Popular : word gadget and its value

word gadget and its value

Hundreds of years the mankind used devices, mechanisms and devices in their final functionality which is not allowing improvements. So was before a technogenic era. Since 19th century owners of various devices had an opportunity to expand their functions, using the emergency, but specially developed additions. An uluchshalok the English word "gadget" became the generalizing name for all similar.

the Word "gadget" was thought up by

and was actively used in rather closed professional society - in navy of Great Britain of the middle of the 19th century. Ship teams called gadgets tools and devices whose names they did not know or did not remember. From a naval slang this word extended among various groups of the population of England which are interested in technical progress. For example, in the company of bikers of the beginning of the last century gadgets called the devices and objects established by the owner of the motorcycle on a wheel. It were mirrors, speedometers and levers and also mascots, badges and other.

The production development which sharply accelerated 150 years ago caused emergence of numerous devices to machines. To remember the correct names of all similar devices for workers was business difficult. However, they found a convenient way out - called all similar devices the streamline word "damn thing". "Where that long damn thing?" or "and give me that brilliant damn thing!" & #8212; the phrases which are usually used by working staff of any enterprise during a post-technogenic era. In fact, English "gadget" has the same value, as Russian "damn thing".

The term "gadget" is given rise by technologies of the 19th century which will continue the development in the next centuries. Many, until recently words, popular in masses, soon will become archaisms and will disappear, but gadget - scopes of this word will be spreads every decade. Look, for example, on images on the left side on this page of the blog свагор.ком (if you surf from a smarfon, then widgets under this article) are widgets on which click will bring you on articles of last month, popular among visitors. And each this widget - the gadget.

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Female version, the most readable

the day off training: female version

This 90-minute women's training is developed by the coach of the team of Equinox Julie Wandzilak. The purpose - to work each muscle of a body, raznoobraziv a habitual cycle of movements, and to burn as much as possible calories in time and after the occupation.

Execute eight repetitions.

Get up opposite to the bar lying on a floor, legs at shoulder length. Bend forward, bending a body in coxofemoral joints, but not in a waist. Hips are taken away back (a back flat, shoulders are lowered down, shins are perpendicular to a floor), the distance between hands on a signature stamp of a bar is slightly wider than distance between legs. Densely clasp a bar and lift it, pushing out hips forward and practically touching them a signature stamp. The back has to remain flat, shoulders are recorded.

Exercises are carried out one after another without interruption, rest between approaches - from one and a half to two minutes. The main part consists of four approaches.

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Snack balls, interesting

snack balls

Snack play an important role in laying of a holiday table. They welcome guests and make the first impression about a holiday in general.


The editorial office "So Simply!" chose for you 3 recipes of tasty snack to a holiday table which can be prepared quick.

Grate carrots on a small grater. Mix it with a cheese basis. If mix turned out dry, add mayonnaise on a spoon until weight becomes suitable consistence for formation of balls. Create small balls, put a quarter of nut in the middle of each ball. Carrot balls turn out beautiful and without nut topping, but if desired they can be rolled in in pounded nuts. Salad balls with cucumbers and red fish

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the Most readable: the instructor offered life to save the schoolgirl

the instructor offered life to save the schoolgirl

To it there was only 22. Robert Cook offered own life for the sake of rescue of the girl with whom got acquainted in day of plane crash. When the plane began to fall, the instructor became for the schoolgirl a live board.

Robert was fastened to Kimberley, clasped it with hands, strong pressed to himself so that the head of the girl appeared at the level of his shoulders, and recorded it the head - that did not dangle.

"He explained to her what to expect and what to do. He told that they have to make something like a joint jump, the benefit equipment for this purpose was both at it, and at it".

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Such advertizing should not be done, a selection

<"such advertizing should not be made to img src="http://avon-on-line24.ru/pics/1223072xu6ga7m1kys.jpg" title=" width="500" height="261" alt="such advertizing should not be done">

Do you love rebuses? I am personally not really. I resort to this way to kill time only when it is necessary to go by the train or to sit at the station waiting for this train. But there such pastime is only acceptable.

