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Published: 1.7.2019
word gadget and its value

Hundreds of years the mankind used devices, mechanisms and devices in their final functionality which is not allowing improvements. So was before a technogenic era. Since 19th century owners of various devices had an opportunity to expand their functions, using the emergency, but specially developed additions. An uluchshalok the English word "gadget" became the generalizing name for all similar.

the Word "gadget" was thought up by

and was actively used in rather closed professional society - in navy of Great Britain of the middle of the 19th century. Ship teams called gadgets tools and devices whose names they did not know or did not remember. From a naval slang this word extended among various groups of the population of England which are interested in technical progress. For example, in the company of bikers of the beginning of the last century gadgets called the devices and objects established by the owner of the motorcycle on a wheel. It were mirrors, speedometers and levers and also mascots, badges and other.

The production development which sharply accelerated 150 years ago caused emergence of numerous devices to machines. To remember the correct names of all similar devices for workers was business difficult. However, they found a convenient way out - called all similar devices the streamline word "damn thing". "Where that long damn thing?" or "and give me that brilliant damn thing!" & #8212; the phrases which are usually used by working staff of any enterprise during a post-technogenic era. In fact, English "gadget" has the same value, as Russian "damn thing".

The term "gadget" is given rise by technologies of the 19th century which will continue the development in the next centuries. Many, until recently words, popular in masses, soon will become archaisms and will disappear, but gadget - scopes of this word will be spreads every decade. Look, for example, on images on the left side on this page of the blog свагор.ком (if you surf from a smarfon, then widgets under this article) are widgets on which click will bring you on articles of last month, popular among visitors. And each this widget - the gadget.

Thus, all technical devices of personal use from the middle of the last century began to be called as gadgets. Game consoles, tablets, smartphones, vapes and to that similar devices are gadgets. Even TVs, in the 90th being exclusively family (i.e. mass) means of entertainment in the evening, today are recognized as individual gadgets.

The 21st century entered into houses of people of Earth a new mass product of modern technologies - the personal computer. There was a sharp need for the software capable to expand and improve functions of a basic program cover. Developers of one of early OSes for the personal computer - AmigaOS - called group of the built-in applications integrated into the PO main system for the purpose of improvement of the graphic interface as gad tools.library. The first part of the name - gad - developers of the Amiga operating system took from the popular word gadget.

In the middle of the 20th century the word meaning "gadget" changed - in the USA by it began to call the compact and mobile devices intended for individual use. The American critic Rainer Bankham gave such definition to the gadget: "the autonomous unit of high performance providing transformation nobody a set of circumstances in compliance to human desires. To adjust and use it, the minimum skill is necessary. The gadget does not belong to any certain social infrastructure, any user can order it according to the catalog and receive with delivery".

Now such graphic gadgets are connected with GUI widgets - control elements in the user graphic interface. Windows, Apple or Google OS gadgets are caused when pressing by the user of the related widget - tags, the button or a banner.

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