What is deposit capitalization and percent, a selection

Published: 15.2.2018
what is deposit capitalization and percent

Bank deposits & #8212; the most popular type of investment. You give the savings to bank under certain conditions and under a certain percent. Daily, monthly, quarterly, once a year or on expiration of a deposit charges of percent are carried out. However whether it is worth taking away the got profit on hands? Today practically all banks offer the programs meaning capitalization of percent. Capitalization of percent - what is it?

Should note

that deposit capitalization & #8212; it is process at which that income which you gained from invested funds is not handed out, and it is summarized to the main deposit. Thus, money on the account is multiplied, and the following percent is calculated already from the new sum.

However there are in deposits with capitalization "reefs" and a number of nuances which should be considered.

Deposits with capitalization have a number of advantages:

So that to make the correct decision, it is necessary to study a question comprehensively, to precisely understand also the nobility: capitalization of percent and deposits - that it; to define what you wait for from investments of this sort what objectives you want to achieve. Proceeding from it, already to choose both bank, and the program.

Several useful tips which will help you to make a right choice:

In some banks the interest rate for deposits with capitalization is much lower, than an interest rate for the usual deposit account. Illusion of benefit of capitalization though if to resort to scrupulous calculations, it will turn out that just the usual contribution as a result will make big profit is created.

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