the Madonna success lessons from the Madonna, a new heading

Published: 11.2.2018
the Madonna success lessons from the Madonna

We recommend to be loaded with commitment and motivation from the famous pop star Madonna! Its remarkable lessons of success are painted here! Be based!

Madonna since the childhood liked to be allocated to


As always there was not enough money, and Madonna without shame begins to earn additionally the cloakroom attendant and also earns from photoshoots in nu style.

The father married the second time and Madonna had stepbrothers and sisters.

It drew attention with the eccentricity: liked to put on multi-colored stockings, did not hesitate to dance in some bikinis at competitions of talents.

Soon Madonna gives up study and goes to New York will conquer peaks.

And that the most interesting, with these indicators the pop star safely advances Barack Obama's IQ - one of successful and richest people of all planet.

The Madonna is convinced that any person can stick together himself: or to make of itself a smart dress, or a rag for floors.

This surprising girl created herself!

The pop star to share the formula of success:

She managed to set a record on sales of the music: more than 100 million singles and 250 million albums.

In a word, this mega-female adores occupying herself with something brand new and to gain from it valuable knowledge and abilities!

The Madonna is a hostess of the large real estate in Los Angeles, Miami, New York.

Most of people simply avoid that risk, and all because their confidence is equated to "0". Let's think a little bit. Here you, for example, wanted to invest the money in the real estate.

Later Madonna goes to the University of Michigan and gets a dancing education. As the successful student, she gets a grant.

Her ability to communicate and strike up acquaintances - helped it to get out from this difficult situation.

There is even nothing to be surprised, IQ of the Madonna makes 140 points.

This universal girl because of dense occupations in various circles, also managed to cope with school objects perfectly.

Monetary success of the singer gathers incredible turns and in 1992 Madonna and Oprah Winfrey are declared the richest women in show business.

It is its counter.

The Madonna always never goes forward, and does not stop before anything, thereby gaining new knowledge and valuable experience.

Soon she begins to understand that she can earn from the voice not bad.

A little later, the young singer in a random way to meet the famous DJ Mark Cummings and with his help releases the single "Everybody".

Without money and housing, the young lady did not break, before her eyes grandiose plans which always warmed her flew!

The Madonna today in the years looks for all 200%, 20-year-old little girls can even envy.

Surprisingly, but Madonna sells much more the album records, than any other American performer.

If she sees the purpose, she at once programs herself on success and begins to act as the robot.

Does not allow weaknesses and uncertainty to regain self-control.

The singer was never afraid to stand out from the crowd.

How to achieve success?

Understand when you are self-assured, to you all problems which arise on the way to success are not terrible. The person who earns money constantly with something risks! Isn't it?

If you could already subdue tens of the purposes, then you will look at an investment of money - as on the usual purpose which you would like to carry out.

In 14 years the singer, seriously is fond of dances where she could achieve considerable success.

It had neither rich relatives, nor the same acquaintances who were directly connected with show business.

The Madonna had to endure much to ascend to the show business podium.

But it is not volume! The queen of pop music though appreciates external beauty, but great value it gives to confidence in the forces.

Madonna's mother took care of children, and her father was engineer-designer.

Today we will talk to you about Madonna & #8212; legendary personality and world renowned, as Queen of pop music!

It it is unexpected to meet brothers Gilroy who had small dancing ensemble. They took the Madonna as the soloist.

The Madonna actively participates in school programs, shows the organizing and dancing abilities.

And you perfectly understand that you will make it as you made these features already one hundred times.

The Madonna always said that if she does not decide and afraid to do something, then it means that it must be done and immediately! This quality very much helped the young singer!

Today, Madonna has the whole staff which work for her, and on her image.

The father was strict in education, he did not allow children to watch TV and forced to bring only excellent marks from school.

It was one of the most brave an act in the singer's life.

Today I will try to capture the most known facts from Madonna and Va's biography will understand how the ordinary little girl from a large family managed to achieve the stunning success.

The popularity and popularity of our heroine well just reads off scale!

When the singer began to understand that she already grew up from the performer, she safely begins to be engaged in a rezhisserstvo.

The Madonna with a smile upon the face and with a proud look admits that she independently could pull out herself on Olympus top, without someone's the help.

At the beginning Madonna lived in poverty: she every other time spent the night on attics and when very much wanted to eat - checked garbage a container.

I am bewitched in Madonna with how it with ease reaches what will wish!

After huge success the influential record company signs the contract with Madonna.

She liked to be always unpredictable with strong personality.

Madonna's mother early died when the girl was only 5 years old.

Madonna and her childhood: / h2> Madonna was born in a usual large family (it had 3 more brothers and 2 sisters).

Such people not to be afraid of failures, they are impregnated with success. And they reach everything! And Madonna to it example!

The queen of pop music always participates in charity events. 2010 in Haiti there was a killing earthquake for which the singer allocated 250 000 dollars for victims.

When Madonna decides to become a singer, begins to squeeze out of herself to the maximum and is rested to go to a desirable dream.

The Madonna surely knows that for her there is nothing impossible.

The Madonna very long and hard took this tragedy.


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