Popular : 4 councils for work with employees

4 councils for work with employees

Today, despite financial instability, unemployment rate in Russia is only 5,6%. For this reason the salary for the modern worker is only an occasion every morning to cross a threshold of office. It is not simple to sit out motivation the put hours, but also to work it is diligently necessary to look for not in its purse. The employee has to trust in the company and divide its values - only then he will work at a limit of the opportunities.

Wise  general  the director long and thoughtfully selects the team of top managers, and then watches closely development their relationship , builds personal  contact with everyone, watches personal  psychological  motivation .

Present that you get into the car and you come out to the route on which there are no rules. Or they are, but you do not know about them. As far as will you like such situation? Whether to you it will be terrible? Whether you will manage to drive? Approximately same emotions are felt by your employees working in the conditions of high  uncertainty concerning the work.

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Updating: anna hilkevich got into an unpleasant situation with bank

anna hilkevich got into an unpleasant situation with bank

The bad story happened to the famous Russian actress Anna Hilkevich at the end of December. At it the purse in which there were documents, the rights and credit cards was gone. Having addressed to bank, cards managed to be restored, but the thief already managed to use them and even took the credit addressed to a star & #8220; University. Nova общаги”.


with us to do not pass the topical and latest news of show business!

Now the actress will be forced to have legal proceedings with bank and to deal personally with collectors which already began to press her. Or perhaps together with the husband, they will be able to find also other way out of current situation.

Anna Hilkevich is indignant of work of banks. The actress is perplexed how it was possible to issue the credit for her name if she was not present at that moment at banking institution. After loss of a purse the girl together with family departed on rest to Abu Dhabi. So far Anna Hilkevich had a good time, her credit debt strongly of a vorosl and passed a framework of legal.

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Novelty: trends of design of nails

trends of design of nails

Manicure is an accent in an image of each woman and also reflection of her character. In this case the large role is played by taste and mood, but the main thing in nail design - to watch trends and know that today it is relevant and that is not present. Your marigold can play a dirty trick with you easily.

of Tsvetapantone was defined in the main color of 2018 by violet. Therefore all its shades - from gentle lavender to ultra-violet - are relevant in nail design. Pay attention to deep shades red, claret, brown and nyudovy. And one more trend which was supported practically by all stylists - lack of any covering or transparent varnish. It touches short nails.

Forman the majority of displays of model were with the short nails or with an almond-shaped form of average length. Complete antithesis to last trends. Such nails look is womanly and is elegant. They reflect the current trend of a healthy lifestyle and naturalness.

Long nails of sharp or square shape got out of fashion. And also their modified alternative which became popular thanks to Instagram - "ballerina". Especially not in fashion such nails covered with matt lacquer or it is even worse - with transparent varnish, and even without it. According to men, such nails remind the murder tool. Too it is time to forget about the long increased nails.

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Is far better to go to have a rest to Thailand, a new heading

far better to go to have a rest to Thailand

Visit of such islands as Pkhi-Pkhi, Semilana, will please coral islands not only natural beauty, but also perfectly organized program with flight on a parachute, driving on banana, the scooter, a water ski, a seafood lunch, abundance of drinks and exotic fruit, even souvenir shops.

If you want to see copies of architectural constructions of world value, you should visit the Mini-Siam park. Of course, the well-known buildings are executed in scale 1:20, but the park really surprising. Especially informatively for children. In one place both the Statue of Liberty, and the Eiffel Tower, and even St. Basil's Cathedral are collected. Walking on the park, it is possible to move easy from Europe to Africa, and from there to Asia and further. The Thai beauty are presented in full. If you do not manage to go to an excursion across Thailand then on a photo it is possible to depict itself with the Thai temples.

If you choose between Pattayey and Phuket, then it is important to know that in Phuket the high prices of rest, but water on beaches is much purer.

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New : fitness recipes of the healthy and healthy nutrition at trainings

fitness recipes of the healthy and healthy nutrition at trainings

The aspiration to lose weight by the beginning of a summer season compels many people to physical activity, strengthening of health, sports trainings. Some prefer diets and simple exercises thanks to which they eliminate extra kilos, others use healthy food and actively swing the muscular corset. Though only the set of exercises and the correct menu provide positive result. It is necessary to develop for himself fitness recipes of the healthy and healthy nutrition. The human body cannot suffer because of a lack of useful substances therefore a diet by all means it is necessary to balance.


One of the most important principles of healthy food for athletes - that observed the daily need for the spent calories and also lack of deficiency for fats, and especially in proteins and in carbohydrates. Achievement of such purposes requires the healthy nutrition at sports activities providing implementation of both requirements.

Healthy food and having a snack - indispensable satellites. The easy afternoon snack will save from notable hunger, allowing not to allow excess of norm for dinner. To feel well, it is necessary to provide breaks between meals at 2-3 o'clock. Otherwise at you concentration in sugar blood will begin to fall that is inadmissible.

