the Most readable: the instructor offered life to save the schoolgirl

Published: 25.6.2019
the instructor offered life to save the schoolgirl

To it there was only 22. Robert Cook offered own life for the sake of rescue of the girl with whom got acquainted in day of plane crash. When the plane began to fall, the instructor became for the schoolgirl a live board.

Robert was fastened to Kimberley, clasped it with hands, strong pressed to himself so that the head of the girl appeared at the level of his shoulders, and recorded it the head - that did not dangle.

"He explained to her what to expect and what to do. He told that they have to make something like a joint jump, the benefit equipment for this purpose was both at it, and at it".

Kimberly Deere and her father Bill shortly before the tragedy and what remained from the plane

Bill, the girl's father, told journalists subsequently: "This guy the hero - any in other words not to describe his act. When Robert understood that the plane just about will crash into the earth, he grabbed with Kimberley and quietly explained what occurs that the plane will crash and that it has to do".

As a result of this plane crash the instructor and five more people who were onboard died. The plane took off at the airport of St. Louis (Missouri) and several minutes later there was this tragedy. Investigators consider that engine failure became its reason. The witness claims that he saw how in several moments after take-off at the plane the right engine lit up. Survived in this accident, thanks to Robert, became only 21-year-old Kimberly Deere.

He remained unperturbable and concentrated, tried to focus its attention on himself and the words and to distract from what at this moment occurred around.

"Then he told: when the plane it is absolutely close to the earth, it try to appear over me that force of blow fell on me". Before the plane crashed a nose into the earth, Kimberly lost orientation, but felt how the guy overturns her body and by the time of collision it really appeared over Robert's body. "It assumed all force of blow".

22-year-old Robert Cook and the 21-year-old Australian saved by him Kimberly Deere

Thanks to Robert's heroism and rare ability to keep the sober head in a critical situation, Kimberly survived, having got off with two changes, concussion, cuts, numerous bruises and grazes. This guy perfectly realized that he sacrifices the life for the sake of another, the person almost unfamiliar to it.

This story happened in 2006. The parachute jumps instructor warned the ward by the name of Kimberly Deere that the plane falls. He perfectly understood that the plane is in a condition of free fall and he will manage to survive hardly, but, despite it, remained quiet and concentrated. the 22-year-old guy made everything that was possible, for the sake of rescue of the schoolgirl and, eventually, itself became for her "a live board".


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