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Published: 27.2.2018
of library of Moscow - youth

Dear colleagues, are glad to share news: the methodical collection "Libraries of Moscow - to youth was issued: Practice of work, projects, information; issue 41".

of Passion across Biblionochi. E.P. Tarasova, TORMENTS of TsBS of Arzamas of the Nizhny Novgorod Region

Who - where, and we - in Night's Watch! O.G. Fafenrot, Moskalensky regional library, Omsk region

Fresh number of the collection and also archive is available to downloading on the website Svetlovki.

Night report. Photos

Look around! Three reasons and one more Day. Prepared G. Gurov

Late evening in Omsk. L.A. Koval, Regional library for children and youth, Omsk

Feature story: Family - ordinary … a miracle! Strengthening of young family - a strategic objective of the state. T.K. Rostovskaya, Moscow

What is "tertuliya" and what it is eaten with. E.N. Rodnikova, E.G. Leynveber, Tarsky central regional library, Omsk Region

"I live in this city. I know this city". V.I. Vlasenko, TsBS of the Zelenograd district of Moscow

It was recently, it was long ago … My Grenada and eternally ours. S.A. Ulbakov, settlements of Sheltozero, Karelia

On a visit at Astrid Lindgren. N.N. Sycheva, Sargatsky TsRDB, Omsk Region

Everything worked well! L.Yu. Ilyina, Chuvash RDYuB

From a decline - till the dawn. S.V. Yurmanova, G.I. Kryukova, N.V. Yaytsova, G.A. Gurova, TsGYuB of M.A. Svetlov, Moscow

The library is closed. The fairy tale begins … E.A. Panarina, Regional children's library, Lipetsk

We congratulate! Marina Pavlovna Zakharenko

"To the third roosters". V.O. Zasypkina, TsBS "Kiev", Moscow

The sociocultural stock "BIBLIONOCh-2012" became one of subjects of the collection.


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