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Published: 27.10.2017
what to do if the wife fooled around

And just observations of life of ordinary people say many researches of modern psychologists that today unfaithfulness is very widespread phenomenon though in some cultures such behavior still is considered serious crime.

In a question of why in family life of the woman suddenly there is possible a treason to the husband, can hardly hold some certain universal opinion.

If to address world religions, then there are no double morals in them. So, for example, treason of the husband in Islam is condemned also strictly, as well as betrayal of the wife. Of course, modern people resolve similar issues in family, but earlier the immoral behavior was punished publicly.

What to advise the man in such difficult situation when the first fit of anger passed and there was only a bitterness and the deepest disappointment?

Couples centuries ago, incorrect women were severely condemned by society and were even punished, but since then the world was shaken by the cultural revolution which took place under the auspices of freedom of manifestation of the personality.

However all listed motives, except the last, can hardly be eliminated somehow, getting the illegitimate relations.

And even more often it is possible to meet situations when people practice the so-called "free relations" in marriage, that is there is a betrayal of the wife with the consent of the husband and vice versa. If the incorrectness of the spouse opens suddenly, there can be the present tragedy when at destruction of family all her members suffer.

Today the picture of the family relations and values completely turned over. The situation when one of spouses has sexual relations on the party, is already characteristic of many marriage unions. Sad statistics says that about 40% of women are not loyal to the husbands.

Though modern scientists believe that it is an invention and any belts actually did not exist, in society idea that it is allowed to men still to some extent remained and for what make a fun of women is pardonable and condemn.

Of course, first of all, it is necessary to try to solve whether you are ready to release offense and to begin life with the wife anew.

So, it became clear that most of men are inclined to believe that for them illegitimate communications are permissible whereas they for women is not present. Women in this question adhere to the principle of equality, showing to men the same requirements, as well as to themselves.

Psychologists consider that most often, getting an adultery, the married woman is guided by the following motives:

Psychologists conducted very interesting research which showed that representatives of different floors variously look at a treason problem on the relation to each other.

Betrayal of the wife to the husband is a serious test for family when under blow there are not only relations of spouses among themselves, but also the fate of their children. The incorrectness of darling will wound the man up to the soul depth, and very often to deserve forgiveness of the spouse happens very not easy or it is just impossible.

According to the man go to the party more often, but also betrayal of the wife to the husband stopped being something extraordinary for a long time.

Then it is possible to keep the relations, and at full mutual understanding and support, it the phenomenon as treason to the husband or the wife any more will never concern your family!

If yes, that to cope with internal experiences the following advice will help:

It is clear, that it is impossible to forbid itself to feel disappointment and mental anguish. It is very important that both spouses wanted changes, understood each other and began to change together.

Listen to her explanations of the event, think whether you will be able to accept them. As a result, you after all should make very difficult choice: to disperse or stay together.

The similar double standard appeared during a Middle Ages era when so-called "belts of fidelity" which were applied only to women were invented.

To understand the reasons of falling of moral and family values in each case very hardly, however, it is worth trying if own family life is at stake.

In those families where spouses by mutual consent practice the polygamous relations, also everything is not cloudless though first can seem differently.

Of course, it is heavy to forgive treason, but, perhaps, you will manage to endure this crisis period and to construct now really strong family. After you carefully consider current situation, time of a heavy conversation with the wife will come.

But women consciously or unconsciously go on this step. Some just want to feel desired and favourite again, others just feel the helplessness before the problems which arose in own family life.

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