Life hack: the reasons and how to help a mylysh

Published: 23.10.2017
why the child cries: the reasons and how to help a mylysh

To help to take off the collected fatigue and mental strain it is possible a motion sickness, lullabies and just tender words. The main thing that the kid ceased to cry - then, feeling safe near mother, he will be able to sleep peacefully.

The similar problem appears almost at each child who went to a garden. New people, a situation, building relations in group - all this can become a serious stress for the little person. On its background he can even wake up in a wet bed. During adaptation to a garden be ready to wake up at night and to come to the rescue of the crying kid, having caressed and having calmed him.

It is possible to help the kid at gripes in the different ways.

If the reason in it, crying of the kid is sharp and shrill. It will begin to be bent, strain, the person can redden. It is difficult to confuse shout in connection with this problem with something another.

Of course, each person is individual, and it fully concerns newborns. Nevertheless, there are general reasons which disturb kids in the first months after birth. Treat them:

One more way to adjust a dream - to create the mode and always strictly to observe it. So, for example, the child will soon get used that after bathing there is a night long sleep.

After a year children begin to have at night dreams, and they need time to get used to it. Extremely it is not recommended to leave the one-year-old kid on night sleep of one. If something that will frighten him comes in dream to it, and, having regained consciousness, he will not find a number of parents, it can lead to serious psychological problems. Besides, all day impressions can return at night therefore in busy days mother's support is especially important.

Often in these reasons the concern of the child, and everything that is necessary is, is to eliminate a problem source. Actually, the main thing for the baby at this time - feeling of safety. What categorically cannot be done to mother, is to be nervous, panic and the more so to shout. It is much more important to calm down and give this feeling to inconsolably crying kid. And that the help was fast and effective, it is necessary to learn to distinguish types of children's crying.

Such problem usually arises at two-month children who too are tired and then experience difficulties because cannot have a sleep properly. In this case mother's care and caress are especially important. The thicket can put the baby to a breast, the list of useful properties of milk includes also soothing influence. If the child on artificial nutrition, the small bottle is also capable to help. When the baby long sucks, he not only is sated, but also is tired therefore this method is quite effective. However do not give to the kid more mix, than that quantity which is its day norm.

One more frequent reason of children's hysterics - gripes in a stomach. This problem manages to be avoided very seldom. If the monthly kid is not hungry, try to understand whether the discomfort disturbs him.

Many mothers incorrectly dress the child why he feels discomfort. It is important to consider that children transfer overheating heavier, than overcooling. Therefore, walking with the kid in a carriage, it is better to take with itself a blanket, than to put on him one more jacket.

Even if not to do these manipulations, it is possible to notice that the kid is hungry if he smacks the lips. It is important to watch time which passed after it was fed last time also.

Thus if the child sleeps badly or cries, at once try to define what he can want. Then you will be able quickly to help him to resolve a problem.

Crying in a dream can appear in the period of an otuchivaniye from diapers. If to the child it begins to be wanted in a toilet, he can not always wake up. But the wet bed most often leads to negative consequences therefore try to awake him through small periods and sleepy to put on a pot. It is necessary to do it several times, but gradually the kid will learn to sleep all night long without the need for rise.

So if on the street or houses the child suddenly began to show signs of tearfulness, check, maybe, to it hot or cold. For this purpose touch a children's nape or a wrist whether they are covered then or whether, on the contrary, froze.

Quickly enough mother will learn to understand why the kid cries. But in the first month it can be difficult. Below the most common causes why the child cries will be described and as to help him with each case.

Such problem appears at children is more senior. Why the child cries in a dream? Explanations for such concern can be much.

This reason is the most widespread. However a mistake will give to the child a breast or mix at once. In spite of the fact that modern pediatricians came to the general opinion that feeding of the baby has to be on demand, some interval nevertheless needs to be kept. It is necessary in order that the small bottle or breast milk did not become the only means of calm that the kid was put to them only for food.

Besides listed, there are some more explanations why the child constantly rolls up hysterics and strongly cries.

The birth of the little person - an event not only joyful, but also very concerning. Especially it concerns couples which became parents for the first time. Crying of the newborn seems a huge problem and a reason for panic. Actually this natural behavior of the new family member who thus lets know about the discomfort.

It is necessary to remember that immaturity of digestive tract and nervous system is the most widespread explanation why the newborn child cries. If the reason of a hysterics was in discomfort in a stomach, then after the carried-out manipulations you will feel that the kid not only ceased to sob, but also sharply relaxed. Most likely, after that he will with pleasure fall asleep.

So if the little boy or the girl cries loudly and invitingly, - most likely, it for hunger. But before beginning to feed, it is necessary to be convinced of the assumption. For this purpose it is possible:


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