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Published: 9.5.2019
capture me: inspiring conversation with Adam Kurtts

The first book by Kurz "1 page a day" was based on his own experience and became "some kind of experience of difficult year". "But life became simpler, just because I learned something new. I did not realize in a magic way all the creative potential. I understood that knowledge of answers to the questions and reading councils from experts - there is more to come. We need really to follow own advice and to work. So the notebook "Was born capture me".

I got used to be engaged in the projects from beginning to end, from development of the concept before transfer of the book in the press therefore I always in the movement. This two years' throwing of a ball with large publishing house, the period of meetings, coordination of a cover and discussions with team apropos заголовка… it is a long way. Work on the book "Capture Me" began in February, 2015, but actually much earlier when at me in the head eventually were created the concept.

""Capture me" is literally the book of the self-help in which you write and you draw that it is useful to you in the future. I made such notebook which I with pleasure would use, with councils and a dose of inspiration for the people similar to me (too clever that precisely; exhausted; it is a little lazy; optimistic, but also realistic)" - Adam says.

What forces "Capture me" to be allocated from the saturated world of similar books? First, Kurz does not try to convince readers that life always has to be solar and iridescent. Today it is easy to get lost in the world of social networks where all or is ideal, or completely collapsed. On the Internet, apparently, there is no gray tone left. We are inclined to forget that in life there are boring moments - and it is normal.

"As the one who lives in the world of creative notebooks also created a little from them, I can tell surely that at "Capture me" there are some similar elements (I mean that it is a notebook with recommendations and pages where it is necessary to write something or to draw). But it much stranger and naked, than any other about which I know. It is difficult to describe the general mood of this book, but, looking back, I think that I definitely executed what intended to make" - Kurtts explains.

On materials of the book "Capture Me".

Adam Kurtts is an artist, the author, the illustrator and the designer living in Brooklyn. It is known to much under the nickname ADAMJK: such name is born by its line of accessories and accounts in social networks. Adam's works were published in Fast Company, Paper, Nylon, BuzzFeed, HOW, Refinery29, Design*Sponge. He cooperated with Tumblr, Urban Outfitters, Fishs Eddy, Strand Bookstore and Public library of Brooklyn and also in worked with the New York Times, Pepsi and Adobe.

Whether you met difficulties in operating time? How it was possible to cope with them?

The original of the text and a photo from a cover:

In 2009 Kurz ended a bachelor degree in the field of visual arts and design in the University of Maryland, the district Baltimore. Since February, 2015 it worked on the last creative notebook "Capture me". In 2016 the prestigious magazine "Print" called it opening of visual art, then Kurtts published the new book and announced the engagement. For it it was intense year if not to tell more.

If you ever used creative notebooks, we warn: "Capture me" strongly differs from your average book for reading behind a coffee cup. Unusual illustrations of Kurz are complemented with his personal notes. If you take in hand a notebook "Capture me", then have to be ready to a call, encouragement, interrogation and inspiration. You it is possible, just once you will even burst into tears. Or few times.

There were pages where I knew that I want to inform the reader, but I did not manage to represent it. Metaphors were too tangled, hints or tasks were unclear. Time that I sat down with my agent and editors to discuss my ideas and to force them to work was required. We also had some problems with design of a back cover to which I wanted to give a little gravity. I developed this book from beginning to end therefore drawings a pencil can mislead you, but I am actually graphic designer.

How you worked on the book? What is the time left on its creation?


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