the Most interesting: how to move away them by means of natural means

Published: 13.10.2017
shadows under the eyes: how to move away them by means of natural means

Bruises under глазами… it is unlikely though someone from us does not know what is it.

Fortunately, the decision is! Today we will tell you about several effective house remedies which will help to remove shadows under the eyes.

As well as in a case with other fruit, a good alternative to this recipe apple puree is. For this purpose both green, and red apples will approach.

Remove apple in the refrigerator. When it becomes cold, cut it circles. The peel does not need to be cut off, just remove a core. Apply apple circles by the closed centuries and when they heat up, replace them with others, cool.

After that rinse a face with cool water and apply the moisturizing cream.

Cucumbers are considered as the vegetables, most useful to our skin.


Before being upset and try to disguise shadows under the eyes, try to take our advice and you will see as your skin will be tightened and the problem will disappear!

For preparation of this house means you need several berries of strawberry which need to be kneaded well in puree and to add a little water, and then to apply a mask on area around eyes.


There is one more way: grate potatoes, wrap the turned-out weight in a gauze and apply to a problem zone for 20 minutes. 3-4 times a week are recommended to carry out this procedure.

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Fill in a camomile with water and bring to boiling then leave to cook mix of 5 more minutes. When the specified time passes, remove a pan from fire, cover and let's drink infuse 10 minutes. After that filter tea and moisten in it is mute wadded disks. Apply the cotton wool pieces soaked with camomile tea by the closed centuries so that they covered problem area around eyes. You can leave wadded disks on centuries on all night long or for the period of rest. Cucumbers

Tea from a camomile is one more effective remedy which helps to eliminate circles under eyes. This drink also helps to cope with inflammations.

Sometimes we wake up in the morning with bruises and bags under eyes. Looking at the reflection in a mirror, we are upset, it strongly spoils our appearance. What to do? Do you think, it is impossible to cope with this problem in any way?

Put potato in the refrigerator. When it becomes cold, peel it and cut circles. Then moisten them in cold water and apply to the closed centuries. Pieces of potatoes have to close not only eyelids, but also problem area around eyes where bruises develop.

These berries perfectly calm the inflamed skin and save us from unpleasant circles under eyes. Very appetizing and sweet recipe!


One more faithful ally in fight against dark circles under eyes. The matter is that the kiwi contains a large amount of antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients.

Very often the problem is easier to be prevented, than to be engaged in search of its decision.


For a start we will find out in what a difference between bruises and bags under eyes. If the first represent dark stains, then responsible for emergence of the second is the congestion of water and fat. Sometimes bags and shadows under the eyes appear at the same time, all depends on the specific person.

These house means will help you to get rid of unpleasant dark circles around eyes which even the best make-up can not always hide. Even do not doubt and as soon as possible try these natural recipes.

If you prefer to natural face packs physical exercises or want to be engaged in prevention of shadows under the eyes, pay attention to the following recommendations.

When potatoes will heat up to body temperature, apply other pieces to centuries. Continue the procedure until you use all cold potato segments.


The kiwi calms the inflamed skin and returns it a tone. To use its useful properties, it is necessary to make puree. It becomes so: cut a kiwi on pieces and remove in the refrigerator for one hour. When they become cold, get them from the refrigerator and make puree.

They refresh skin and help to cope with shadows under the eyes. As a result our look becomes more open, and the person attractive. Everything that needs to be made & #8212; to cut a cold cucumber circles and to put segments by centuries as well as in a case with potatoes.

These exercises will help to stimulate blood circulation in a problem zone and, thus, will protect you from appearance of shadows under the eyes.

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Apply a ready mask on problem area around eyes. Wait 20 minutes then rinse a face with cool water.


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