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Published: 23.2.2018
a liquid delay in an organism: what products to use

If you are often disturbed by hypostases, weight in legs and obesity & #8212; it is the first symptom of the fact that in an organism the excessive amount of liquid accumulates. And today we will tell what products will help you to get rid of this problem!

If you have a liquid delay, surely see behind consultation a doctor. The lack of in due time taken measures can negatively affect health of a liver, heart and kidneys. Do not forget: only the expert will be able to appoint to you an adequate course of treatment!

You can eat watermelon in pure form or prepare smuz from watermelon pulp, having decorated it with a ringlet of a lemon and a leaflet of mint. One more secret: do not pull out sunflower seeds because they are also very useful from watermelon. They contain vitamin E, and it is useful at prostate diseases.

Nevertheless, information on what products help to bring surplus of liquid out of an organism, will never be superfluous. Try, these products will become fine addition to drug treatment!

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Besides, watermelon is vitamin-rich also useful substances: it contains vitamin C, group B vitamins, potassium and lycopene & #8212; a pigment which helps to prevent developing of cancer (according to the researches conducted in Harvard University, consumption of lycopene reduced risk of development of a prostate cancer by 45% at 48000 people participating in an experiment).


Accept on one tablespoon of syrup three times a day and you will be able to improve considerably the state at a liquid delay in an organism.

Besides, you can include essential oil of grapefruit in a diet. It is on sale in drugstores. Every morning accept one spoon of honey with addition of several drops of this oil. And the result will not keep itself waiting long!

If you love onions, can add it to salad and other dishes. And if you do not eat onions in pure form because of its bitter taste, can prepare broth and drink it during the day. And you can buy in drugstore syrup on the basis of onions.

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Way of preparation:

Only you remember: you should not eat watermelon during a lunch or as a dessert because the high content in it of water and sugar can negatively affect digestion. Fully to enjoy useful properties of watermelon, we advise is in its morning on an empty stomach or in breaks between meals, separately from other products.

Grapefruit (and pomelo) & #8212; the tasty and useful fruit which is perfectly helping to bring surplus of liquid out of an organism. It will also come to the rescue of all those who want to clean an organism, to restore work of a liver and to lose weight because this exotic fruit has fat-burning properties.

Onions are known for the medicinal properties. In our case it will be useful too as it promotes removal of liquid from an organism.

Most often women suffer from a liquid delay in an organism. It can be connected with hot weather, an inactive way of life, hormonal changes in an organism. Often symptoms of a delay of liquid are shown during periods.

How to accept onions syrup?

Follow our recommendations to cope with this problem:

You can eat grapefruit in pure form or drink fresh juice. If you do not like its bitterish smack, use natural honey as sweetener.

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Syrup on the basis of onions which will help to cope with a liquid delay can be prepared houses independently.

Watermelon is known for the diuretic properties. Therefore it is considered excellent diuretic. It more than for 90% consists of water and contains only 20 calories on 100 gr.


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