To those people for whom sport - not only viewing of a competition on TV, will help a protein diet. This technique is based on such principles:

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Is updated: everywhere water and pseudo-experts

everywhere water and pseudo-experts

Heading "Behavioural Finance".

Alexander good afternoon, saw a set of videos at you on YouTube channel, all so in details, thank you very much, learned for himself much absolutely new,

6) "How to achieve financial independence" - about it I wrote the separate book "Seven steps to financial freedom" - come into any bookstore, look through it.

1) Artem claims that he tries to find out 3 years - "how to take shares". I do not understand why was to spend for it 3 years, but not 3 minutes, having come into any investment company or into the same Sberbank standing literally at every turn.

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the Model of filling of the questionnaire on the international passport for the child up to 14 years in 2019, secrets

model of filling of the questionnaire on the international passport for the child up to 14 years in 2019

Do you plan to go out of borders of Russia all family, but you do not know how the questionnaire on the international passport for the child is filled out? At paperwork for giving in management the FMS should consider that the application for the international passport of an old or new sample for the adult is made out in a different way.

the sixth point to you needs to specify by

B a registration and date of registration. The seventh point is filled out only if you and members of your family live not where are registered. If you live on the registration address, nothing needs to be specified in this point. Leave it blank.

To children replace passports earlier, than the adult therefore it is more expedient to choose the international passport of an old sample for the child.

Filling of the fifteenth point depends on whether you live where are registered or in other place. It is filled out only if your actual residence does not coincide with passport.

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Why in the West are afraid of robots, and in Japan - no, life hack

why in the West are afraid of robots, and in Japan - no

Not only Japanese watched Evangelion in the childhood. In this animation animated film the future in which cars and people merge in cybernetic ecstasy is represented. Watching battles of robots, we also became obsessed dreams of bionic superheroism. Robots were always a part of the Japanese mentality. Astro Boy, for example, even officially entered in the list Niiza's inhabitants, to the north from Tokyo, and it is a serious feat. Japanese not only are not afraid of robots - they look forward to them.

the Fear to be overthrown oppressed or to become oppressed somehow dominated in consciousness of those who from the very beginning were in power during an era of slavery and a slave trade. And though in Japan there was also somewhat slavery, it was not widespread commercially.

The general idea that Japanese accept robots easier, than inhabitants of the West, is quite widespread today. Osama Tetsuk, the Japanese animator and the creator of Atom Boy, noted communication between the Buddhism and robots, having said: "Robots do not carry out differences between the person, the highest being and the world around him. Everything is interfaced, and we easily accept robots together with the wide world around us, insects, rocks - all this is uniform. We have no doubtful attitude towards robots, as to pseudo-people which you can find in the West. Therefore you do not find resistance, simply quiet acceptance". And though Japanese, of course, at first were landowners, and then passed into an industrial era, led influence of Shintoism and Buddhism to the fact that Japan kept many rituals and customs of the ancient periods.

It is easy to guess why shepherds and farmers arrived at an idea that people - special, but AI and robots can set us on other right track, set thinking that people are only one of examples of manifestation of consciousness and that special position of mankind - exaggeration. Instead of being guided by the person, it is necessary to develop respect, emotional and spiritual dialogue with all things.

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at the request of chitaty: how to become the good wife

how to become the good wife

At the time of solemn registration of marriage each woman swears a mental oath to become the good wife for the elect. But between female desires, promises and real everyday acts there is a huge difference.

Why does that happen? Here's the thing: it is necessary to try to become ideal, not for the husband, and, first of all, for itself, not because it is so necessary and as so there is a wish. Work on the development and appearance should not be based at all on fear to lose the husband, and to have under itself desire to please both him, and itself.

To understand how to become the best and irreplaceable wife, it is necessary not only to show respect, but also to become an example of sexuality and accuracy. Whatever one may do, but it is impossible to become the good wife, being a bad mistress.

Almost all men associate an ukhozhennost with appeal. And therefore if the woman does not watch herself, then she will not be interesting to either herself, or the man.

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Interesting : 6 ways to wake imagination

creative focuses: 6 ways to wake imagination

To what the inspiration is similar? On a wind gust which brings brilliant ideas. Or on light flash which is lighting up the dark room. Actually inspiration as building. It has a certain structure and parts which can be sorted and used.

Amateur interest in different objects and spheres gives a set of the ideas. For example, Picasso was fond of the photo and a X-ray analysis. Einstein - the esthetic theory and Siegmund Freud's works. It is not obligatory to be the expert in the new sphere. It is important to be inquisitive, to reflect over the feelings and impressions.

On the contrary, the logic watches that everything went well: selects associations, analyzes data, looks for interrelations. Any elected creative persons with pravopolusharny thinking - all can become creative inventors. It is only necessary to train the creative muscles. There are 6 ways as to do it.

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