the Most interesting: mistakes at repair

mistakes at repair

Repair - business thin. Even the smallest oversight can spoil all view of the dwelling or give a big inconvenience further. Therefore it is very important to know what to pay attention when planning repair work to and also upon purchase of new housing with "ideal design repair".

the Editorial office "So Simply!" learned

from domestic and foreign designers about the most widespread signs of bad repair.

& #169; Depositphotosshtory emphasize a window sill or batareyubyvat, eaves dispose too close to a window and curtains literally lie on a window sill or the battery or emphasize all cambers. Therefore the eaves need to be chosen when everything is already ready.

& #169; Depositphotosneakkuratnye joints would plintusovkazatsya who pays attention to such trifle how plinth? But in the ready room gaps and inaccurate joints of plinths and platbands strongly are evident. That the joint looked accurately, the plinth and a platband have to be one thickness. An optimal variant - 45-70 mm.

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whether Can receive it in 2019, life hack

dual citizenship Russia and Kazakhstan: whether it is possible to receive it in 2019

My man lives in Russia. On I will arrive to Kazakhstan we want to submit the application to the REGISTRY OFFICE. What problems it is necessary to face if to obtain dual citizenship? And whether will give it in general?

Practice shows that many Kazakhstan citizens do not submit the application on an exit and gain dual citizenship illegally. The purpose of such frauds in most cases is thirst of easy money (for example, pension payments, the social help on the child, etc.), but not banal desire to move freely.

In Part 1 of Article 6 of the Federal Law "About Nationality" of May 31, 2002 it is defined what bipatrid is considered by Russia only as the resident of the Russian Federation. The second passport within borders of the Russian Federation does not give any advantages and has no validity and also does not exempt from duties in territories of both states.

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of Bodifleks with a marine korpan, is curious

bodifleks with a marine korpan

Bodifleks with Marina Korpan includes three components:

There are conditions which need to be carried out that free bodifleks worked:

The financier by training, she today the demanded personal trainer, conducts group classes in a bodifleks and respiratory practicians in Moscow. And the worldwide network gives to everyone an excellent opportunity to practice free bodifleks, without leaving the house.

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Rest with children samostoyatelnootdy on the island of Crete with children independently beaches and aquaparks, from our readers

rest with children samostoyatelnootdy on the island of Crete with children independently beaches and aquaparks

The most convenient way of movement in Crete for family - lease of the car. In Crete there is a lot of private offices which are handing over a car, the affordable prices, roads fine. Rent a car on an arrival at once and the best way to learn all sights of Crete and its wonderful undercover corners will be available to you at once.

And having left a cave, just inhale! Inhale wonderful aroma mountain raznotravya - let Crete will be remembered to you by it. Take a detour on the Lassiti plateau by car. In the "center" it is the small museum showing traditional crafts of Cretans. By the way, among them there is also a processing of aromatic herbs. On the way to Lassiti do not miss a stop with the unusual small museum Homo Sapiens - excellent photos turn out here.

Many companies of Russia, including Aeroflot and Transaero fly to a summer season to Heraklion. Numerous charters as Crete is very popular direction of summer holiday are added to them. It is possible to reach a low season with change, first of all it is possible to pay attention to flights of the Greek airline Aegean Airline.

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Popular : rest in July, 2019 in Krasnodar Krai on the Black Sea

rest in July, 2019 in Krasnodar Krai on the Black Sea

One of the most desired months to go to Krasnodar Krai, certainly, is July. The peak of a season is characterized by abundance of fruit ideal air temperature and waters in the sea, the atmosphere is filled with cheerfulness, and resorts abundance of tourists. Somewhere it can be plus, and somewhere minus. Therefore for rest in July in Krasnodar Krai it is necessary to approach the choice of the resort carefully. Let's consider where to have a rest in July in Krasnodar Krai where you will feel comfortable and also you will be able to taste some pleasures which cannot be got in any other month of year.

Sanatorium Russia (5 stars) Sanatorium Green Grove (3 stars) Sanatorium Solar Russian Railway Sanatorium Svetlana (3 stars) Sanatorium Avangard (4 stars) Sanatorium "Actor" (3 stars) Sanatorium Belarus (3 stars) Sanatorium "White nights" (3 stars) Sanatorium October (4 stars)

Probably, there are better no place and time for rest, than the Central Sochi in July. Perhaps, many will not agree with me, tourists comes too much and the city is crowded, but I will tell that it not so. Amazing atmosphere of peak of a season in Sochi is pleasant to me most of all. Everything works till the dead of night, there passes a huge number of concerts of entertainment stars and various shows, weather on the street costs excellent, and the atmosphere of the resort just unique. Yes, the prices of placement and entertainments on vacation in Krasnodar Krai in July in Sochi fly up to heaven. But it cuts some category of vacationers to other places, and otherwise the resort really would turn into something awful. In Sochi the great atmosphere reigns in parks, on the embankment and on the Sochi beaches. You will be able always to accommodate without any problem on the city beaches "Little Mermaid", "Riviera", or "Albatross" and also will spend unforgettable time in Mayak aquapark.

