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Published: 17.5.2018
what is sexuality: men's psychology

The sexuality is a congenital requirement, one of the functions of an organism put till the birth which is expressed in a combination of biological, mental, physiological and emotional reactions.

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Unfortunately, not all people are capable to realize the potential that is often connected with influence of society, education or problems in life. Sometimes the ambitious behavior, shyness, fear of sex prevent to show the sexuality, at the same time the inclination does not pass, and is suppressed with the person. It is fraught that he will not get in full happiness which the person from proximity with darling has to feel, from motherhood, in a word - will not find happiness in private life.

To have success with an opposite sex, it is necessary to love himself, to love the body. If you are able to reach it, then during proximity you will not be disturbed by shortcomings of your body, you will be concentrated on achievement of pleasure.

The sexuality carries out also one of the most important functions in society - it pulls together people, unites them under common interests, promotes creation of family. It is also closely connected with other types of need of the person.

All these components are interconnected, without one of them your success can be under doubt.

This instinct is shown also in behavior of the person: a manner to put on, speak, gesticulate, to pay attention to a certain subject. It is known that sexual requirement is nearly the strongest need of the person. But, if its satisfaction becomes not controllable and abnormal, too frequent, it does not bring pleasure any more.

If the person is charismatic, even visible shortcomings do not play a large role for the harmonious relations.

That the inclination of people remained at the same level, as in the first days of acquaintance or the first months of matrimonial life, their organism has to have a rest, giving the chance to be restored an emotional sensornost.

All of them are continuously connected with inclination of persons of an opposite sex and with satisfaction this sexual desire. Each of us is born with a rudiment of sexuality which develops during life under the influence of society, psychology of the person and his biological features.

At all times the psychology of sexuality found itself in different manifestations: it was not accepted to tell and discuss sexuality so openly earlier. Now more and more attention is given to this aspect of life of the person, but still the woman and the man for each other remain a riddle.

Siegmund Freud created typology of characters according to which the sexuality type directly depends on the most sensitive erogenous point. A set of properties and qualities is characteristic of each type, having learned at least one of which in the partner, you will be able to disclose his sexuality completely.

Throughout human life the sexuality moves it acts, promotes improvement of quality of life. This requirement is the highest form of psychological activity in forming of the relations between the man and the woman.

Sexual desire is impossible without inclination to beauty - what stronger the sexual love is connected with spiritual comfort, self-affirmation, the need for communication by, it is richer with that also nasyshchenny.

Allow the emotions and desires to operate your body. Problems which fill our head do not allow to focus on achievement of emotional proximity.

The female sexuality is shown in everyday life, in behavior of the woman, her attitude towards itself and surrounding, namely:

Having knowledge of to what type the person interesting you belongs, you will be able to expect his behavior, possible deviations in the sexual sphere, preferences of this person. It will help to resolve an issue of your compatibility.

How to avoid similar and how to increase sexuality?


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