It is an advertisement it was published in the advertizing weekly, the price for one square centimeter in which is 52 rubles. If to consider that the actual sizes of this announcement of 8 by 8 centimeters, then the cost of its publication in one number is 8 x 8 x 52 = 3328 rubles. It is convinced that the advertiser could just throw out this money. It would even be more favorable, than to pay for such advertizing. At least, it would not cause a loss to the reputation.

It is sure, for most of inhabitants an advertisement which you see, is such rebus. Unclear signs, shooters. This announcement generates questions and does not give any answers. What means KBE on Roto? The price 4600 it for what window and what size? And what is a Retro-bonus? Very old bonus perhaps? And who such Vasya Pupkin (the real surname and phones are replaced by me)? For what reason he calls himself my personal manager? I am not familiar with it even!

The truth consists that at advertizing and rebuses absolutely different purposes. The main goal of advertizing - to focus attention on the problem which is available for the reader, to inform him on goods or service which will help to solve this problem and, eventually, to sell the advertized goods. The purposes of a rebus are directly opposite - to distract attention of the reader from all problems, to help it will relax. Therefore you should not do such advertizing.

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we Get rid of ugly gifts and we earn from a disorder, interesting

we get rid of ugly gifts and we earn from a disorder

Scenario 2vy for three years you go abroad where offered you work of a dream. Write down seven things which you will pack with yourself if at your disposal there is a container for moving by the sizes of 2Ч2Ч2 m

The scenario of the Star received the tempting offer of work, but for this purpose it is necessary to go abroad for three months. With itself it is possible to take only 30 kg of baggage. List seven things which anyway you will pack into a suitcase.

And on the future: make better the list of wishes that when you are asked what to present, you could call something really suitable. It is better, than not to tell anything, and then to receive as a gift the next nonsense.

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the Most readable: game cash flow responses

game cash flow responses

The financial literacy continues the movement …

the Schedule of holding the game "Cash flow" in an anti-recessionary format:


Study my course HERE how to begin to hold independently the game "Cash flow" in the city

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Paradise on the earth Steve of a peacock, a new heading

paradise on the earth Steve of a peacock

If you are negative to the reality (for example, you are convinced that the reality is mad, cruel, indifferent), then thus you destroy yourself. You cannot wait, something good from life if you have no belief that the reality is, at least, paradise on the earth.

Some people adhere to belief that the reality is some kind of proving ground between paradise (pleasure) and hell (flour). They are mistaken. If their consciousness continues the life after death of a physical body, then it will only recreate in fact the same that it created in mortal life. Consciousness will not endure sharp take-off or falling only because communication with the special physical plan of life was lost. When you disconnect the computer from the Internet, he does not begin suddenly in itself to establish either newer, nor older versions of programs. If you want to improve the life, then have to make it.

One day you realize that your perception of reality - all this what you deal with. From this point the most reasonable will constantly give up a thought to slander reality until you do not begin to laugh at the last perception quite capable to dement. You are not able to afford to do something in the same vein any more. It cannot lead to anything good at all. The only thing that can make similar perception of reality - to push you on the way of self-damage and self-destruction.

What there are alternatives? Do everything possible to develop the harmonious attitude towards reality capable to give you support. Do not agree to smaller. If something disturbs you on this way, ignore it, be focused on restoration of harmony, and get for it support. Otherwise you in life will reach nothing.

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Selection: how to open the lock without key

how to open the lock without key

Even if the key from a door was lost or broke, you will be able to get home.

If the key broke so that its part sticks out of the well, you were lucky. It is quite simple to get a fragment by means of passatizhy or the similar tool. Borrow it at neighbors and accurately pull the key remains, having well undertaken the part which is sticking out outside.

Wait a little until glue dries up, and try to get a key from the well slowly.

If the lock not really difficult and you are sure of the forces, it is possible to try to open it independently. There are options both with damage of the mechanism, and without. One will not help - it is always possible to try another.

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Updating: different methods and their essence

artificial insemination: different methods and their essence

The most widespread side effect at EKO - polycarpous pregnancy. Develops at each 3-4 patients. The reason is that for increase in probability of attachment of an embryo they are placed a little (usually 2-3). There is a probability that all of them will get accustomed. Experts can remove "superfluous", but in this case the risk of rejection remained subsequently (abortion) increases.

Depending on the reason of impossibility of natural conception, experts offer one of methods:

Contraindications for EKO are:

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