At requests of readers: the New Year's minibus in Novorossiysk

Published: 11.5.2019
the New Year's minibus in Novorossiysk

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In Novorossiysk the second year in a row the "New Year's" minibus appears. The minibus goes along 21 routes and in it the fir-tree and a holiday table is established. Also the inside of the minibus is decorated, the driver is dressed in Father Frost's suit, and near it the assistant in the Snow Maiden's suit sits. For passengers in salon New Year's music plays, and on a table there are fruit, citruses and children's champagne.

The name of the driver of the minibus is unknown, however this idea is pleasant to all his passengers who say that it is the most "smart minibus in the city". Besides they note that in salon it is always clean, and "the driver is polite and tidy".


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