Kim Protasov's Diet, new

Kim Protasov's diet

Not to lose the achieved results, it is necessary to paint the next weeks in advance and in detail.

The power supply circuit on & #8220; протасовке” it is quite simple and it is practically not limited. It is possible to make the menu for a week independently, having considered all features of an organism:

All want to lose weight practically and always. Imagination stems models excite, in shops even more often it is possible to meet size 40-42. However to lose excess weight independently it turns out not at all: diets seem difficult, long and expensive, and results of very few people can satisfy. Against the background of the general disappointment Kim Protasov's diet which quite often remember not only growing thin is allocated, but also those who already passed this way. Along with several other widespread diets, pro-shuffle helps to achieve step by step the necessary weight and to keep it. It even recommend to carry out once a year for prevention.

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what it should not be a shame to you, a selection with

Ability to place priorities - one of the major. Whether you will try to deal with all affairs at once or will follow a way of essentialism, not so important. The main thing to decide on what really matters for you. If something "is stored" in your head, it all the same involves your mental resources (that is energy). Therefore it is worth placing consciously affairs on degree of urgency importance and to refuse unnecessary at all.

irrelevant desires as a small lamp into the sky. Source

To us often happens it is a shame not on business. Usually it occurs when we try to protect own borders. "Egoist!" "Also you think only of yourself!" Familiar phrases? Made a selection by with what it should not be a shame to you. Also do not shame for it others!

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Try means from garlic and a lemon, it is curious

a fat congestion on a stomach: try means from garlic and a lemon

A fat congestion on a stomach & #8212; a widespread problem for millions of people around the world. Of course, aged people, especially first of all suffer from it if they have metabolic disorders.

Both ingredients possess

a detox properties and help digestion. They promote removal from an organism of waste and slags and thanks to it improve a condition of a liver and rectum.

Garlic will bark also diuretic and and anti-inflammatory action. It promotes a conclusion from an organism of excessive liquid and reduces inflammation of fabrics.

But there are also other means which can serve as good addition to a diet and exercises. They will help to receive good results quicker.

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Life hack: the world and international day of tourism in Russia

the world and international day of tourism in Russia

With the biggest scope the international day of tourism is spent in Spain - in the homeland of this holiday, directly in the city of Torremolinos. Here organize carnival processions, music plays everywhere, and various theatrical and dancing shows are still held.

Popular countries

Residents of Russia spend this day by means of active holiday too: raft down the river, go to campaigns, make ascension to mountains.

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the Sample of the contract of a purchase, from our users

sample of the contract of a purchase

For transfer of the real estate to other party at a purchase or sale the contract is signed. The contract is legal protection of participants of the transaction in which duties of the seller and the buyer register. The first undertakes to transfer the real estate to the possession of the buyer, and the second guarantees to grant for it the stipulated sum. You can study a sample of the contract of purchase and sale of the apartment in 2019, having attentively studied all paragraphs of the document. The prisoner the contract can be considered only after passing of the state registration.

Highlights of the transaction on points undersign for a contract body:

The document is formed in triplicate, two of which remain with the parties of the transaction. The third option goes to Management of Federal service of the state registration of the rights for the real estate. If one of participants of the transaction cannot personally sign the contract, involvement of his authorized representative is admissible. In that case the sample of the contract of purchase and sale of the apartment by proxy can be necessary for you.

At the beginning of the contract are specified the settlement where the transaction, and its date is made. Further the information about participants of the transaction registers in a cap: Full name, date of birth, data of the certifying documents, the place of residence on a registration.

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Two queens, donut from Jennifer Aniston and other movies of week, life hack

two queens, donut from Jennifer Aniston and other movies of week

Continuation at once two movies by Knight Shyamalan, "Impregnable" and Split. In lunatic asylum the security guard telepathist David Dunn (Bruce Willis), the only survivor meet during road accident, Kevin (James Makevoy) in whom there live 24 subpersons, including an uncontrollable Animal, and the villain Mr. Steklo (Samuel L. Jackson), mad about comics, whose bones are brittle, but intelligence an oster. Doctors believe that these three only imagine themselves superheroes, but we know that they are capable of a lot of things. Both in good, and in bad sense.

Rita Zheleznyakova, editor and journalist, last romantic of the planet Earth

The comedy from Jennifer Aniston about what bodipozitiv comes.

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Popular : varnish chameleon

varnish chameleon

Now varnish the chameleon is issued many famous producers of cosmetics for nails. Laughter of its work it is based on interesting property of the most fine diamond dust & #8211; to refract incident light, changing at the same time coloring. Thus, the primary color of thermovarnish is set by its basis, and the microparticles included in structure give a new color.

Many of our readers for certain thought of how to select clothes to such changeable manicure. Actually there is nothing difficult in it, the palette a chameleon of coverings on nails is rather wide. At the same time, producers carefully choose rather neutral colors which are perfectly combined with any clothes as a basic layer. However and for lovers of courageous decisions at producers too something is laid up. For example, gel varnish the chameleon changing a yellow color for violet.

To understand how nail varnish a chameleon absolutely not difficult works. The name suggests to us an idea that such covering for nails under certain conditions begins to change color. More precisely & #8211; a marigold reacts to ambient temperature. That is on the cold street your handles will be decorated by one color, and in the warm room it will become perfect another.

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Selection: vegetarian salads on a holiday table with haricot, mushrooms, Caesar

vegetarian salads on a holiday table with haricot, mushrooms, Caesar

Recently more and more people refuse meat dishes and even dairy products, passing to food with vegetables, porridges, fruit and juice. Such diet completely satisfies requirements of an organism with all necessary elements.

can deliver to

On a holiday table fruit pineapple salad in which recipe are used:

Caesar enjoys deserved popularity thanks to the gentle taste and simplicity in preparation. At original salad there is a cheese and chicken meat. To please vegetarians, it is enough to replace some ingredients and to take the following set of products for cooking:

Preparation process following:

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of the Price of a season 2016, novelty

Krasnaya Polyana ski resort: prices of a season of 2016

The resort carrying the name of the nearby settlement - Krasnaya Polyana - favourably differs from other Caucasian ski resorts. In the world there are no anywhere any more ski resorts which are so close from the sea (and also from airport terminal).


It is positioned as a family complex, most of all suits beginners - a large number of flat, "green" descents.

A way of Sochi - Krasnaya Polyana takes 1 hour 20 minutes, Adler - Krasnaya Polyana - 40 minutes.

In the airport or to the station it is possible to call the taxi in advance. Among carriers which carry out a transfer near Sochi:

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Alain's shoptenko touched network of a photo with the husband and the grown-up son, at the request of chitaty

the alena shoptenko touched network of a photo with the husband and the grown-up son

Alyona Shoptenko, the talented choreographer and mother of the little son, on the page in Instagram shared photos all family. This publication she summed up the results of year and wished subscribers a Happy New Year.

Nobody believed that they will survive: as look & #171; безнадежные» Siamese twins 16 years later

& #171; And I here want to tell thanks to this year that it destroyed everything that I knew and what it was sure all my my life of. For example, this year we with the husband proved that 1+1=3, and everything is farther and was started turning.

Here that Alyona Shoptenko wrote:

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