Amusing : how to save up money

how to save up money

Article how to save up money is written by Nikolay Vachevsky with my changes.

But also other problem happens, you understand that you make good money, it is even very good, but you just have no money, everything that you earned, right there spent. Earned 50 000 rubles, at the end of the month they are absent, earned 200 000 rubles, at the end of the month they are absent too, and the main thing that you bought like nothing such valuable, money as though in air evaporated. Here it is already necessary to think how to save up money and not to spend them.

Concerning percent, you have to solve in the first month what percent from salary you are ready to put. That is in the first pay day it is necessary to pay at first himself, to enclose in the future, and already then all the rest. Yes, at first to you it will be uncomfortable, you will know all the same that you have a quite good sum of money. But you will not be able to buy various knickknacks in shops. But in a year it will become to you a habit, you learn to save up money and gradually will begin to grow rich.

What to do when time to remove a contribution came? At once I will tell that in the first months you will wait very strongly when to you defreeze a contribution, you will be able to withdraw all the money and to buy something, but then you will just get used that you do not have this money at least a year. Further I would not advise you something on them to buy as even if you buy the new car, or still some serious purchase, then you will need to think again how to grow rich from scratch and again all life to work for money. Let money will begin to work for you.

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the Best cash cards for travel in 2018, popular

the best cash cards for travel in 2018

A selection of the most favorable cash cards for the traveler. We tell about our favourites helping to save great on trips abroad!

also; & gt;

Since May 1, 2018 the card is not issued any more. Issued till May 1 continue to work.

Accompanies us on trips abroad from the very beginning, and we are not going to change preferences yet. We have a ruble card, not dollar and not euro though to bring such to Tinkoff an opportunity is.

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Selection: microloans in credit cooperative

microloans in credit cooperative

In the city the Buoy is also an opportunity to obtain the urgent credit under an interest rate which for certain to be pleasant to you. The credit cooperative "Buy-credit" was created on June 17, 2013 in the city the Buoy. It is one of representative offices "Ilma credit" which specializes in issuance of credits to the population quickly.


"Buoy credit" to the regular and potential customers to issue the application, and further and to obtain a target loan (microcredit) under maternity capital cash. It is very fast procedure.

It is obligatory by consideration of the application check of the client on lack of the overdue credits in banks. Remember that it is possible to use maternity capital only for acquisition of housing, improvement of conditions of accommodation of family, capture of a mortgage under any percent.

A loan under maternity capital

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Implants for improvement of memory can already be used and they work, amusing

implants for improvement of memory can already be used and they work

Already rather long time mankind, studying work of a brain, tries to find a way to artificially enhance brain activity. And the more advanced is a science - the more chances that the similar invention will be crowned with success. For example, recently come to the end project financed by DARPA could show that memory of the person can be increased in the artificial way.

"We for the first time could identify the code for process of formation of memory in a brain and in fact could write down this code that the existing memory worked quicker. It is an important step for potential treatment of loss of memory and increase in its volumes".

However, despite so encouraging results, it will be possible to speak about final success of technology only after carrying out more large-scale researches, group of 15 people - selection, not so indicative in terms of statistics. Nevertheless memory improvement on average on a third at all participants of an experiment inspires optimism.

As writes the Journal of Neural Engineering edition, 15 people who in a varying degree suffered from loss of memory because of epilepsy participated in a research. To each participant of experiences in a brain small neuroimplants which traced what occurs in a brain during storing process were implanted. Tests were quite simple: people needed to look at the image, and after a break it is correct to identify it among four more other images. At this time scientists fixed brain activity for identification of those sites of a brain which more than others are involved in memory formation processes. Then the second phase of researches began: also showed to examinees pictures and suggested to identify them among four others, but only the zones of a brain this time revealed earlier were stimulated with neuroimplants. As a result it became clear that short-term memory of participants improved for 37%, and long-term & #8212; for 35%. As the head of the project Robert Hempson said,

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Secrets: exercises with a body weight with which it is possible to replace exercise machines

of video: exercises with a body weight with which it is possible to replace exercise machines

Happens that the training in the schedule is, and there is no access to exercise machines. We offer you video with exercises which are carried out with a body weight and can replace the exercise machine in certain cases. The only thing that can be useful to you in this case, are loops of TRX and horizontal bars.

If you carry out these exercises only with a body weight, then strengthen your muscles, but you will not add them volume. The idea consists in that you could execute with this weight at most eight repetitions. The option "the more I will be wrung out, the more there will be muscles" in this case will not work. It is necessary to increase the number of repetitions without additional weight if you want to develop power endurance and to strengthen muscles.

