Ottenochny styling foams, life hack

ottenochny styling foams

Ottenochny igora foam is known around the world as universal cosmetics both in salon, and in house conditions. To thousands of women the new ottenochny skin of schwarzkopf already managed to be fallen in love by usability and absolute safety. This substance is not painting, and shading therefore it can use much more often. The acquired color keeps to eight-nine washings off.

More inclined to changes, than the woman is difficult to find a being. The fashion changes nearly every day, and it is difficult to keep up with innovations. If today in a trend it is burning - a black head of hear, then tomorrow blondes ascend on a podium again. Not each woman is ready to change cardinally in a pursuit of whimsical trends. The ottenochny styling foam will help to remain always relevant in this case. This means became a worthy alternative to frequent coloring.

The Ottenochny skin of Wella it is designed to simulate the necessary color of a head of hear. It is quickly activated on hair. Let's note that wella represents paint of temporary action and the sparing effect for a head of hear. About a month keeps on a hairstyle. In an arsenal of Wella there are two options of foams: Wella Viva and Wella Color.

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Popular : simple unconditioned reflexes

simple unconditioned reflexes

Reflexes represent strictly natural answers of an animal to the external irritations which are carried out by means of the neuromuscular mechanisms which were fixed in process of phylogeny. Them can be examples: the food reflex, an approximate reflex (turn towards a sudden irritant), a protective reflex (recoiling), etc.

Feature of these reflexes is firmly established and fixed connection of the movement with external irritation: a) they are made always as the direct answer to external irritation; until this irritation does not come, the corresponding neuromuscular and sekretorny devices of an animal remain in inaction; b) at approach of irritation the nature of the reciprocal movement, its force and orientation are in full accordance with features of irritation.

In the course of phylogeny together with complication of the structure of an organism of animals, upon transition just seeing to another, more perfect, also their reflexes develop and improved.

3) at the same time also bodies of reception - sense of smell, sight, hearing, touch, etc., the external irritations allowing an animal to differentiate more precisely develop;

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the Ticket in the first row for a nature performance, amusing

shot magic: the ticket in the first row for a nature performance

The author learns to notice the smallest nuances allowing to build the correct composition. And at the end of the book technical parameters of each picture are given.

To imprint its beauty, it is necessary to consider only more attentively this planet which we call the house. And then your pictures will get a response in heart of any person. The photo - universal language for which there are no linguistic and social barriers.

But it is not just the book with photos. Each shot - a detailed lesson from the real pro. Jack Daykinga not only shows, but also tells:

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Amusing : as it is correct to connect, use and turn off service the child under supervision

as it is correct to connect, use and turn off service the child under supervision

Modern children and teenagers differ in dependence on computers and gadgets & #8212; children's psychologists, teachers constantly draw the attention of parents to this problem. The alternative decision for many parents became employment of children in creative circles, sports sections, intellectual clubs.

the Included Child under Supervision mobile application will allow mothers and fathers:

In such a way the child will be protected from accidental "shadowing" as only those family members to whom he personally will give on this consent will be able to learn his location.

For parents who wish to find location of the offspring, several options of use of the application are provided:

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Is curious: pluses and minuses of floors upon purchase of housing

pluses and minuses of floors upon purchase of housing

From pluses - all this still the pleasant price and inexpensive work of loaders. From minuses: the polluted air and bad sound insulation. Also there is a chance that neighbors from below will turn the apartment into the non-residential premise. Unpleasant smells, cockroaches can appear from behind it.

They are very popular, from windows of apartments which are on these floors good views open, and breakage of the elevator does not represent a big problem. It should be noted that in the apartment there will be a lot of sunlight. It will help to save on the electric power. On these facts of the apartment on these floors call "golden mean" and on these floors it is possible to buy the apartment in Tyumen cheap.

Pluses. The first floor is more favorable upon purchase. Its price is 10-20% lower than other objects of the residential real estate. At emergence of the fire and other emergencies it is possible to be evacuated quickly as there is no need to walk upstairs and also to go in the elevator. It is easier to bring furniture to the apartment. If before a window there is a small territory for plants, they are usually given to inhabitants of the first floors. Also there is an economy on loaders. Delivery to the first floor, as a rule, manages free of charge.