As well as in all resorts of the Black Sea coast, the season peak in Divnomorsk begins in July. Therefore, the majority of beaches will be crowded, and water in the sea muddy. Divnomorsk is considered an exception to the rules rather. Being in only 10 kilometers from Gelendzhik, the main flow of tourists goes exactly there. Therefore on beaches of Divnomorsk there is always enough place for comfortable stay. In addition, Divnomorsk is near Praskoveevka, and waters in these areas are considered as the cleanest on all coast, thanks to undercurrents. Even locals in Gelendzhik prefer to go to bathe exactly here. It is difficult to find more attractive vacation spot in Krasnodar Krai in July, with the clear water equipped with the embankment and magnificent beaches than in Divnomorsk. The cost of living and placements on vacation on the Black Sea in July are much lower here, than in the next Gelendzhik. It concerns also sanatoria which are equipped with the latest technology. The cost of passing of treatment in them in peak of a season is much cheaper, than in Gelendzhik and Sochi.

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New on the website: what the increased perspiration of feet testifies to

to what the increased perspiration of feet testifies

Sweating is natural process in an organism of each person. But it should be taken into account specific features of each of us. For example, at some armpits, at others - a neck sweat, and at the third - a breast, etc.

Should noting

that the increased perspiration can be a separate disease or a symptom of other pathology. For this reason it is very important in the course of diagnostics not only to tell the doctor about the disturbing symptoms, but also to take the direction on analyses.

Cream from a train, a sage and a camomile. Plants take in proportions 1:1:2 and add a little any hand cream or animal fat. Do broth which is infused within an hour of herbs.

In more difficult cases when completely it is impossible to cure the disease basic, use supportive applications (trays, antiperspirants and so forth).

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From our users: when to listen to audiobooks of 10 cases which are convenient for combining

when to listen to audiobooks of 10 cases which are convenient for combining is convenient to combine

What to listen:

Flexible consciousness


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at the request of chitaty: as the wife of the Hollywood actor after the divorce became bomzhy

as the wife of the Hollywood actor after the divorce became bomzhy

Ex-wife of Jeremy Jackson, star of a popular TV series & #171; Beach патруль» (Baywatch) obviously has not the best times. The woman was photographed in Los Angeles when she dug in trash cans, packing others worn things in the cart from supermarket.

Jackson sent to

A day before attack Uillison the frightening rap song in which there were words: "I want to kill you".

Lani Uillison which was married to Jackson two years, apparently, became homeless, The Daily Mail writes. That blond fitness model which it was in 2014 is not guessed in today's emaciated and dried woman with a short hairstyle and obvious traces of dirt on a body at all.

In April of last year Jackson stayed in prison for that incident of 2015. He signed the agreement of parties to the case, but the court sentenced him to 270 days in prison of the district Los Angeles and to a five-year trial period.

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Updating: the relations of spouses in marriage

the relations of spouses in marriage

Most of women since the earliest years dream to marry the reliable man and to be engaged in the family. But as a result family life reminds test, than the fairy tale more. Interesting observation of sociologists and psychologists: women in marriage have a bigger stress, than lonely. They suffer from headaches, a depression and bad mood more. It turned out that husbands, but not care of children - the main reason for similar problems.


to us in comments whether you share household chores with the husband. And also share article with the friends in sotssteyakh!

Nearly 50% of the interviewed women say that husbands bring upon them more trouble and nerves, than small children. And it is not unfaithfulness or manhandling at all. All problems are connected only with psychological climate in family. The editorial office "So Simply!" will tell why husbands promote violation of internal harmony of the woman and as to avoid it.

Thanks for useful recommendations)) I too still to a sovesm was nervous on trifles recently. Constantly alarm, стрессы… .priyatny it is not enough, of course. But now. thank God, everything returned to normal)) thanks to a course of massages, to a holiday, walks and teanin evalarovsky. If not these means - probably would descend from mind from those awful states.

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Recipes of preparation and nuances of creation of ideal taste, the most interesting

sharp wings: recipes of preparation and nuances of creation of ideal taste

Appetizing and sharp, they became really cult dish in America long ago. In our country gourmets got acquainted with them relatively recently, however managed to estimate all their advantages quickly. Of course, it is about spicy chicken wings. It is possible to cook them in hot fan, in an oven and on a brazier, they are tasty also in itself, and as beer snack, and in combination with a garnish or some salad turn into a nutritious lunch or a dinner.

After washing before preparing in an oven or in a different way, each wing it is necessary to dry by means of a paper towel - so it becomes impregnated with spices and marinade better. Before placing in spicy marinade for wings, they need to be pierced a toothpick at an acute angle in several places & #8212; so they will become impregnated more evenly.

The following ingredients will be required:

That to prepare it, will be necessary:

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