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Published: 29.6.2019
the day off training: female version

This 90-minute women's training is developed by the coach of the team of Equinox Julie Wandzilak. The purpose - to work each muscle of a body, raznoobraziv a habitual cycle of movements, and to burn as much as possible calories in time and after the occupation.

Execute eight repetitions.

Get up opposite to the bar lying on a floor, legs at shoulder length. Bend forward, bending a body in coxofemoral joints, but not in a waist. Hips are taken away back (a back flat, shoulders are lowered down, shins are perpendicular to a floor), the distance between hands on a signature stamp of a bar is slightly wider than distance between legs. Densely clasp a bar and lift it, pushing out hips forward and practically touching them a signature stamp. The back has to remain flat, shoulders are recorded.

Exercises are carried out one after another without interruption, rest between approaches - from one and a half to two minutes. The main part consists of four approaches.

Get up in a level with the emphasis on wrists (palms rest against a floor under shoulders, a back flat, the body is extended to one line, the stomach is pulled in), under a foot enclose the special sliding disks or small towels (it is possible even dense paper). Be wrung out and pass to exercise "Climber": serially tighten knees to a breast, hips and a backbone remain in neutral situation.

Warm-up can be any. Choose such exercises which best of all warm a body before serious work. You can add a little kardio, having run at slow speed on the racetrack, and a dynamic extension.

As soon as you reached the top point, lower a bar down, conducting it on the front surface of hips. Execute eight repetitions. If a bar too heavy, replace with the weight or bodibar suitable weight.

Get up directly, legs at shoulder length, in hands a special medical ball (Dynamax), hands are raised over the head. Deploy the case to the left and from all force throw a ball into a floor. During a throw slightly bend knees as you need to pick up a ball when it jumps aside from a floor. Then develop a body on the "center", raise hands with a ball over the head and repeat a throw. Having caught a ball, develop a body to the right side and again execute a throw. Then again return to the central position and throw a ball into a floor. Carry out throws in the left and right parties through the "center" within 45 seconds.

Repeat 10 attacks with change of legs, then shift weight to the left shoulder.

You resemble a little to recover the breath. Then lay down on a floor the person up, legs are bent in knees and divorced in the parties, feet concern each other (position of a butterfly), hands are extended on each side. Remain in such situation until your pulse returns to norm.

Legs at shoulder length, on the right shoulder lies sendbeg or the dumbbell, the right hand holds weight, the bent elbow looks forward, the left hand is lowered along a trunk. Execute attack from the right leg forward, both knees are bent (right - at an angle 90 degrees and does not go beyond a sock, left practically concerns a floor). The case is extended up. Transfer weight to the right leg, rise and execute attack forward on the left leg.

During performance of this exercise it is very important not to do breakthroughs and not to curve a waist an arch during rise in weight.

Execute 10 repetitions, then replace the party.

Legs at shoulder length, ViPR keeps two hands and is lifted at the level of shoulders before a breast. Elbows are bent on each side. Continuing to keep elbows in such situation, execute hands roundabout over the head. Then make diagonal attack to the right with squat (the right knee is bent, the left leg is extended, a back direct) and at the same time lower ViPR before yourself down. Return to a starting position and repeat.

Fall by a floor, knees at shoulder length, the weight in the right hand, left is extended aside, the palm is compressed in a fist. Bend the right elbow so that the weight appeared ahead at the level of a shoulder. It will be your launching site. Keeping muscles bark in tension, and a back - extended, push out the weight up. Record its situation over the head, the palm is developed forward. Return to a starting position and repeat a press.

Execute 10 repetitions and switch to other party.

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