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Published: 15.6.2019
how to open the lock without key

Even if the key from a door was lost or broke, you will be able to get home.

If the key broke so that its part sticks out of the well, you were lucky. It is quite simple to get a fragment by means of passatizhy or the similar tool. Borrow it at neighbors and accurately pull the key remains, having well undertaken the part which is sticking out outside.

Wait a little until glue dries up, and try to get a key from the well slowly.

If the lock not really difficult and you are sure of the forces, it is possible to try to open it independently. There are options both with damage of the mechanism, and without. One will not help - it is always possible to try another.

When in the well there is no key or it wrong, pins enter a core and block it. The key with the correct profile lifts pins on such height that top hides in the case of a larva, and lower - in a core, allowing it to rotate and open the lock freely.

It is the most widespread and, as a rule, the primitive lock consisting of the case with a handle and larvae with the bayonet mechanism inside. It is possible to open it without key without special work.

When the nail file will enter a crack against the stop, develop it by 90 degrees to pick up a key, and try to get it.

It happens, as a rule, to worn-out cylinder locks. The well there narrow, and a key flat therefore if to overdo in fight against the jammed mechanism, it will only become worse.

The easiest way to get to an entrance - to call one of apartments and to ask to open a door. If it is not your option, act differently.

Set suvald - special plates with figured cuts is the cornerstone of the mechanism of such lock. At the correct key ledges on a small beard coincide with these cuts. At rotation of a key of a suvalda rise by the necessary height, forming a path on which the locking pin moves.

However, it is possible to find suitable teams in the Internet. It is enough to type "codes of on-door speakerphones" into search engine, to enter the necessary symbols, and the door will open.

In each city there are services of the emergency opening of locks ready to come to the rescue of all at whom the door slammed, the key was lost or broke. It is possible to find such masters, having entered in the searcher "to open a door the name of the city".

Such locks are locked by means of the pins collected in the uniform block - a larva. It has the rotating core with a number of the sprung cores cut on two parts.

Did not leave? Well, then it is necessary to get a file for the fret saw. It should be inserted into a keyhole sideways from a key, having directed to cloves to itself.

One more option - to take the key remains, having pasted to it the broken part. Accurately apply superglue to the place of a break and connect both parts.

Then you need to drown all pins to release a core of a larva, and then to turn it. For mechanisms with several turns the procedure should be repeated.

Try to use the service menu of the on-door speakerphone from which it is possible to give team of opening of a door. The entrance to this menu is carried out by means of a special combination. Individual for each model of the on-door speakerphone, naturally.

It is possible also to try to turn a key and to open the lock.

First of all it is worth trying to open a door the key rest. For this purpose it is necessary to drown it against the stop in a crack, and then to insert a nail file or other thin subject and to try to turn it, opening the lock.

As a rule, specialists of these companies quickly react and cope with any locks. If necessary to you can repair or replace at once the lock and also make a twirl. Services of masters will cost a pretty penny, but you will preserve nerves.

To open the level lock, it is necessary to lift all plates, to build them correctly and to shift a bolt. Sounds easily, but in practice everything is much more difficult. Especially for those who do it for the first time.


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