In Israel developed production of gas from food waste, new

in Israel developed production of gas from food waste

The startup from Israel suggested to use household waste with advantage, producing from them natural gas on which it is possible to cook food or to warm the dwelling. For this purpose it was required to develop the home portable biogas block which can make from four to eight liters of gas a day, and it is enough for operation of the stove for 2-4 hours.

the Invention is called HomeBiogas, and, as you can see, it a little in what differs from a usual trash can. But it definitely will be able to be useful where people constantly have problems with access to renewed by power sources. Yes that! For certain and other people who even are simply wishing to save will not refuse such smart purchase.

Useful functions of the device on it do not come to an end. The producer reports that each house in which use such biogas block will help to reduce formation of carbon dioxide by six tons per year and for the same period to destroy up to one ton of garbage. If you lost sight of such useful piece too, it is possible to get acquainted with it in more detail directly according to this reference.

For production of the volume of gas stated above it is enough to load about six kilograms of any food waste into the block, will approach including meat with dairy products. Usually waste of this kind is not recommended to be punched, but to development of the Israeli scientists it will fit too to produce gas for preparation of the first, second and compote.

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Improving practice, the most readable

improving practice

I spread the remarkable video from our summer exit training travel "Good luck, live richly".

Well and I show to

there useful improving (omoloditelny) practice which everyone can make at home - the main thing that near at hand there was a refrigerator

Look what there high mountains, what fast rivers what fantastic people were with us!

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New : treatment in Thailand

treatment in Thailand

Thailand promptly wins positions of the largest medical hub of all Asia. Medical tourism to Thailand becomes more and more popular because of the low cost of treatment in combination with high quality of service. To restore the health or to perform plastic surgery not only Arabs, Indonesians and Chinese arrive here. Our many compatriots decide on operation or a course of treatment in Thailand which can be combined with beach vacation, studying of local picturesque culture, shopping and sightseeing of the Kingdom of Smiles.

for full check of the state of health enter Into base: the x-ray of a thorax, visual inspection (eyes, ears, a nose, a mouth, a throat, chest area), the electrocardiogram, clinical blood test, determination of content of sugar and cholesterol in blood, the analysis of urine, functional tests of a liver and kidneys.

Attention: the Russian translator by the name of Sergey working in Phyathai Sriracha Hospital has no relation to me!

You watch a current rate of the Thai baht to ruble, US dollar and Euro here.

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Novelty: where to go to have a rest in Russia in a holiday a season of 2019

where to go to have a rest in Russia in a holiday a season of 2019

Not without reason such trips are very popular in days of a school break. Unfatiguing bus tours, food and hotel accommodation are included in low cost as well as the extensive excursion program.

It is possible to esteem and have a rest on Baikal in the item of Maksimikh. We had a rest there in June, 2015. Place remarkable

Do you know how many in Russia of the rivers? Millions, the big and small, deep and drying-up, mountain and quiet flat. But the most beautiful navigable rivers are suitable for rest onboard the cruise motor ship:

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Novelty: pollution of the nature

pollution of the nature

The person is called by the main and only reason of environmental pollution. It would seem, the nature created a reasonable biped being who could support and protect it. But something went wrong.

it is possible

, and we should cease to think out the second life to plastic bottles and to stop using plastic ware that our descendants did not reap the bitter fruits of our thoughtless and selfish life.

Today conscious people of the whole world sound the alarm, pollution of the planet grows at the terrifying rates. If to change nothing, then to our grandsons we will leave not the fine "blue planet", and a lifeless dump.

About 6,5 million tone of garbage most of which part is made by plastic waste annually get to the World Ocean. The sea research organization "Algalita" says that approximately the fourth part of a water smooth surface is already covered with floating plastic waste.

