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Published: 7.5.2019
the standard of living, the prices, taxes and pensions in Armenia in 2018

Armenia is known to much as the country of majestic mountains. This state in Transcaucasia has incredibly beautiful nature, unique traditions, amazing color and the hospitable population. But, despite all these advantages, it is difficult to call Armenia one of the most developed countries. This republic only gains steam in the development. Not so long ago Armenian Republic entered into the Customs Union. This introduction very favorably affected the prices in Armenia, the standard of living of its population and also customs rules of entrance and departure from the country.

Owners of such residence permit. That is, all persons who owing to the developed circumstances are forced to live some time in the territory of the Armenian Republic. Period of validity of such residence permit usually does not exceed one year. It is subject to extension for the same term.

In recent years it was adopted several bills aimed at the development of an economic system. Thanks to these reforms in 2010 the economy of Armenia began to be restored slowly what tells its GDP present level about. In the country the industry actively develops. Armenia became the exporter of the machine equipment to many countries of the world. The visa to visit of Armenia is not necessary to tourists.

In 2018 in Armenia the sum in 38 000 dramas was considered as average pension. In 2019 increase in this sum is planned for 3 000 dramas. The retirement age of women is equal in Armenia to 59 years. Men come for deserved rest in 63 years. But to retire it is necessary to remember that the obligatory seniority has to be not less than twenty five years.

The usual residence permit is issued to each foreign representative who plans further to remain to live in Armenia. But for obtaining such residence permit, people has to conform to some requirements, namely:

The education system in Armenia represents very harmonious, accurately working mechanism. In the country there is preschool education, specialized secondary and professional education. Preschool education in Armenia is presented by kindergartens. Admit children since three years to kindergartens. In these child care facilities, children can be up to six years.

Income tax directly depends on the amount of the salary of the person. So, if the monthly income of the citizen the Armenian of the Republic less than 80 000 dramas, then he pays a tax of 10%. If monthly profit exceeds the sum in 80 000, then the citizen of Armenia is obliged to deduct income tax of 20%.

Very interesting fact is "the tax on air". For many this phrase will seem strange, so call one of parts of income tax. The matter is that income tax includes a set of the directions. "The tax on air" is paid by persons who use services of the air transport, that is planes. In 2016 "the tax on air" made only 33 dollars.

Also if the sum of annual profit less than 960 thousand, income tax is 10% of profit. If the sum of annual profit is more, then income tax will equal 20%. The property tax makes 0,6%. Income tax is paid by owners of the enterprises and organizations which were created by foreign representatives and citizens of Armenia. The amount of income tax is calculated from the monthly profit of the organization for this reason income tax at each enterprise different. On average income tax is equal to 20%.

The secondary special education in Armenia is presented by schools. There are only three schools:

The temporary and usual residence permit are made out in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Armenia. The foreigners wishing to go in 2019 on a permanent residence to Armenia have to address in the MFA with a request for extradition of the temporary residence permit. On the expiration of three years of accommodation in the territory of the Armenian Republic, foreign representatives have the right to petition for issue of the usual residence permit.

Income. On property. Land. Value added tax.

The value added tax is paid when importing goods. Both legal, and natural persons are obliged to pay it. But if the profit of the legal entity is less than 30 million dramas a year, then the taxpayer pays 20%. If the profit of the legal entity more than three million dramas a year, then to the state budget is paid 20%. If the sum of income is less, then the natural person does not pay a tax.

In 2019 only diplomats and the staff of consulates can receive the special residence permit.

In the Armenian Republic there are four versions residence permit:

High food prices. Is twice more, than in the Russian Federation, by 3 times & #8212; than in UA, by 4 times & #8212; than in US.

Also there are preferential programs providing that participants and disabled people of World War II, heroes of the USSR, heroes of Armenia, disabled people of all groups pay income tax 20 000 dramas less than the established norm.

Income tax are the payments which are carried out by citizens and residents of the Armenian Republic.

There is a category of people who can retire in 55 years. These people should not possess special professions. They only have to conform to some requirements:

First, the owner of the residence permit has the right to use all social benefits.

It is difficult to call life in Armenia easy. For this reason most of Armenians seek to leave this republic on earnings. Even in spite of the fact that in the country the industry actively develops, the prices in Armenia are not very low.

If it is necessary to remove housing in the downtown, then it is necessary to prepare that it will run very into money at once. Rent of the one-room apartment in the city begins from 450 dollars a month without utility payments. On payment of utility bills on average leaves around 100 dollars.

Secondly, the owner of the residence permit can live in Armenia on the legal bases.

Not densely somehow leaves with income.

In Armenia natural and legal entities are forced to pay such taxes as:

Estimation in the Armenian Republic is carried out on ten to a ball scale.

The amount of the excise tax directly depends on type of goods. So, if the businessman realizes 1 liter of beer, he is obliged to pay 70 dramas in the budget. For wine the businessman has to give 100 dramas, and for champagne of 150 dramas. It will be required to pay 1 500 dramas for 1 kg of tobacco products.

Armenia is one of the countries which was a part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics earlier. After the collapse of the USSR, Armenia could not stabilize a political situation in the country for a long time. But today this state differs in liberal views, stability and democratic character.

Thanks to smooth, but stable formation of economy many foreigners wish to become citizens of this country. It is quite possible that in the near future Armenia can become one of the stablest countries. Foreigners who wish to leave and obtain citizenship in Armenia in 2019 need to obtain the residence permit previously. The residence permit provides to its owner the mass of advantages.

So, 1 kg of rice can be bought for 2 dollars. Bread costs about 60 cents. Packing of eggs from 12 pieces costs 2 dollars, and 1 liter of milk will need to be paid 65 cents. Cheese strikes with the cost: on average 1 kg of cheese can be bought for 6 dollars. Chicken meat will cost 4.5 dollars for kilogram, and potato can be bought for 50 cents.

I am a pensioner. If I live in hostel how it is lawful to me to live how you specify, it is more than 180 days? How to me to receive the residence permit? Whether it is possible? It is necessary to ask a temporary registration? How to work?

After professional education, the person has an opportunity to get postgraduate education and also to undergo retraining and professional development.

Professional education can be:

Initial and average it is possible to receive in schools and colleges. Receiving the higher education in 2019 will require entering a higher education institution. In the territory of Armenia there are both state, and private higher education institutions. Treat HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS:

It is less than the prices of the price in Armenia in the Russian Federation.

In above-mentioned educational institutions, the person has an opportunity to receive three scientific degrees:

"A tax on air" it not the official name of a tax, so he was nicknamed in the people. "The tax for use of airspace" is intended to be removed in 2019. But there is one more version of the decision: if it does not turn out to remove "a tax on air", then the government plans to reduce its cost to 20 dollars.

If the foreigner stays in the territory of the Republic more than 180 days, he is already considered the resident of this country. For the citizens of the republic occupied in agriculture, income tax is equal to 10%.

The residence permit of this kind is issued for a period of three years. The special residence permit in 2019 have the right to receive only persons of the Armenian origin, that is Armenians. It is valid for ten years.

But if food prices are not really low, then the cost of the real estate pleases. It is possible to rent the one-room apartment for 170 dollars a month. For the three-room apartment will be required to pay 400 dollars.

There is a wish to note that the candidate for obtaining the residence permit has to conform not to all requirements, and at least to one of them.

It is necessary to remember that the foreign citizen cannot be an owner of several residence permit types at once. It is allowed to have only one residence permit. Let's consider each of versions in more detail. The temporary residence permit is issued to the foreign representatives driving on the territory of the Armenian Republic under the contract.


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