the Truth about the Korean cosmetics which you should recognize, by requests of readers

Published: 21.10.2017
the truth about the Korean cosmetics which you should learn

& #171; I grew among the Korean byyuti-products therefore I consider general hobby of Americans for such cosmetics комичным» Euni Hong, the blogger of the New York Times writes.

& #171; I Will go to apply slime of a snail on the лицо» & #8212; the blogger summarizes.

Whether there is in general such phenomenon as & #171; Korean secrets красоты»? Of course, is. Also they sound so: enclose a lot of time, money and energy in the skin and you - it is possible - you will see results (the main thing, do not export much to China).

I lived in Seoul from 12 to 18 years. In 1985 South Korea was developing country. When I grew, the Korean creams were equally pink as color of toilet paper, and smelled as air fresheners. Any Korean respecting herself used the French, American and Japanese cosmetics. Nobody heard about the mode of 12 steps. Everything changed in the 90th. South Korea became rich. In 1998, after Asian financial crisis, Korea was reformatted and stopped being the country of electronics. It became & #171; крутой» country.

Popular byyuti-networks Innisfree and Face Shop opened only in the 2000th. The most part was exported to China, but producers did not like to depend on export to one country. Innisfree opened on Manhattan, AmorePacific began to develop the plan for opening more than 100 American branches in Aritaum network, something like the Korean Sephora.

For the last few years South Korea, mad about beauty, was high on the list in the world on plastic surgery. About 20% of the Korean women already passed through & #171; пластику». 42% of Koreans aged from 21 up to 55 years at least once carried out injections of Botox or fillers. Many creams from wrinkles sold in the world contain Retinolum (vitamin A) safe in small doses, but dangerous in big. Some Korean means contain twice more than this vitamin in comparison with the most concentrated American. The Korean doctors appoint the acne medicines based on the izotretinoyena despite risk of serious side effects.

Are popular as stories that Korea went for 10 years ahead to the byyuti-industries, and advertizing references to antiquity. But if Koreans how tell had a 12-step program of care of skin during 2700 why they decided to open a secret only in the 90th? In the last 6 years the Korean cosmetics passed a way from zero to a mainstream in the USA. For 2 years export to the USA grew more than twice. Americans think that South Korea is the such Eden inhabited by people with fine skin.


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