Some exercises presented in this video, for example push-ups and a press from bars are all the same carried out with an additional weight in the form of pancakes. It becomes in order that muscles continued to grow.

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Is updated: the credit card only looks beautifully

the credit card only looks beautifully

Today Thursday - the most "tired" day of labor week.

One more scourge of the present - thirst of easy money, is more right - belief that they exist.

Therefore prepared for you 5 supporting "meanings" to make your Thursday more joyful and strong.

"Batteries" of our organism already seriously "sat down", and before their recharge at the weekend it was necessary to hold on 1,5 more heroic days.

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How to make home-made ice cream, from our readers

how to make home-made ice cream

At our place there is a tradition: every weekend I prepare something tasty and I please children with unusual delicacy. We adhere to healthy food and we try to limit consumption of sugar, but once a week we indulge ourselves tasty.

& #169; DepositPhotos

Do you think for preparation of ice cream the ice-cream parlor is surely necessary? At all it is also not necessary, we told recently how to make home-made ice cream in chocolate without ice-cream parlor. Such yum-yum!

By means of the mixer or the blender mix cottage cheese and boiled condensed milk. Shake up weight until it does not become uniform. & #169; Milk and once again properly shake up Depositphotosdobav to mix. The homogenous mixture without lumps. & #169 has to turn out; Pour Depositphotossmes in molds. I prefer forms for cakes, but it is possible to take any capacities. Put ice cream in the freezer for 5-6 hours.

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Appearance - the business card of the woman, from our readers

appearance-the business card of the woman

the Clothes help to be adjusted by

on what is the most important at present. How most often women choose a dress? On mood. When the love wants, caress and attention, they put on the flying romantic dress. There is a wish for burning passion - an open decollete and the skirt emphasizing hips. Feel like the strong-willed business lady, - to the course there are a skirt pencil and hairpins. And here that interestingly, & #8212; people around begin to perceive them exactly as they feel. Whether this proof that by means of clothes of people sends to the world a certain signal and receives that answer on which counted?

If, candy is wrapped in the rumpled, bedraggled candy wrapper, desire to taste it will not appear, for the life of me. Even, if convince that it is very tasty. With clothes exactly the same. There will be no desire to communicate to the person whose appearance causes unpleasant emotions. And, if it is necessary, this communication will be minimized and will not be productive.

And vice versa - if the person is pleasant, will listen to him. And - will hear.

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New heading: The 7th top of the best councils

how to endure parting with the girl: The 7th top of the best councils

Parting with people, dear to us, is to a huge regret a thing inevitable in life of each of us. The reasons of parting can be different: did not get on together, treason of one of partners, financial aspects, etc. Very important, during such gap to try to divorce your darling if not friends then friends who can greet with with each other at a sudden meeting. But how to endure parting with the girl, to cope with the emotions to be capable to behave in this way at a meeting, and, above all - how not to lose faith in women, after the similar emotional meat grinder? Let's look for the answer together.

the Gap not always means the end, and often happens a step for ascension. Erich Maria Remarque

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of Fritter with chicken and bacon, updating

of fritter with chicken and bacon

In the recipe of fritters we did not use some egg - especially for those who suffer from intolerance of this product.

of loading... A way prigotovleniyakrupno cut bacon strip, cut chicken breasts in small cubes. For sauce warm the average sizes a pan on average and strong fire, fry bacon within 3-5 minutes till golden color. Stirring slowly, add chicken meat and fry within 5 minutes to a podrumyanivaniye. Part cornmeal with a small amount of milk, mix before disappearance of lumps. Pour in a pan with chicken meat, having added the remained milk and mustard. Bring to boiling, stirring slowly until sauce thickens, and take several minutes on weak boiling to readiness of chicken. Add a sage, check for salt and pepper. Make dough for fritters. Sift flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt in a big bowl. In separate capacity mix milk, vegetable oil and the kindled creamy. Dissolve with the received mix dry ingredients and mix a nimbus in quite dense dough. Heat a big frying pan with non-stick coating, grease with a small amount of vegetable oil. A spoon spread dough on a frying pan that fritters with a diameter about 9 cm turned out. Bake on small fire within 3-5 minutes, then turn and bake 2 more minutes on the other hand. Shift fritters to a plate, cover with a foil that did not cool down. Bake 12 pieces. Warm up sauce. Lay out fritters the hill on portion plates, alternating layers of sauce and arugula. Pinterest Schoolmates of Facebook of Twitter of Google + VKontakte

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