in Eastern Europe, it will be difficult to find work even to citizens of the state. But also in the countries with low interest of unemployment reluctantly accept immigrants. In Western Europe the situation is a little better, compensation is higher here, but also it is more difficult to get prestigious job.

I look for work. Finishing works. I know only Russian.

If you know foreign languages, then to find work in Europe for Russians and Ukrainians will be quite real. You will not need to order the translator, you can independently go to an interview and communicate to the employer.

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