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Published: 17.10.2017
children's rest on vacation: original ideas of planning

An autumn and spring break not such long as summer, but also their children look forward. Also be able to make parents them by saturated new impressions. Here again the children's leisure "center"s will come to the rescue, but also being at home it is possible to have a rest too not bad.

Summer - the best season for rest not only because of warm weather, but also the longest school break. Psychologists say that children begin to wait for them since winter. The last quarter demands from them the enormous intellectual tension as it is necessary "to be tightened" and receive good annual marks. This quarter is difficult also what school students literally feel the coming summer: it is promoted by both the bright sun, and warm days. It is difficult to them not to think of rest at this time.

You should not forget also about reading books, viewing of movies and their joint discussion. And, of course - there is more time in the fresh air!

Besides, children's winter vacation coincides with New Year's days off of adults of the whole country, but whether it is a fine opportunity all family selflessly to have fun? Saturated rest can become the beginning of a new hobby for your child in the winter - the photo, skates or skis. All this can carry away for a long time it, will broaden horizons, will enrich with new skills and abilities.

And, of course, you should not forget about joint days off. Picnics and walks not only will become rest option, but will allow children and parents to become closer.

In a word, by the beginning of summer children come really tired both physically, and morally. They need to splash out all negative emotions and to begin to receive positive impressions. What to do to parents?

Several general councils which will allow to make any vacation memorable and useful to the child:

At you it is impossible to send the child to the children's camp or to the grandmother to the village, to go with it to the sea? You should not think that he is doomed to summer in closeness of the city in front of the computer. Everything depends on you - in each city the mass of opportunities for good rest. In June work school the camp of day stay. The whole month the child, being in a habitual situation of native school, can have a rest under sensitive supervision of adults. Here it is waited by fascinating actions as in such camps leaders also work, excursions and trips will be organized - and in the hometown is what to look at. Children are usually driven in the museums, on exhibitions, organize them excursions to the enterprises and just trips around interesting places.

Think that your child loves most of all? He is fond of the computer or creativity and needlework? Great! Help it to learn new and to acquire knowledge in that area which is close to it - let he will study some computer program, will learn to do animated cartoons or to create the websites, will master new technicians of needlework.

Parents and school students wait for vacation practically with identical impatience. To have a rest from school cares, homeworks, all want projects and papers. And if parents need only a psychological discharge, then school students need good rest as study takes away many physical forces. In addition she demands huge emotional pressure. How to organize rest so that the child not only relaxed, but also received positive impressions? In this question parents need to show an invention and organizing abilities.

The winter is a season it is almost also loved by children, as well as summer. And all because the winter is a synonym of cheerful games in snow, drivings from the hill, ski walks, visit of a skating rink. If you live in the area where weather allows to arrange such leisure, use this opportunity to the maximum. Walks are useful to health, they strengthen vessels, temper, promote increase in immunity.

Except school camps children's clubs and studios where leisure for school students of different age in summertime will also be organized work. Your child goes to the language "center" or drama school? Learn about plans for summer there, the most interesting and highly topical program is for certain already prepared. Call the children's leisure "center"s which are nearby, and learn that they can offer in summer vacation.

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