Is curious: a step-by-step master class of drawing by a watercolor from gin Haynes

Published: 11.10.2017
we draw carnations food wrap: a step-by-step master class of drawing by a watercolor from gin Haynes

And finally one more council from the author: If you doubt where to put the following dab, at first carry out by a clean damp brush without paint in the alleged place. If the place is chosen successfully - add color.

My carnations seemed to me too faded and to add a little brightness, I dipped a film piece in paint and several times not densely pressed it to the central petals, and then in the same equipment added a little "greens".

Freely mix colors, you are not afraid of water, cover in color all surface of a leaf.

Hi, my name is Nastya Chaplin and I am a lawyer by training, but the artist in soul. I suggest you to perform together with me a task from the book "World of a Watercolor" by Jean Haynes. We will write carnations by means of food wrap. Are intrigued?-)

After the unsuccessful experiment I got the sheet of good paper and started everything anew. On a desktop on the advice of Jean two transparent glasses with water. In one clear water, and in another for washing of brushes. It is so simple, but solves a problem of "dirty" color. Only it is important to get used to this method and not to confuse glasses.

For work it is required to you:

In chapter devoted to the artist's materials, the author admits that earlier she as soon as possible leafed through this section in any book on painting, checked pictures on these pages and was burned with impatience to pass to main "action" - step-by-step demonstration. I think that many learn in this story of. However, you should not neglect this section. Councils from it will be very useful at implementation of the drawing.

On materials of the book "World of a Watercolor".

Drawing - simple and useful occupation, and a watercolor one of the most available and pliable materials. Work with a watercolor is an opportunity to switch from household and working tasks to what is really important, to feel and develop creative abilities.

Council: Be not afraid to spend good stuff, work with bad will just fight off you all desire, and "treasures" and will remain to lie on the distant shelf and to be waiting in the wings.

Before starting writing of carnations, we will prepare a background.

Try such way of drawing and tell what at you turned out, in comments.

And here all process of performance on video:

I used this council when I wrote the second work - a rose.

The image of carnations by means of food wrap will occupy you no more than half an hour, children will even cope with it. It is possible to change colors and to use this method, for example, for this purpose to make cards and wedding invitations of handwork or a birthday.

Council: Tear off film pieces in advance. It appeared not so simply.

After paper dried a little, it is necessary to add color for future carnations. Gather a bright color and place "spots" where in the future you want to see flowers, and very quicker so far paint did not dry impose on it food wrap. After paint dries up, accurately remove a film. If paper still damp, you have a chance to correct unsuccessful petals a brush.

And it is better to refrain from tea or coffee in operating time because then the task not to mix the container with liquid becomes almost impracticable.

So for example, the author recommends to choose paper with a density of 300 g/m І or more. Good paper - 50% of success in our drawing. Gene uses sable brushes, but they not so often meet in shops therefore you can prepare more available squirrel. The main thing, choose natural pile.

Here you will find the step-by-step instruction with councils from the author of the book and my personal experience, and for those who cannot wait to look at process - at the end of article there is video of all process. Indzhy!

At first I chose not really good, cheap paper, on a case if nothing turns out. And, actually, it did not turn out. Paper was not dense, bad texture and when I carried out filling, took absolutely unintelligible form.


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