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Selection: microsoft bought github for 7,5 billion dollars

Microsoft bought github for 7,5 billion dollars

On Monday, May 4, it became known that Microsoft agreed with GitHub, the leading world platform of development of the software at which more than 28 million developers, about acquisition work. Together both companies will direct developers and to help them to reach life cycle of development, bigger at each stage, to involve the enterprises in use of GitHub and to introduce tools for Microsoft developers in new audiences.

to continue to work with

of GitHub independently, providing the open platform for all developers in all industries. Developers will still be able to use programming languages, tools and operating systems at the choice for the projects and to develop the code in any operating system, any cloud, on any device as before.

"Microsoft & #8212; these are, first of all, developers, and, combining efforts with GitHub, we strengthen our commitment to freedom, openness and innovations", Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft said. "We acknowledge responsibility to community which we undertake this agreement, and we will make all efforts to give the chance to each developer to create, introduce innovations and to solve the most complex problems of the world".

According to terms of agreement, Microsoft buys GitHub for 7,5 billion dollars in an equivalent of stocks of Microsoft. Until the end of calendar year the transaction will be issued.

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of 17 best exercises for weight reduction, popular

17 best exercises for weight reduction

Everything that is necessary for weight reduction and achievement of an ideal figure - it is healthy food, commitment, patience and daily performance of a complex of physical exercises. About what exercises best of all promote combustion of fat, you learn from this article.

Take a step forward the right leg and sit down on it is mute still front knee se it will be bent by 90 degrees, and the knee of a hind leg will not touch a floor. Then be straightened and take a step forward the left leg, having repeated exercise in other party.

The most remarkable in this exercise what it combines kardio and power loading. It represents a complex of movements for all body, including muscles of hands, backs, a stomach and legs. For increase in loading add a jump after straightening.

One of the best and most natural exercises to the person. This movement studies all muscles in a lower body, including gluteuses and popliteal sinews. It also provides loading for muscles of the case and deep muscles of a stomach and a back.

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the Most interesting: why and what to do

the child cries in a dream: why and what to do

The dream is the leading type of activity of the tot, and parents very much rejoice when he is quiet and is broken by nothing. Unfortunately, so happens very seldom, the kid constantly feels a certain need about which he reports by means of crying. Having heard it, young mothers worry whether nothing hurts at a chadushka, whether he is hungry?

Sometimes, eating, the kid together with milk swallows air. The air bubble which brings discomfort is formed.

Sometimes the crying reasons when bathing are that the child was tired. Try to carry out the procedure until it occurred.

It is impossible to ignore this state at all, however, as well as any crying of the baby when it sounded. Only parents can establish the reason of this emotion and eliminate it.

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Councils of psychologists, from our users

how to win against bad mood: councils of psychologists

The bad mood is called a scourge of the modern world. There is no person who, from time to time, would not be subject to inexplicable attacks of irritation, grief and melancholy. Secrets how to lighten the mood when all is bad around & #8212; in our article.

Besides, all types of activity provoking emission of adrenaline in blood help to struggle with a depression. Buy the ticket for a roller coaster, jump with a parachute, or just go to ride a bike. And it is even better - master a new active type of rest which will load you with cheerfulness.

Pedestrian travel are spoken well by the curious fact: several kilometers passed by a fast pace before monthly almost completely remove unpleasant feelings the lower part of a stomach. And, of course, such activity helps to get rid of extra kilos.

Forget that it is possible to lay down on a sofa and to feel sorry for itself! Move. Force the organism to work, load it with cheerfulness. Not important, what way you choose: sport, outdoor games, swimming, dances. All this helps to fight against apathy and fills a body with energy. Be not afraid to be tired a little - pleasant tension in muscles will cause psychological unloading, and you quickly feel how the bad mood leaves away.

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New on the website: we go beyond tags

fight against neophobia: we go beyond tags

All pictures - a source.

They are invisible. But from it are not less terrible.

The wolf is frightened by not so red color of a tag. Red color is necessary to hunters better to see the okladny line. The animal cannot overcome fear of unfamiliar objects. The instinct speaks to him: "It something unclear, and all unclear is dangerous therefore to a step for this line!"

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