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of 5 reasons to address the dermatologist, at requests of readers

5 reasons to address the dermatologist

Human body & #8212; so & #171; таинственная» and a complex system that we sometimes have a question: & #171; To what doctor, to what expert обратиться»?

it is possible

, you should visit also the endocrinologist to find out in what a problem & #8212; in indumentum or in glands, related.

It is the sign saying that it is necessary to see a doctor. To find out whether consultation of the dermatologist is necessary to you, pay attention to how the bleeding spots which then will drag on a crust look.

In this case it is recommended to address the expert of the general profile as problems can be not only with skin. Perhaps, it is the signal speaking about diabetes or other diseases.

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Is curious: the irreplaceable value of oats for health and longevity

the irreplaceable value of oats for health and longevity

The few cultures have such amount of useful qualities as oats. The nutritional value of oats is extremely high, and it turned it into one of the most often used products. And all thanks to the high content of vitamins, minerals and food fibers. And it not its only advantage: oats also protect a liver and restore its cages. Besides, it is a part of all diets for weight reduction.


also: Porridge and seeds of a chia: a great breakfast for vigorous day!

How it occurs? Thanks to the fact that the cereal contains the main amino acids, for example, methionine. It perfectly approaches to reduce the level of bad cholesterol and to increase the level of good. It occurs thanks to contents in it food fibers and so-called nonsaturated Omega-6 fats.

Oats will become the reliable assistant if you made the decision to lose weight in the natural and healthy way. Existence in this cereal of complex carbohydrates which process of splitting demands a long time is the reason of it. It means that, having eaten oats in any look, you will have sense of fulness much longer. You will have no need for having a snack between meals. Besides, oats help to control sugar level in blood.

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New on the website: in Kiev teenagers cruelly beat the passerby of video

<"in Kiev teenagers cruelly beat by img src="" title= the passerby of video of" width="500" height="500" alt="in Kiev teenagers cruelly beat the passerby of video">

The company of teenagers attacked and cruelly beat the man near the subway Sports palace (Kiev). The woman who passed by tried to protect the man, but one of girls snatched also on her, and others began to threaten verbally.

Ya I will make the statement and I hope that the police after all will work in our wonderful country! If you know parents or these bad people, remember that they study in one class with your children! I ask to write names if you recognize someone! Thanks! I am alive, whole. Bruise пройдет».

Before it they threatened children in Gulliver and protection of shopping "center" stayed idle, trying to remove the conflict for Gulliver's zone where, actually, these morons as cockroaches, using effect of surprise, attack pack! Then they put up a mass fight under Gulliver. The police was called. At the same time they comment that they minors and to them all on & #8230; Then they run up as the same cockroaches & #8212; fulfilled схема».

I began to ask that stopped on what girls rushed and began to try to beat me. I called the police. They escaped, but at the metro station we met again and thanks to the man detained several. The behavior of these bad people has to be punished. I write that they did not avoid punishment!

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Tinta's for eyebrows of manly pro brow tint, popular

tinta for eyebrows of manly pro brow tint

Council: after use of awnings for eyebrows it is necessary to wash up surely carefully a brush, otherwise it can soil your cosmetics bag, and subsequently deteriorate at all.

Tinta are recognized as many women very resistant and effective product, after its application only the small share of the women of fashion who tested it wishes to return to habitual registration of brovny arches to pencils and shadows. The most demanded and popular Korean tint for eyebrows of Manly the Missile defense is considered now.

Beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows were always a dream subject at many women. They can change the person, emphasize its advantages and hide shortcomings. Therefore it is very important to find the form of brovny arches which is most suitable for itself and to pick up a product which will be able favourably to issue them. One of means which is capable to give them an improbable look in house conditions can become tint for eyebrows.

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of 9 natural house means against a rozatse, new

9 natural house means against a rozatse

Rozatsea & #8212; this reddening which appears on cheeks and in small blood vessels on all person. For most of people it does not represent a real problem.

If you consider that you have more serious illness, it is better to consult with the doctor to learn what treatment best of all will be suitable for you.

In rare instances there can be heat-spots and inflammation of skin.

Application of a honey mask that remove discomfort from a rozatse can be good option. Honey has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties therefore it prevents emergence of characteristic reddenings on skin.

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