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Published: 15.10.2017
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If you the adherent of paper books, feed love to a smell of paper and browsing of pages, then a couple of books will not take in baggage the place more, than a pair of shoes. Having read the book, you can leave it somewhere on the way, in hotel or in hostel, and someone will be able to enjoy it on other end of the earth. Give preference to books in a soft cover and do not take with yourself more than two.

Travelers seldom think of use of library during the travel. If you are on vacation within the country, then in it there are no problems. But also it is possible to find libraries which provide books to tourists at minimum price in trips abroad. Anyway, it is possible to use Internet access and to esteem in the quiet and atmospheric place. Library - the great place to meet locals, and to learn about the country a lot of interesting from the first person.

If you are sent on leave, then each 100 grams of your baggage will play an important role. Therefore printing books, especially in a firm cover, not the best choice for travel.


Also the audiobook will be compact if you prefer to perceive information aurally. The audioformat gives more opportunities for reading: you can ride at the same time a bike, walk, go on the car or run on the beach.

In an electronic format we can take with ourselves though the whole bookcase, but the place in a suitcase for it is not required. So you should not worry about costs of excess of norm of weight of baggage. Now it is possible to read not only by means of readers, but also from the smartphone screen. Only do not neglect "the night mode" and adjustment of illumination not to spoil sight.

Find time for the choice of the book. It is twice more interesting to read books by those authors who were born in the countries to which you go. For example, in Paris it would be possible to read "A holiday which is always with you" Hemingway.

Busy season of holidays began, so a great number of bibliophiles already anticipate a trip to the companies of the new fascinating book. Here several councils for travelers who do not imagine rest without reading.

Take with yourself a coloring by numbers. It easy will also not take a lot of place, even complete with felt-tip pens or pencils. It is a great way to spend time on the plane or in cafe on the seashore. They will be pleasant to children too.

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