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Published: 15.5.2019
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If earlier our citizens sought to open for the Russian Federation the account in foreign bank, then time "to pay" for convenience of possession of the account abroad came now.

generally to live becomes more cheerful or, to the point - it is necessary to live by strict rules which it is a new experience for Russians.

And it is already very essential! There are also owners of foreign accounts, the real estate and the companies the difficult choice - from what to get rid - of a country house in Spain or of citizenship of the Russian Federation and the right of visit of the Homeland?

The matter is that banks prepare for automatic exchange of tax information worldwide (including on opened abroad accounts of natural persons) and beforehand "twist gayechka".

Russia will begin to exchange tax information since the beginning of 2018, but FTS already practices mailing of "letters of happiness" to Russian owners of accounts abroad, demanding to provide bank statements.

Legislative initiatives of both the Russian regulators, and foreign, led to emergence of essential difficulties (and even restrictions) for the natural persons who are owners of bank accounts in foreign banks.

Penalties for non-presentation of information on movements of means on such accounts, it seems, not such and big, but are one painful "BUT" is a violation of the law "On currency regulation and currency control".

Offshore paradise "is closed on account".


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