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Published: 25.10.2017
counters of day

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What to esteem today still? The British restored Banksy's graffiti

Also today the Saint emperor Theodosius the Cenobiarch is remembered, during board at the end of 4 centuries it was finished paganism. He issued the law according to which any service to pagan gods was recognized as crime. He issued many laws in protection of Church and against heretics, initiated the II Ecumenical Council (381 g) in Constantinople.

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On signs if this day the sun is shown because of clouds only at noon to be to early spring. It can be brought closer if to bake on Anthony Koloboks & mdash; symbols of the sun and light.

& mdash; So you have on a back a trace from my boot.

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Or you can give chance to prove to our small boat robot which especially for you will pick up fascinating reading matter! Press also laquo; To Me will carry! & raquo; centuries - ve

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